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10 Best Whole House Water Filter Cartridges [2022] – Honestly Reviewed

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The whole house water filter cartridges are extremely important because they are carrying the responsibility to provide you the best water quality.

Although the filter cartridges give a dusty look but do you guys know that these cartridges could change your life as they promise to protect your health always.

These whole house water filter cartridges are easy to use and most consumers crave an easy installation. However, deciding to buy one is a little confusing when there are a lot of filters out there. So we have reviewed the best filter cartridges, to help you decide to purchase one for your home, and as said earlier we always care for your health.

We wish that each drop of your drinking water is heavenly, pure and tasty….Because waterborne disease can make your life hell and toxic, millions of people are dying around the globe due to the unpurified water….

So if you are still on your way to decide then let’s skim all along!

Quick Comparison – Editor’s Choice For Best Whole House Water Filter Cartridges

10 Best Whole House Water Filter Cartridges in Our View | A Review

It is hard to define how much we value our readers, we always want you guys to cheer and beam in the crowd, that’s why we don’t want you guys to face any inconvenience because of unpurified water due to a bad filter.

Important! The best filter cartridge can soothe your life because if you stick with the good quality then it may last for longer and longer.

We know that you don’t want to compromise on quality? Right? So why are we still here? Let’s dive into the detailed explanation of the products!

Here we go! The best-reviewed house filter cartridges 2020-2022 in our view.

1. Ronaqua Grooved Sediment (An Affordable One)

Ronaqua Grooved Sediment Water Filter Cartridge  - Key Features
95 Reviews
Ronaqua Grooved Sediment Water Filter Cartridge - Key Features
  • 💎 Industry Standard 10-inch 5 Micron Sediment Filter - Used for effectively removing...
  • 💎 This filter is ideal for a standard Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Unit or any type...


Four layered filtration system | Micron rating is of 5 | 10-inch 5 Micron Sediment Filter | Longer lifespan | Ideal for a standard Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Unit | Replacement:  Two or three times a year | Meets NSF (National Science Foundation) Standards | Filter capacity 12,000 gallons | Filter life: 4 to 6 months | Eliminates rust, silt, chlorine, and dust 
  • Easy Installation
  • Removes contaminants
  • Good micron rating
  • NSF-certified
  • Negligible filter capacity

The Ronaqua Grooved Sediment Water Filter Cartridge is committed to provide you guys the best-filtered water at an affordable price….

The multi-stage filtration system has a large surface area that enables you to have an uninterrupted filtered water supply… The micron size is an efficient addition as it nicely detects the particles even the smaller ones….

They have the capability to perform well, and the longer life span of the filter cartridges comfort you because you don’t have to go and change the filter cartridge again….

The fascinating thing is that these filter cartridges could be fitted to any brand easily and it enhances the life of your filtration system as well…. Ronaqua filter withstands with a larger diameter, that has more grooves, they are quite deeper as well…

This all adds up to more surface area for the water to flow through the filter. So it is a great prudent choice to buy this filter cartridge.

2. DuPont WFPF13003B (Best Price Filter Cartridge)

DuPont WFPF13003B Filter Cartridge - Key Features
  • Replacement for Reverse Osmosis 10 inch Standard Filter


Filters Up To 15,000-Gallons | Features Universal 500 Series Poly Block Cartridge | 3-Year Limited Warranty | Color: Blue | Material: Plastic | A universal fit | Could be used either for sink and faucet | Extends the life of appliances that process water | Reduces up to 95% of contaminants from your drinking water | ANSI and NSF certified
  • Convenient Filter replacement
  • Fits other brands easily
  • Three-year limited warranty.
  • Compact design.
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for heavy metals or pesticides
  • Not as effective as a Reverse Osmosis filter

The DuPont WFPF13003B the name of durability, it packs quality and affordability to ensure you a healthy lifestyle as you never witnessed. The product is really efficient and you guys can purchase this filter at an economical price.

