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Charlie Trotters simply, is home to eat & drink healthy.

Charles Trotter

The website CharlieTrotters.com was named after Charles Trotter (September 8, 1959 – November 5, 2013) – a famous American chef and restaurateur. His most well-known restaurant, Charlie Trotter’s, was open in Chicago from 1987 to 2012.

Now, after a long time when he’s no more with us, the website is owned by one of the projects of The Brandelz Tech (www.brandelz.com) – aimed to help people out on eating & drinking healthy i.e. one of the most promising objectives of our beloved chef Charles.

To carry on his dream, the focus of the website (www.charlietrotters.com) is to provide helpful tips, and guidance on eating healthy and drinking pure. This includes content on different tasty recipes, tips & tricks to eat healthy & organic, and expert reviews on most suitable & inevitable kitchen items along with their buying guide i.e. water filters, softeners, kitchen knives, cutting boards etc.

Moreover, we also deem to provide you helpful information & guideline on different restaurants & tour places to visit with your family, friends, and your loved ones.

Note: We also get some advertisement fees from the links we mention on our website, at no cost to you or any customer. See details in Disclosure.
Important: Softwatertips.com and Frapsknives.com are now acquired by CharlieTrotters aimed to expand its objective to let people aware of kitchen tools, cookware, and other products.

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