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10 Best Sediment Filter for Well Water in 2022 – Top Picks Reviews

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No matter what you do, sediments always find a way in your water.

Even when you use filtered water, a small number of sediments including rust, dirt, clay, sand, and other organic materials are left behind. So, what should you do to get rid of the smallest sediment in your drinking water?

The only solution is to get yourself a sediment water filter so that you won’t be drinking cloudy water anymore.

Sediments seem to be harmless, which is why people don’t pay heed for their removal. However, these particles play an important role in getting you in a hospital bed due to severe stomach issues.

Along with all the other problems it also leaves a bad odor and foul taste in water.

We are here to enlighten you to some of the market-leading filter brands for sediment removal. After extensive research and rigorous testing, we have brought you the top-notch sediment filters for well water.

First, let us have a look at the quick comparison table. 

Quick Comparison – Best Sediment Filters For Well Water:

10 Best Sediment Filters For Well Water In Our View 

By testing a variety of sediment filters from different manufacturing companies, we have decided that the following are 10 of the best sediment filters for well water currently present in the market.

Note! Comprehensive details of key features followed by major specifications, pros, and cons under every product will help you make an informed decision.

1. Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Heavy Duty Water Filtration System 

Culligan WH-HD200-C - Key Features
5,709 Reviews
Culligan WH-HD200-C - Key Features
  • Whole house water filtration system with 1" stainless steel reinforced inlet/outlet...
  • Perfect for residential homes, helps protect appliances and pluming from sediment and...


Temperature range: 40°F – 100°F | pressure range: 125 psi | sediment, rust, scale, dirt, coarse sand, sand, fine sand, silt, bad taste, odor, aesthetic chlorine taste and odor (depending on filter cartridge) | WQA and NSF certified | capacity ranges from 5 months/20,000 

  • Budget-friendly
  • Small space-saving design
  • Fully certified
  • LED light indicator
  • Whole-house filtration
  • Value of money
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Seals aren’t very tight
  • You will need to buy additional hardware

If you want to experience a new level of filtration, then you must try out the Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Heavy Duty Water Filtration System. The filter has changed the lives of many households by not only removing the tiniest of sediment particles but also by improving the taste.

We won’t say that installing this system will be the best moment because you may find some difficulty in setting this thing up. You will have to buy some additional hardware parts as the kit isn’t complete.

It includes WR-HD housing wrench, mounting bracket, filter life monitor, and filter monitor battery Nonetheless, the long filter life and filtering capacity of 20,000 gallons water is the best thing about this filter. 

The system really lives up to the mark whether it is about quality or durability. Another alluring feature is that you can combine the filter with other Culligan filter cartridges because this one is compatible with R50-BBSA, CW25-BBS, CP5-BBS, CW5-BBS, and RFC-BBSA.

It is certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI 372 for low lead compliance, CSA B483.1, and NSF/ANSI 42 for material safety and structural integrity for the removal of all types of sediments. 

2. iSpring WSP-50 Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter

iSpring WSP-50 Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
4,382 Reviews
iSpring WSP-50 Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
  • Rated at 50 micron. Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter. Ideal frontier water...
  • Flushable and Reusable. Take the considerable workload off finer filters that follow...


Filter screen lasts 1-2 years | water pressure: 10 to 20 psi | 20 GPM flow rate | FDA approved | 50-micron | filter life 3-6 months |

  • Sturdy
  • Flushable and reusable
  • See-through housing
  • Stainless steel
  • Lead-free brass machine head
  • Easy installation
  • Can clog easily
  • Doesn’t remove all the sediments

Coming right to the plus point of the filter that we liked the most, iSpring WSP-50 Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter is one of its kind.

The filter is flushable and reusable; that means you don’t have to worry about replacing it now and then. The filter can easily last up to 2 years depending on the cartridge you are using.

The spin-down filter is exceptionally easy to use and run a clear line to your floor drain. The replacement screen is 50-micron which can be a reason for clogging and scale buildup when a lot of sediments get absorbed in it.

With timely cleaning and maintenance, you can overcome this issue. The see-through housing helps you keep an eye on the current condition of the filter so that you don’t get late when its time for a cartridge replacement.