Being so affordable still, the filter cartridge doesn’t compromise on its quality and functionality. This efficient product offers you a 3- years warranty, plus it is a lightweight product that has a convenient installation.

It wouldn’t be an irony if I say that the product’s installation is just a breeze and inside the box, there is a bracket and a wrench for quick installation… It comes in a standard size, and that makes it a universal fit easier to replace the old one.

The DuPont WFPF13003B has a compact size and could easily fit on your sinks and faucets…. You can use it in, either way, it is totally up to you because you have the ease of using it for the whole house or just a sink.

The DuPont water filter is a good choice for those bearing municipal water as the primary source, as the water contains a high amount of sediments. The DuPont water filter is perfect for removing rust, sediments, and silt.

It can quickly eliminate chlorine which alters the taste and odor of the water. The DuPont water filter system has ¾ inch inlets and outlets which allows water flow at a reasonable rate and with extremely nice pressure.

It can filter up to 15000 gallons of water along with it, it features a Universal 500 series poly black cartridge. The replacement of this cartridge is a super-easy task.

3. Springwell Whole House Water Filter Cartridges 

Springwell Whole House Water Filter Cartridges   - Key Features
33 Reviews
Springwell Whole House Water Filter Cartridges - Key Features
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Better Than Bottled Water Quality At Every Tap


Filtration Capacity: 1,000,000 gallons of water | Efficiency: 99.6% | Flow Rate: 9 GPM | 5-micron sediment pre-filter that eliminates sand, dust, rust, silt, and clay | Addresses chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, chloramine, and VOCs | operating temperature: 25 psi and 80 psi
  • For home with 4 to 6 bathrooms
  • Water flow rate is of 12 gallons per minute
  • Made up of certified components
  • Lifespan of its pre-filter is 6 to 9 months

This Springwell is an ideal candidate for your home if you have municipal water as a primary source. It is said to be the best cartridge as the flow rate is worth mentioning here, the water flow rate is 12 gallons per minute…..

The filter capacity is up to 1,000,000 gallons of water and it is pretty much satisfying, the operating temperature ranges between 25 psi and 80 psi. The filter capacity and speedy filtration of this filter cartridge makes it a preferable choice over other brands…

The multi-stage filter dispels the various harmful impurities to give you guys a cleaner and better-tasting water. The apparent method of  ActivFlo technology is added to the filter that allows longer contact time between the filters and water.

The four-stage filtration could be easily summed up in just a couple of minutes, First stage, holds the narrowest micron size to remove the contaminants from your water. The second stage holds the KDF media for the removal of heavy metals and unpleasant smell.

The third stage bears a coconut shell carbon media that removes other contaminants like herbicides, pesticides, and VOCs. Here comes the last stage, it features a flex bed that addresses the channeling meanwhile producing enhanced contact time.

It offers a lifetime warranty on tanks and valves and also gives a six-month money-back guarantee. 

4. EcoPure EPW2S String Wound (Best Whole Home Replacement Filter)

EcoPure EPW2S String Wound Whole Home Replacement  - Key Features
1,294 Reviews
EcoPure EPW2S String Wound Whole Home Replacement - Key Features
  • FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE – Installed on the incoming water line, protect your water-using...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Fits Eco Pure model EPW2, EPW2VC, EPW2V and all major brands of standard...


Universal fit | Advanced filtration | NSF-Certified | 3-moths filter life | 10 microns | Convenient Installation | Reduces sand, silt, rust, and sediment down to less than 10 microns | Ideal for both municipal and well water supplies | Economical |  Protects your plumbing and water-using appliances from chlorine taste and odor, sediment, sand, silt, rust, and dirt
  • Affordable
  • Easy Installation
  • Good longevity
  • Universal fit
  • Check for leakages after fitting to improper fitting

The EcoPure EPW2S String Wound Whole Home Replacement Water Filter filter cartridge belongs to a top-notch quality, the installation is pretty much easy and doesn’t require any special prerequisites to install…

However to keep everything simple the filter cartridge reduces sand, silt, rust, and sediment down to less than 10 microns The filter life span lasts for longer so that you don’t need to fall for any hassle for the replacement!

