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Importance of Whole House Water Distiller for Your Home & Residential Place

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Hearing about the harmful side effects of hard water and all the mess that it can create, wanting a system to clean up water for your entire house seems very natural. But people often get so concerned about contaminated water that they want to invest as much money as it takes to get the best and the cleanest water around their whole house.

Getting a water distiller for the whole house seems like a good option but is it really a smart choice? Whatever, we’ve conducted a research one water filters and wrote a detailed guideline on the best whole house water distillers & filters review, don’t forget to check em all.

Distillation can make the purest form of water which does not include any contaminant at all, but this is a real power-intensive process.

Best Selling Whole House Water Distillers

Don’t forget to check some of the best whole house water distillers below

You do not need ultrapure water if you are not using it for drinking and cooking purposes. However, there is a better strategy to get clean water around your house without employing a whole house water distiller. Here is what you have to do.

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Grade Your Water Requirements

Instead of installing one system like a whole house water distiller, you can grade your water requirements, to begin with. In a normal household, you need water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, toilet, laundry, and gardening, etc.

1. Drinking and Cooking Water

Broadly you need some ultrapure water to drink so that you can avoid any harmful effect on your health. Use a water distiller that can cater to the drinking and cooking water needs of your whole house. This is the only place where you are supposed to use the purest water.

2. Cleaning, Bathing and Laundry water

You cannot use water as it is for laundry and cleaning purposes as well. If your water is hard, you can end up with clogged plumbing, soap scum and white spots on your clothes.

Hard water can also lead to extra soap usage and irritation on the skin. But the solution is not as power-intensive as distillation.

A water softener for laundry and cleaning purposes will help you deal with the hard water minerals efficiently and protect your flour, water-using appliances, and plumbing.

You can also use a water softener for bathing and in the toilet as well. This is not only a cheaper method but also you can save a lot of detergent and soap as well.

3. Gardening Water

Your plants do not need the purest form of water either. In fact, a few minerals can be very beneficial for the plants and devoiding them of a great source of beneficial minerals is not good for your garden too.

You should not care about the hardness of the gardening water and use it as it is for the best result.

Best Whole House Water Distillers

To make the choice easier for you, here we have compiled a list of the best water distiller that can provide clean drinking and cooking water for your entire household.

These are currently the best products in the industry that are known for their efficiency and durability the most.

  1. Megahome Countertop Water Distiller
  2. H2O Labs’ model 100
  3. Pure Water Mini-Classic CT 120v
  4. OLizee 304 Stainless Steel Water Distiller

Can You Connect a Water Distiller to Your Whole House Plumbing?

Well, if you are in paranoia that you need distilled water for your entire house, we will try to go with your flow and provide you with some logical reasoning in this matter.

Distillation produces water in its purest form by converting it into steam, collecting the steam and condensing it to make pure water. This is not only a power-intensive process but also it takes a lot of time as well.

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Even an above-average water distiller can only distill 1 gallon of water in 4 to 5 hours. No household can afford to wait this long for something as important as water.

Attaching a water distiller to your whole house plumbing is undoubtedly a recipe of failure.

However, you can always install a whole house water filter that can easily filter all the harmful contaminants from the water supplied to your house. You can use this water for drinking, cleaning, bathing or even gardening too.

If your target is an easy and carefree solution of your clean water problem, a water filter is your answer, not a water distiller.

But, if your target is an economical solution to all these problems, our grading technique will work the best for you.

Another idea is to attach a water softener to your main water supply and then distill this already softened water in a distiller. This will reduce your effort and time consumption too.

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