The filter provides you more than the expected results once attached to your plumbing system. Overall, this one is surely a great purchase for sediment removal with a high flow rate.

3. iSpring WSP-50SL Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter 

iSpring WSP-50SL Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
1,457 Reviews
iSpring WSP-50SL Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
  • Rated at 50 Micron. The whole house spin down sediment filter is the ideal first stage...
  • Flushable and Reusable. Take the considerable workload off finer filters that follow...


Water pressure: 20-90 psi | temperature range: 40 – 100 °F | FDA approved | lifetime support and warranty | 20 GPM flow rate | 3-6 months filter life | 50-micron size

  • Steel mesh design
  • High flow rate
  • Lon filter life
  • Suitable with a range of appliances
  • Also softens hard water
  • Easy installation value of money
  • Advanced sediment filtration
  • Visual monitoring
  • No filter changing indicator
  • Mesh needs regular cleaning

Well, guess what we have here for you? A sediment filter that will soften your water as well, this whole house filtration system has a long list of admirers and satisfied customers.

iSpring WSP-50SL Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter is the successor model of iSpring WSP-50. The system is highly efficient and speedy in removing sediments including rust, sand, silt, and dust along with softening your water.

With a high flow rate of 20 GPM, you can easily get clean and great tasting water for 6 months without any replacement.

Another great thing is that your appliances won’t clog anymore as the system will increase you’re their lifespan and lowering your utility bills.

The steel mesh acts as the strongest barrier against all the sediments with a size of 50-microns.the filter is approved by the FDA and comes with 1-inch MNPT along with ¾ inch FNPT for flawless fitting. 

4. iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
2,441 Reviews
iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
  • Chlorine-Free, Pure Water: Shield your family and appliances with the WGB32B whole house...
  • Easy DIY Setup: Utilize our manual and YouTube guides for straightforward installation....


Removes up to 99% of chlorine from water as well as up to 95% of sediment, rust, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, VOCs, and various other contaminants | 100,000 gallons water capacity | NSF certified | filter life: 12 months

  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Removes 95% sediments and contaminants
  • Carbon block filter
  • Efficient filtration
  • UV light with a flow sensor
  • Ideal for a family of four
  • Very expensive
  • Doesn’t lower TDS levels in water

You don’t need to settle for muddy, cloudy, and impure water that smells bad and tastes even worse. iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System is here to solve all your problems.

Amidst the thought of buying a whole house filter, if your eyes get stuck on this one, grab it. The only thing you may want to reconsider is the price. The filter is designed to fulfill the filtration needs of a family of four but it is costly.

However, the investment isn’t going to be a flawed one because the filter offers more than what it promises. With a high flow rate, you can get 100,000 gallons of filtered water for the next 12 months without any replacements.

The filter is certified and approved by the NSF/ANSI standards for reducing 99% of chlorine from water as well as up to 95% of sediment, rust, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, VOCs, and various other contaminants.

5. Membrane Solutions 20 Micron String Wound Water Filter

Membrane Solutions Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
3,469 Reviews
Membrane Solutions Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
  • 💧 SAFETY MATERIAL: Food grade 100% Polypropylene material, Lead and BPA-Free....
  • 💧MULTIPLE ADVANTAGES: This String-wound sediment water filter has FOUR times the dirt...


Water pressure: 20 psi | removes 99% particles, silt, sand, rust and other undissolved particles in dirty water | 100% pressure resistance | 20 micro sizes | filters can be replaced two to three times a year | 5 GPM flow rate

  • Value of money
  • Easy to install
  • Better water quality
  • Ideal for removing sediments from well and municipal water
  • Very affordable
  • A unique honeycomb structure
  • Average flow rate
  • The center hole is too big to fit on Rainfresh systems

When you are in desperate need to do something for the filtration of your well water, Membrane Solutions 20 Micron String Wound Water Filter Cartridge can prove to be the best choice for sediment removal.

The budget-friendly stand-along filter cartridge has outstanding advantages if you give it a chance. The filter has a four-time dirt holding capacity due to the unique honeycomb structure that can handle high water pressure without any problem.

The 10-inch cartridge fits universal and is also used as a prefilter in Reverse Osmosis systems. There is a central tube made from 100% Polypropylene material that is non-toxic and tasteless.