The efficacy of the product is unquestionable, it works nicely with both municipal and well water supplies…  Summing up the discussion, you can get filter-change reminders texted to your phone by just signing up after installation…

5. PUREPLUS Carbon Sediment (Best Water Filter Replacement Cartridge)

PUREPLUS Carbon Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge  - Key Features
5,493 Reviews
PUREPLUS Carbon Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge - Key Features
  • ❄ RECOGNIZED CERTIFICATION - Food Grade Material Meets European EC1935-2004 Regulations,...
  • ❄ STRICT QUALITY CONTROL - All water filter home cartridge are produced under the...


Food-grade material | High Capacity:  filter up to 13000 gallons | 100% money-back guarantee | Filter reduces up to 99% of Chlorine, sand, rust, sediment, color, odor | Higher Quality Filtration | Compatible Filters | Operating Temperature: 4-52℃/39-126℉ | Max. Operating Pressure: 100 psi | Operating working pressure: 60psi | Micron Rating: 1 Micron | Flow Rate: 2.5-5GPM
  • Economical
  • Long-life span
  • Reduces odor and impurities
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • Not suitable for well-water

The PUREPLUS Carbon Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge is specifically designed with food-graded material offering higher filter capacity with a good flow rate…

The replacement entirely depends on your usage, the average time rolls out to be 3 months but it could last for longer as well if it is not frequently used…. The carbon filter capacity filters up to 13000 gallons of water, downside the filter is not suitable for well-water supplies…

The Sintering Technology ensures high absorbing capacity offers a much finer filtration of suspended particles and dirt. It effectively reduces water contaminants, undesired taste, odors Chlorine, sand, rust, sediment, rusty color….

The food graded material assures you safe material, the natural coconut shell activated carbon proves that manufacturers have a keen eye on their customer’s health…. The BPA free and lead-free materials ensure that you may not become prone to waterborne diseases….

The 3-month money-back guarantee and a satisfying warranty comes in a standard size that urges you to take this product into consideration…. This is quite pleasant to see that manufacturers bombard so much trust in their product… 

6. Filtrete Standard Capacity (Best Whole House Carbon Wrap Wate)

Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Carbon Wrap Water Filters  - Key Features
3,575 Reviews
Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Carbon Wrap Water Filters - Key Features
  • CLEANER, BETTER TASTING WATER - These filters reduce chlorine taste & odor, sand, silt,...
  • UNIVERSAL USE - These universal whole house sump style filters work in most standard...


Great Taste | Filtration reduces chlorine taste & odor, sand, soil, silt, rust, and sediment based on 3M Testing | 3 Month Filter | Filter water throughout your home from appliances to bathing | Universal filter | Size: Replacement Filter | Color: Grey |Tested and Certified by WQA against NSF / ANSI Standard 42 | Upgrade to Grooved filters (5 Microns) for longer-lasting filters
  • Universal fit
  • Purified water
  • Pleasant flavor of water
  • Protects your appliances
  • Improper fitting of the filter cartridge may cause impure water to pass the channel

So here making a way to our next reviewed product, you guys have a beaming smile and I don’t want you to go!

So for your bright simple introduction of an affordable filter cartridge that promises to deliver quality filtered water to your home and even bathrooms, so every time you brush! Remember Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Carbon Wrap Water Filters won’t diminish your smile….

The Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Carbon Wrap Water Filters are specialized to subject your drinking water through the rigorous process of cleaning so that you won’t get prone to waterborne diseases….

The size comes in a fittable size and easily gets into your filter system…. The installation is pretty much simple, just unscrew it with great care, just before installation turns off the water supply to relieve water pressure….  

