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RPWF vs RPWFE Comparison [2022] – Honestly Compared

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If you want to experience the best water filtration system in any refrigerator, GE is at the top with no second opinion. RPWF in old and RPWFE water filters in new refrigerators are well-known models.

Refrigerators have become one of the most important and must-have home appliances over the years. You cannot imagine storing your food and getting instant cold water without a refrigerator.

This need has brought forth a lot of appliance manufacturing companies to introduce ever-advancing refrigerator models. General Electronics (GE) is currently among the top refrigerator companies, because of the designs, functionality, and durability of their products.

GE refrigerators are known to be manufactured with world-class quality and the best replaceable filters. Confusion has always been inevitable for the users when they have to replace the refrigerator filters.

Many of them aren’t aware that RPWFE is just a predecessor of RPWF and is used as a replacement filter for the newer GE models. While choosing any of the filters among RPWF and RPWFE, you might have a lot of questions in your mind.

RPWF Vs RPWFE Water Filter – Quick Comparison

Why do you need to use one of these filters only? Are there any other cheap alternatives? What good will they do? And many more. All these questions will be answered today in this detail-oriented and research-based comparison between the RPWF and RPWFE refrigerator water filter.

Our experts have thoroughly tested and used both these filters to check how they are different and who wins in the race for the best refrigerator filter for GE refrigerators.

RPWF Vs RPWFE Water Filter Comparison

Recently, GE has introduced RPWFE replacement filters that have taken over RPWF to a great extent. People are in a perplex situation thinking about the difference between the two.

As soon as RPWFE came into the market, the production of RPWF has lowered down and people are wondering why? This article contains all the major features, pros, cons, and specifications for the filters so you may get reasonable answers.

Filtration Quality

It is very easy to understand why RPWFE filters have gained more popularity leaving RPWF behind.

The major goal of getting a refrigerator filter replacement is to drink water that is pure, clean, and healthy. Both the filters have exceptional filtration performance when it comes to contaminant reduction.

RPWF uses an activated carbon block filtration media and removes 97% of chlorine, bad taste and odor, rust, corrosion, sediments, and turbidity. It also increases hydration and makes you feel refreshed with every glass of water.

RPWFE, on the other hand, is more advanced in its filtration quality. The filter has carbon block coconut shell filtration media that enables it to fight against 50 contaminants including lead, mercury, sediments, chlorine, cyst, microbes, and others.

The filter also removes 99% of Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctaine Sulfonate (PFOS) and is verified for removing 5 trace pharmaceuticals including ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim, and fluoxetine.

With such intense filtering power, RPWFE easily excels in its previous version.

Filter Life And Capacity

When it comes to comparing the filter life and capacity of both the filters, they stand side by side. Both filters offer 300 gallons of filtered water free from any contaminants and harmful bacteria.

You can change the filters after every 6 months or when 300 gallons limit is reached. Both RPWF and RPWFE come in 1, 2, and 3 pack so that you can save more by buying a 3-pack filter and relax for more than a year.

All you need to do is keep a check on the flow rate to know when the right replacement time arrives. You can also get help from the instruction manual or the company website.


Installing and replacing both the filters is easy if you are using the right method. Most of the people have complained of the new filters not fitting properly because they were using the same method for both the replacement filters.

The RPWF filters featured a twist fix technology in which you had to twist the filter inside the slot and lock it. The new RPWFE filter does not follow suit. It is much easier to install as you do not need to twist and turn it for the fittings.

Once the filter is fitted perfectly, you can easily replace the cartridges whenever needed.

Certification & Warranty

The warranty options for both the filters are not clear and you have to contact the manufacturer to get information and claim it.

However, both the filters are tested, verified, and certified against the safety standards of NSF/ANSI for improving the water quality and reducing the visible amount of contaminants.

The RPWF filter has an NSF certification against standards 42 and 372 for the reduction of chlorine, sediments, lead, mercury, and other harmful particulates. RPWFE is also recognized for its certifications but the safety standards are unidentified.


If we talk about the design of both filters, you won’t be able to guess any visible dissimilarity between the two. However, there is a huge difference when it comes to the compatibility of the filters.


The compatibility of RPWFE filters is somehow limited to only the French-door refrigerator of GE. What makes the RWPFE filters special and unique is the RFID chip that they carry.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. It works as a sensor and provides information to your refrigerator regarding filter life, filtration process, and replacement timings.

Value Of Money

If you have to buy a replacement filter for your GE refrigerator in a limited budget, then RPWF would be a great choice as there isn’t so much of a difference in the quality.

RPWFE on the other side is much expensive than RPWF and has more advanced features than just plain filtration. Although the non-RFID-registered refrigerators would not have any benefit from it, adding an RFID chip in the RPWFE filters have made them cost much.

However, both the filters work exceptional and provide you with a great value of money. Whether you spend more on buying the RPWFE filters or save some bucks with the RPWF, not a single penny will go wasted.


When you install the RWPF filter, you feel as if there is an air blockage in the water supply and filter. This doesn’t happen every time, but there are chances that you might feel this way at the beginning.

All you have to do is let the water run with full pressure and the blockage will be resolved. With RPWFE filters, the only drawback is the price. It is way more expensive if compared to other filters with limited compatibility.