This tube helps to improve the taste of your drinking water. The long filter life is another reason why this filter has an 80% customer satisfaction rate. The filter cartridge can go along quite well for 6 months without any replacements. 

6. 5 Micron 10″ x 4.5″ Whole House Big Blue Sediment and Activated Carbon Water Filter

5 Micron 10
4,420 Reviews
5 Micron 10
  • 💧【Efficient Filtration】AQUACREST adopts food-grade polypropylene to reduce large...
  • 💧【Protects Your Water Equipment】Our sediment water filter can prevent sediments...


Filter life: 3 to 6 months | filter capacity: 30,000 gallons | 0.5 micron rating | NSF 53 certified | flow rate: 20 GPM | reduce Chlorine-99.6%, Lead–99.99%, Benzene, Mercury, odor, sand, rust, sediment

  • Affordable
  • Efficient filtration
  • 100% safe to use
  • Long filter life
  • High-grade carbon block filtration
  • Compatible with many filters
  • Some models can face height difference issue

The 5 Micron 10″ x 4.5″ Whole House Big Blue Sediment and Activated Carbon Water Filter replacement cartridge by Aquacrest uses a high-grade carbon block filtration process that makes it more efficient in removing all sediments, lead, and chlorine from the water.

The filter cartridge has a long life ad can provide you with 30,000 gallons of freshly crisp water for up to 6 months. It is designed and guaranteed to provide 100% protection to your appliances by identifying and catching all the sediments before they get mixed with the water. 

Te filter cartridge is compatible with a lot of filters including GE FXHTC, GXWH35F, WRC25HD, GXWH40L, GXWH30C, GXWH38F, GNQH38S, WRC25HD, WHKF-WHPCBB, RFC-BB, BB10BB.

The price of the cartridge is extremely affordable yet the performance is exceptionally top-notch. It features a 0.5-micron rating along with food-grade polypropylene to remove all the sediments efficiently. 

7. Beduan Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter 

Beduan Whole House Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
117 Reviews
Beduan Whole House Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
  • Ideal first layer of filtration before a larger filtration system, Double threads on both...
  • High quality stainless steel mesh filter screen rated at 40 Micron, prevent dust, sand and...


Reduces scale buildup, sand, rust, particles, lead magnesium, and other metallic compounds | 50 microns | double aviation material container | filter bottle protector

  • Universal fit
  • Polymer shell
  • Standard copper head
  • Double threads for easy flushing
  • Easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Effective filtration
  • Protects your water appliances
  • Setting up isn’t a breeze
  • A lot of back pressure

Beduan Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter is the best choice to make when you are on a tight budget. This one is quite affordable compared to the other filters in this list. However, quality is never compromised.

It is highly recommended for the removal of sediments from not only your tap water but also from your water appliances. Not only does it remove sediments like sand, rust, and dust, but it also removes iron and magnesium. 

A clear see-through casing is used in the design so that you can keep a visual check on the condition of the filter.

This helps you know the right time for a replacement. Your appliances’ lifespan can increase up to 35% if they are connected with the Beduan whole house sediment water filter. 

8. Culligan WH-S200-C Whole-House Sediment Water Filtration System

Culligan WH-S200-C Whole-House Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
1,303 Reviews
Culligan WH-S200-C Whole-House Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
  • Whole House Water Filter System: This filter system makes sure your family has clean,...
  • Easy to Install: Featuring valve-in-head bypass shut-off for easy cartridge change, filter...


Temperature range: 40°F – 100°F | pressure range: 30–125 PSI | reduces dirt, sand, and silt buildup | NSF Standard 61 certified by the WQA | 2 months/8,000 gallons to 4 months/16,000 gallons

  • LED filter indicator
  • Approved and certified
  • Long filter life
  • Durable
  • Efficient filtration
  • Value of money
  • Excellent quality mounting bracket
  • Plastic threads are too soft
  • Built-in bypass is hard to turn without a wrench

This is your ticket to get the best sediment filter for well water that has a pressure release feature with a built-in bypass and off-valve right in your budget.

Yes! We are talking about the Culligan WH-S200-C Whole-House Sediment Water Filtration System that is plumber approved and certified by NSF and WQA for safety and removal of sediments.