The filter is tested and certified by WQA against NSF / ANSI Standard 42, and it reduces chlorine taste & odor, sand, soil, silt, rust, and sediments from your drinking water…. It protects your water appliances from dust and sediments…

7. Aquaboon Sediment (10 Inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge)

Aquaboon Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge  - Key Features
4,305 Reviews
Aquaboon Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge - Key Features
  • Exceptional Filtration Performance: This sediment water filter replacement cartridge with...
  • Effortless Installation and Replacement: Universal 10 water filter fits most 10 x 2.5...


Filter Capacity: 2000 gallons to 3000 gallons | Filter life: 4 to 6 months | Made of thermally bonded 100% Pure Polypropylene Microfibers | 5 Micron filtration | Removes large and fine particles from a drinking water, such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles 
  • Provide quality filtration
  • It is compatible with many filters cartridge
  • Once replaced, it can last for a maximum period of 6 months
  • Filters have no plastic top and bottom for washers to set in

The Aquaboon Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge performs with a series of zones that ensure the state-of-the-art drinking water… The sequential zones have their assigned filtration.

Let’s have a glimpse at it,

  • The first zone is subjected to filtration of dust to assist the good filtration efficiency.
  • The Inner Zone is made up of the fine fiber, it is particularly specialized to diminish small particles to pass the outer layers….
  • The Multilayered structure layer the mid zone, the depth filtration pattern of the mid-zone layer ensures good filtration.
  • The outer zone is responsible to relinquish large specks of dust to prolong the filter service life.

The filter lasts for 4 to 6 months depending upon the usage of filter, along with it the filter capacity is substantial as it sustains a large filter capacity of 20000 – 30000 gallons of water…

It removes large and fine particles from drinking water, such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles.

8. WHIRLPOOL (Best Standard Capacity Whole House Filtration Replacement)

WHIRLPOOL Standard Capacity Whole House Filtration Replacement Filter  - Key Features
984 Reviews
WHIRLPOOL Standard Capacity Whole House Filtration Replacement Filter - Key Features
  • Whirlpool Genuine Parts: The whole home sediment filter provides clean, fresh water...
  • Sediment Filtration: Reduces particles in water including sediment, sand, soil, silt, and...


Whole House Water Filter | Reduces sand, soil, silt, sediment, and rust | Rigid cartridge construction | Grooved surface for increased surface area | 6-month filter life | 5-micron nominal filtration | Tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 | Good product at a good price
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Excellent Seller’s behavior
  • Not fitted well, it leaves the water with odor

The WHIRLPOOL Standard Capacity Whole House Filtration Replacement Filter is efficiently manufactured with sturdy filter cartridges, without any interruption they provide you a seamless flow of water…..

Who doesn’t want an uninterrupted water supply at their home…. The mastery look of this filter cartridge appeals to the buyers, and along with the beauty it has a lot more to offer you guys!

The quick and easy installation is the most alluring feature because you don’t need any plumber, just skim through the instructions twice to avoid disruption…

The 5-micron nominal filtration is a compelling feature because it reduces sediments, odors, unpleasant taste, impurities, dust from your drinking water…. 

The grooved surface is specialized for increased surface area, the filter life of 6 months can not be neglected as well….  Because other products don’t offer the filter longevity, so this feature is a must buy filter cartridge….

9. Everpure H-300 (Most Selling Water Filter Replacement Cartridge)

Everpure H-300 Water Filter Replacement Cartridge  - Key Features
2,161 Reviews
Everpure H-300 Water Filter Replacement Cartridge - Key Features
  • THE PENTAIR EVERPURE ADVANTAGE: Bringing commercial water filtration technology to your...
  • REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGE FOR USE in Pentair Everpure H-300 Drinking Water System


Flow Rate:  0.5 gallons per minute | Enhanced with KDF media to inhibit scale build-up that can damage equipment | Reduces Lead, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), dirt, cloudiness, mold, and algae | Reduces particles as small as 0.5 micron in size | Pressure requirement: 10-125 psi
  • Economical than the price of bottled water
  • Reduces lead, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) and other contaminants
  • Lasts for longer
  • Although it tends to crunch a bit in a generic filter casing, it works though

The efficient Everpure H-300 Water Filter Replacement Cartridge reduces the following Lead, Chlorine taste and odor, dirt and cloudiness, mold and algae.

