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Vitamin C Shower Filter Review [2022] – Based on Personal Testing

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Sonaki vitamin c shower filter all you need in 2020!

We all know the importance of water for our skin and hair. Filtered water cannot do the job alone. But what about adding some Vitamin C in the water you shower with.

It can help not only to preserve the hair color, but also improves the surface of the skin. And the answer to all these needs is Vitamin C shower filter by Sonaki.

Before we get deeper into the topic, lets have a quick review of Sonaki Vitamin C shower filter with some prominent Specifications and pros & cons below.

Sonaki vitamin c shower filter

Product Overview

Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Filter   - Key Features
103 Reviews
Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Filter - Key Features
  • SOFTER AND CLEANER WATER - Did you know that you absorb more chlorine through your skin,...
  • 50% WATER SAVINGS - Low Flow Vitamin C Shower Head Gives Up To 50% Water Savings, No loss...
  • Removes both chloramines and chlorine
  • Subtle finish that matches every bathroom décor
  • Contains all-natural Vitamin C
  • Easy maintenance
  • Preserves the hair color
  • Better for hair-loss problem
  • Improves the surface of the skin
  • A cure for Eczema
  • Capacity is quite low

Detailed Features Of The Product

Removal of Contaminants

There is not one shower filter that has the tendency to eliminate all water problems. The Sonaki water filter contains Vitamin C extracts which are ideal for removing chloramines and chlorine from the premises of the waters.

Mansi Says: “Sonaki filtered water will benefit your skin and your body in various positive ways, It is just simply amazing!”

So, naturally, the Sonaki shower water filter heals the eczema skin problem, as well as prevent hair loss issue!

Flow Rate

The standard flow rate of every shower filter is 2.5 gallons per minute. The Sonaki Shower filter offers the same flow rate – 2.5 gallons per minute.

The shower filters that contain granular media can block the water pressure, but the Sonaki Shower filter has no relation with that.

The Capacity

Capacity is referred to the number of gallons every shower head filter can accommodate. The Sonaki cartridges are only able o filter two-thousand gallons.

It can be a bit expensive to pay for the whole kit that contains three filters, but it is best to accept the cartridge replacement strategy because it is cheap. So in this way, Sonaki is very affordable shower filter available in the market under 100 USD.

Installation Process

It is very easy to install the Sonaki Shower filter. Just unscrew the current showerhead and replace it with the Sonaki shower filter.

Use Teflon tape to wrap all the threads so that no leakage is witnessed. Install the showerhead again and use the filter wrench to tighten everything in place.

Importance of Vitami C in Water

Vitamin C is indeed one of the most important vitamins that are essential for regulating your skin’s hormones. So, Vitamin C in your showering water helps your skin regulate the hormones better.

However, water must be filtered so not to contain harmful containment along. That’s why using a best shower filter in your washroom is must!

If you continue using unfiltered water, you are destroying yourself. Contaminated water will cause breakage into your skin, and you will start to look old, even if you are in your twenties.

Good for you, there are a lot of vitamin C shower filters in the market that offers various impressive features. However, we are only going to discuss one shower filter which will top every other vitamin C shower filter – the Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Filter.

Why do I Need a Vitamin C Shower Filter?

Behold, the Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Filter is the best shower filter for blonde hair.

Some organizations in the US believe chlorine is the only source to sanitize the waters. The bitter truth is, chloramines – a mixture of ammonia and chlorine.

As a very dangerous contaminant growing in the industry. Chloramine is not originated in household water, but it is originated from the industrial wastes.

However, vitamin C looks like a very small ingredient to fix all of the problems. But vitamin C is a very powerful fighter against chloramines.

You just have to install this shower filter on your current showerhead and get maximum removal of chloramine from your water.

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The Sonaki Shower filter is built from high density and durable resin which has a very beautiful finish. This shower filter comes with plenty of useful features, plus the sonaki shower filter contains all-natural vitamin C that can accommodate two-thousand gallons of water in every use.

Easy to Install:

When it comes to the installation process, it’s a piece of cake. Most shower filters increase the height of the showerhead once they are installed, but this one doesn’t do that, it keeps the height same.

You don’t need to have special tools to install the Sonaki Shower filter, there is a tiny filter wrench included in the kit already.

So, with the Sonaki Shower filter, you can enjoy healthy showers and get relief from irritated skin problems caused by chloramines and chlorine.

However, if the system doesn’t have any effect on your water, you are allowed to get your money back with Sonaki’s thirty-day money return policy.

Some Other Best Brands Of Vitamin C Shower Filter

Final Thought:

The main reason why the Sonaki Shower filter is loved so much is that it contains all-natural, food-grade Vitamin C. Those of you who are conscious about their skin should definitely try this shower filter because it removes both chloramine and chlorine to the extent of never being seen again.

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