What Customers Are Saying

If we go with the flow and believe in the real-time customer reviews, there is a visible difference in the satisfaction rate of both filters. RWPFE stands tall with a satisfaction rate of 71% while RPWF has a 65% customer satisfaction rate.

The customers of the ROWF filters are happy because of its leak-free fitting, wide range compatibility, and the affordable price in which it comes in. Whereas, RPWFE filter users are more satisfied in terms of water quality and better taste.

RPWF Water Filter

- Key Features
932 Reviews
- Key Features
  • Water Filter
  • Water Filter


Filter life: 6 months | filter capacity: 300 gallons | activated carbon block filtration media |certified by the NSF against NSF standard 42 and 372 | remove 97% of chlorine, bad taste and odor, rust, corrosion, sediments, and turbidity
  • Fully compatible
  • High-quality material
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Affordable
  • Perfect fit
  • Reduces bad taste and odors
  • Leak-free filter
  • Easy to install and replace
  • The great value of money
  • Certified and approved
  • Initially sputters with airlock sometimes

RPWFE Water Filter

- Key Features
44,368 Reviews
- Key Features
  • GE guaranteed fit - Compatible with select GE french-door refrigerators
  • Premium filtration - Certified to reduce chlorine-resistant cysts, lead, select...


Carbon blocks coconut shell filtration media | Reduces chlorine-resistant cysts, lead, select pharmaceuticals and 50 other contaminants; 99% of Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctaine Sulfonate (PFOS) | filter 5 trace pharmaceuticals including ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim, and fluoxetine | Operation Water Pressure (psi): 25 min. – 120 max | 6 months filter life | 300 gallons filter capacity
  • Comes with emergency water supply
  • No tool required for replacement
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces several contaminants
  • Value of money
  • High-quality materials used
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Tested and verified
  • Fits to French door refrigerators
  • Comparatively expensive

Buying Guide For Refrigerator Water Filter

Buying a refrigerator water filter can be a challenge if you are new in the game, however, we have made it easy for you. The mistake that a lot of people do it trust whatever they see at first glance and buy it to save time.

Remember, you are doing no good for your time and money because rushing these things never end up well. We have compiled a short buying guide carrying all the important things to consider to check before clicking the order placement button.


Compatibility is the key to perform when it comes to choosing the right refrigerator water filter. Buying a filter that isn’t designed for your ridge model won’t fit right. Thus, the performance will not be as expected.

Some brands have successfully manufactured multi-compatible filters. You can easily search for these types of filters so that you won’t have to worry whether you are
using Samsung, LG, or GE refrigerators.

Flow Rate

The better the flow rate the better the performance of your filter will be. For common household usage, a flow rate of 0.5 GPM works best. Higher flow rates are also available, but you have to make sure it is balanced with the current flow rate of your main water line.

If the water pressure exceeds the pressure of your water line, it can result in a burst in the filter. Make sure you measure the flow rate and water pressure of your main supply before choosing a filter.

What It Removes

The filtration media is another important thing to consider. Not many of you will understand this, but it is easy. You have to ask the manufacturer about the material of the filter.

The best refrigerator filter is made up of activated carbon blocks, coconut shell carbon, or both. You can also choose ceramic filters. Make sure the filter is capable to remove VOCs, THMs, hormones, heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals along with lead, mercury, chlorine, and sediments.


Your health depends on the quality of water you are using. Not only for drinking, but you use water for almost everything. You need water to make tea, smoothies, brew coffee, prepare baby food, and in cooking.

Never count on a filter that doesn’t have any authorized certifications such as NSF, FDA, or WQA. A certified refrigerator water filter means you are using a widely trusted

Filter Life

Another important thing to consider before buying a refrigerator filter is its life. You cannot change your refrigerator filter every month, especially if it is placed in the right corner of the lower compartment.

Choose a filter that has at least a 6 months life so that replacements would
be easier and lesser.


When it comes to the cost of refrigerator water filters, you cannot imagine the lowest and highest range of their prices.

You can get these filters at a very cheap price at the cost of your health and you can also spend your savings just for the advanced features. None of these seem really worthy

This is why be very careful when choosing a filter. Do not get enticed by too low rates and don’t fall for the glamorous advertisements of expensive brands. Stick to your budget and search for the products closely related to your requirements at an affordable price.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on RPWF and RPWFE Refrigerator Filters

  • Do these filters remove pesticides?

RWPF isn’t certified to remove pesticide removal, however, RPWFE claims to reduce visible amounts of pesticides as well as other contaminants.

  • How do I know if my refrigerator filter needs replacement?

The best refrigerator filters last for 6 months. However, your water flow rate can tell you a lot about when you need to change the filters.

  • What is the filtration difference between the two?

RPWF uses activated carbon blocks while RPWFE has carbon block coconut shell filtration media.

  • Will the RWPFE work with my PFE29PSD?

No, you will need an RPWF filter for this one.


After such a long discussion, we have revealed that the major difference between RPWF and RPWFE is the RIFD chip that the latter model features.

This chip makes the filter more advanced and your refrigerator life increases more than the expected lifespan. Both the filters offer exactly what they offer and you get the value of money as well.

However, RPWFE is currently a better choice because new refrigerators are already RIFD registered.

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