Not only your body, but your appliances also need fresh and clean water to work efficiently. This filter will help your appliances perform better and for longer.

The design is not so impressive, however, the clear housing and LED light indicator works well to keep you updated about the filter change. One thing you need to keep a check on is the plastic threads.

They are so soft and thin that you don’t even know when they get damaged. Other than that, the filter can really give you bang for the bucks.

9. DuPont WFPF38001C Universal Valve-in-Head Whole House Water Filtration System

DuPont WFPF38001C Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
4,382 Reviews
DuPont WFPF38001C Sediment Water Filter - Key Features
  • Rated at 50 micron. Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter. Ideal frontier water...
  • Flushable and Reusable. Take the considerable workload off finer filters that follow...


15000-gallon filter life | Reduces sediment like rust and silt particles | 800 series filter cartridge | 5GPM flow rate | certified by the Water Quality Association against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 | water pressure: higher than 100psi

  • Budget-friendly
  • Clear housing
  • Comes with a filter head
  • Duo-protection
  • Ling filter life
  • Certified and approved
  • Easy installation
  • Does not remove chlorine

DuPont WFPF38001C Universal Valve-in-Head Whole House Water Filtration System can be ideally used for both residential and commercial use due to its high filtration capacit9y and filter life.

It can provide you with 15,000 gallons of filtered and sediment-free water. The filter will bring back the clarity, freshness, and taste back in your water. 

The 800 series filter cartridge makes the filter more efficient to capture and remove even the smallest particle of sediments, dirt, and dust. The filter also reduces silt buildup and the clear housing helps visual checking on the filter’s condition.

The 5 GPM flow rate goes well with the water pressure and fulfills your daily water needs without any trouble. The filter is certified and approved by WQA and NSF/ ANSI standard 42 for structural integrity, which is why you can rest assured about the long life of your appliances. 

10. Rusco/Vu-Flow 1″ 100 Mesh PVC Spin Down Sediment T-Style Water Filter

Rusco/Vu-Flow 1 - Key Features
522 Reviews
Rusco/Vu-Flow 1 - Key Features
  • Port size: 1” slip
  • Max pressure: 150 PSI


Max pressure: 150 PSI | low capacity: 1-25 GPM | Includes one 1″ 100 mesh polyester filter element | removes high sediment levels including rust and sand

  • Easy to install
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Value of money
  • Versatile usage
  • Offers both cold and hot water filter
  • High flow rate
  • Can grow algae inside the filter if installed under sunlight

The Rusco/Vu-Flow 1″ 100 Mesh PVC Spin Down Sediment T-Style Water Filter has really lived up to what it promises. The filter is considered the most versatile among all the others in the list of the best sediment filters for well water.

You can use this filter for landscaping, drinking water, livestock, agriculture, greenhouse, deep irrigation, or reclaimed water. 

The 1″ filter has the highest water pressure rate of 150 psi, which makes it ideal for your gardening hose and showerheads. Other than that, the flow rate is a low capacity that ranges between 1 to 25 GPM.

The 100 mesh technology makes the filter more effective in capturing and removing every type of sediments leaving your water clean and safe for use. If you are confused about whether to buy a spin down filter or not, this one is a must-try and you will never stop using the Ruso 100 mesh filter. 

Buying Guide for Sediment Water Filters


We have presented you with all the best filters to make your decision easy, but wait! We have prepared more for your convenience.

Now that you have your platter ready, there are a few more things you should consider before buying the right filter for your house. This comprehensive buying guide will help you through the process.

Research Thoroughly 

The most important thing to start off the journey to find the best filter is to up your research game. You can choose one of the two recommended ways. However, it is preferable to try out both for refined research.


Try to look out for the right thing by yourself because no one can understand your needs better than yourself.

Surf the internet and search for the top-selling brands and products that fit your requirements.

Pro Tip! You can also visit the market to have a close look at how these filters look. Compare both online and market rates to make a decision.

Ask for referrals

If nothing works for you and you are now more confused to make a choice, switch to referrals and recommendations.

Ask your friends, colleagues, neighbors or other family members to help you out. If they are informed about sediment filters and they have used one, they can give you a great solution. 

What Are The Reviews And Ratings?

Tip! Never miss out on the reviews; both in-person and online.