Along these contaminants, it also dispels Volatile Organic Chemicals, including THMs. It filters out the particles as small as 0.5 micron in size. It retains vital minerals found naturally in water to ensure the clean, crisp taste of your water.

Everpure H-300 Water Filter Replacement Cartridge cares for your appliances as well it helps prevent lime and scale build-up thus increasing their life.

The filter life doesn’t get decayed after frequent use, it continues to filter your drinking water up to 6 months without any inconvenience and interruption…

A sturdy Everpure H-300 cartridge serves you with the features you have been craving lastly…

10. AQUA CREST FXHSC Whole House Water Filter

AQUA CREST FXHSC Whole House Water Filter  - Key Features
2,619 Reviews
AQUA CREST FXHSC Whole House Water Filter - Key Features
  • 💧 Efficient Filtration:This whole house water filter adopts food-grade polypropylene...
  • 💧 Protects Your Water Equipment:The efficient filtration of AQUACREST sediment water...


Efficient filtration | 5-micron rating | Food-grade material | Polypropylene filtration media | Long-lasting service life | Filter life: 3 to 6 months | Filter Capacity: 30,000 gallons |  Give 100% protection to all your appliances | Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent filter capacity
  • Compatible with different brands
  • Protects your appliances from rust
  • If not fitted well then sediments will continue to contaminate water

The AQUA CREST FXHSC Whole House Water Filter sustains all the hot features which customers usually look for, comes at an economical price….

The filter capacity is quite impressive as it filters out 30,000 gallons of water, great filter capacity as compared to other competitive brands….

The filter life ranges from 3 to 6 months, it depends to what extent you have used your filter cartridge, the rigorous and frequent use can make the filter last for 3 to 4 months. The safe food-grade material guarantees you protection of your health and your appliances. 

Is equipped with polypropylene filtration media to straightly eliminate contaminants, pollutants, rust, dust, chlorine, harsh particles…. It comes with a larger specific surface area and the exceptional; absorption capacity is far beyond other original sediment filters….

Now the chanting part of the AQUA CREST FXHSC Whole House Water Filter is that the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for their product, they have a firm belief in their filter cartridge. 

So when you are having all things under the same roof, you won’t miss this chance for sure!

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Buyer’s Guide For Water Filter Cartridges


Number of stages of processing

We prefer the filter cartridges that come with a multi-stage filtration process because these stages ensure to get rid of various contaminants, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, chlorine odors, and taste as well.

The multi-stage may include three or four filtration processes and each of them is specialized to address the specific contaminants. It wholly depends on your needs whether you want a multi-stage filtration process or not.

If your water is polluted with only dust and sediments then you can go for a two-stage filter… But if you deal with impurities other than that then it is preferable to go for a multi-stage filtration process that addresses the heavy metals efficiently….  


The water filter cartridges are readily available to you guys at an affordable price, you don’t need to sell your kidney for it. But don’t lower the quality standards while a purchase.

The cartridges with high- filter capacity would last for longer and they’ll offer the best crisp purified water every time you open your faucet. And don’t forget the replacement and maintenance costs, ask the manufacturers about it! 

So this feature is a must go for every filter cartridge!

Flow Rate

Firstly check your home needs, the flow rate wholly depends upon the need for purified water. If you need a consistent flow of 40 GPM then go for the filter cartridge that is meant to be made for large houses.

But if you guys need a filter cartridge for small homes then it might be a good option to go for a filter cartridge that gives a flow rate 15 GPM. Always measure the flow rate of individual flow rates of your home before heading towards a purchase!

Filter Life

The filter cartridges should be replaced every 6 to 9 months, the longevity makes a plus to purchase…

Because you don’t want to turn off the water supply every month to change the filter cartridges, it isn’t a preferable technique. So go and look for the filter cartridges above that assures quality and longevity all along!