If you have shortlisted a filter but you are still not sure about buying it, then talk to its customers and read their reviews. Check the product rating as well as read detailed reviews on the filter.

What reviewers are saying about a product can have a great impact on making you give another thought to your decision. After reading reviews, you will get additional information as well as the drawbacks of the filter.

If the drawbacks aren’t so troubling, you are free to make a purchase. 

Type Of Sediment Filter 

There are two major types of sediment filters among which you have to choose. These are spin down sediment filters and cartridge sediment filters.

Spin-down sediment filters are reusable and designed to elongate the life expectancy of your water appliances. They carry a spun around their core and carry a micron size ranging from 25 to 1000 microns. They can support up to 150 psi water pressure. 

On the other hand, the cartridge filter has two sub types including a pleated cartridge filter and a spun cartridge filter. These filters are ideal if you are worried about other pollutants along with the sediments.

The pleated cartridge filters can block particles up to 0.10 microns, while spun filters can block particles of various sizes. 

Consider The Major Features

Don’t compromise on the features of the sediment filter because that is what you are paying for. Advanced problems need an advanced solution which is why; following features are must-check before you finalize your filter

Flow rate

5 GPM is the flow rate that is considered average on the flow rate scale when you are looking for a whole house sediment filter.

Tip! If you are on a tight budget, you can settle for the average flow rate.

Otherwise, the best sediment filters have high flow rates up to 25 GPM.


Normal sediment filters have a filtration capacity of 15000 gallons which is already average. If you have a family of 2 or 3, then you can compromise on buying a 15000-gallon filter. Otherwise, look for other options. The top-rated filters can also provide you with up to 1000,000 gallons of filtered water. 

Filter life

An average sediment filter can go on for 6 months without any replacement. However, that doesn’t mean you forget to check on it. Make sure you buy a filter that has 6 months of filter life. 3 months can also go along, but only if you are steady enough to replace it on time. 


Make sure that a proper installation guide is available on the website of the filter’s company, YouTube, and in the instruction manual. No matter how easy they are to install, not every filter is the same when it comes to their setup.

Source Of Your Water

The source of your water plays an important role to make you choose the correct filter type. You will have to choose a different type of sediment filter for municipal water and a different one for well water.

Point to Ponder! The sediment particles in well water are more in size and number, which is why choosing a spin down filter will be a better choice. 


Sediment filters come in a variety of sizes as well as prices. Different manufacturers have their rates that highly depend on the feature that a filter carries.

If you are getting an affordable sediment filter that fulfills your water filtration requirements, there is no need to go for buying expensive ones. Nevertheless, you can go for a top-notch one if you are looking for advanced features. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What Are Sediment?

Sediments are naturally occurring materials and particles that result after a breakdown process called erosion or weathering. When water, ice, or wind is transported by the force of gravity, these particles reach on the seabed after sedimentation. 

  • How Sediment Filters Work?

Sediment filters are installed with the main water source as entry or whole house filtration systems. They can also be connected to all the other appliances that need sediment-free water such as your icemaker, refrigerator, and water dispenser. These filters identify and capture all the sediments in their mesh or net.

Thus, it prevents the water to turn yellow or brown. The size of the net art called the microns that can range from 25 to 1000. These nets decide how efficiently the sediments will be removed from the water. Spin down sediment filters and cartridge sediment filters are the major types of sediment filters. 

  • Should I buy a 5-micron filter or a 50 micron?

5 micron-sized filter is always recommended because 50-micron filters are more susceptible to clog. 5-micron filter also removes small particles better.

  • Can I install my sediment filter?

Sediment filter installation is not a breeze, so if you are not a DIY person with any technical or plumbing knowledge, consider hiring a professional. 

  • Do sediment filters also remove TDS levels?

Sediment filters can remove a variety of sediments but they are not designed to lower down TDs levels from the water. 

  • How often should I change my sediment filter?

Most filters come in a clear housing or LED filter life indicator to tell you when it’s time for the replacement. Other than that, replacement after 2 to 6 months is recommended. 

Final Words

We have tried our best to provide you with all the information under a roof so that you won’t be stuck in a hassled situation. Be very sure and pay great attention while choosing the best among the list above. Take the first step to getting clean and filtered water with all the information by your side. 

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