The maximum your filter cartridge life is the minimal need for replacement and maintenance needed! So guys go and have a glimpse of our reviewed product above, and let your wallets open for durable water filter cartridges!


Everyone wants the filter cartridge to fit their filter system easily, the installation of the filter cartridge can be done easily in just a few minutes if you are aware of the know-how of the plumbing.

Always look for a filter cartridge that is easy to install and doesn’t require any plumber for the installation… Read out the instructions properly so that you won’t get any inconvenience while installation.

Installation is a simple task, just twist in and twist out, and here you go enjoy the heavenly taste of your drinking water!


As mentioned above you guys make sure to check that the product comes with a handsome and satisfying warranty! Some products have a lifetime guarantee yet some have a limited time warranty.

Warranty speaks of the quality so ensure this feature before making any purchase.

Micron Size

The micron-size should be narrow enough to dispel and eliminate the dust and sediments from your drinking water.

The micron-size efficiently measures the effectiveness, the smaller the micron rating is the rare chance is to get dust in your drinking water!

For example, a water filter holding a micron rating of 50 would be able to eliminate rust, sand, and silt. But still, it is unable to detect small size particles.

One drawback couldn’t be neglected is that the smaller the micron rating would be, the higher is the chance to get water flow drop.


While buying any garment you always check which brand offers quality, I am probably Right! Certification of the filter cartridge does the same work!

Before squandering your money you need a trusted and approved certification! This is natural! So guys do rely on the certifications of the filter cartridge because you definitely want to know that is your filter cartridge safe for you or not!

If the filter cartridge meets NSF standard, it turns out to be that the filter cartridge is NSF-certified. Make sure to check the WQA seal on it. It is utterly important to check the certification because they assure you the quality and purity of the filter cartridge!

FAQ’s ( Frequently Asked Questions) on Replacement Whole House Water Filters Cartridge

  • What Is a Whole House Water Filter?

You might have heard it from a family or a friend, these systems are referred to as Point Of Entry (POE) systems. They are usually installed before the water reaches your heater, eventually filtering both the cold and the warm water. 

It eases your experience as every time you open a faucet, you’ll have filtered water. These whole house water filters deliver filtered water to your taps, shower, and even washing machine.

  • What is the average cost of a whole house water filtration system?

So one should not compromise on quality if you are looking for a water filter that guarantees filtered water with top-notch quality then it might be a bit expensive but the average cost is up to $110.

It may not be that much pricey if it fits your family needs with such perfection…. It is pretty much affordable you guys! So don’t worry about it.

  • Does a whole house water filter cartridge reduce water pressure?

To remove the pesky contaminants, filter cartridges are at work and they are committed to providing you the seamless filtered water.

So it doesn’t make water pressure so low to cause any hassle. Just a negligible water pressure is dropped, and you won’t get to notice it!

  • Is the whole house filter cartridge a necessity?

So if you don’t want to spend a few bucks on the whole house filter cartridge then your healthy lifestyle is in vain. According to WHO reports, water-borne diseases are a big threat to human life.

So if you want to be on a safer side then prefer to go with quality filter cartridges!  The quality product assures you long-term efficacy and trust!

  • How frequently filter cartridges need to be changed?

It depends on your filter life and to which extent you have used your filter cartridge, average filter life is about 3 months but if your drinking water is dusty then it means that you need a replacement for your filter cartridge.

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Final Words

So you keep on listening to your friends saying that they have the most durable water filter cartridges but hold on choose wisely. You can’t invest in the product you don’t know about. But still keeping our words and promise we have the best filter cartridges reviewed for 2020-21 list that guarantee your health and quality.

Don’t ever make a mistake while your purchase because all you need to know for the purchase of your filter is mentioned before nicely. If you’re still not satisfied, you can look for our 8 best whole house water filters available online.

Don’t forget our ultimate buyer’s guide which could be extremely helpful for you guys!  Enjoy the crisp drinking water you always craved for! 

Happy Safe Drinking!

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