How to Make Distilled Water Drinkable: Learn 5 Simple Hacks

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Having a water distiller at our homes has now become a necessity because of heavily polluted water everywhere. We all know the harms of those toxins present in the water and we want to remove them too, but nothing comes without a cost.

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The trade off here is between the water quality, its medical condition and its taste. And both sides seem equally horrible, except that we can’t trade our health for a better taste.

Yes, there are pros & cons, and some serious side effects & implications of drinking distilled water without following the proper way. But, that is where I can help you.

Here is a complete guide where I’ll tell you some clever hacks to make your distilled water drinkable once again!

Why does Distilled Water Taste so Bad?

Distillation is a foolproof method of getting pure water as it involves boiling the polluted water and then condensation of the steam to get the pure H2O. People use different type of water distillers for the purpose such as whole house water distillers, electric and non-electric distillers, etc.

Man Drinking Distilled Water

In this process, all the minerals present in the water are lost along with the removed pollutants. This is why the distilled water doesn’t taste anything like tap and bottled waters. But this can bother a lot of people.

The characteristic taste of natural water soothes us. But thanks, luckily there are some ways you can get this distilled water to taste better too.

5 Hacks to Make Distilled Water Taste Better

1. Use the Carbon filter

Some distillers come with a post distillation carbon filter such as Megahome water distiller that can replenish the lost minerals back into the water. This can make your water taste like the natural one.

If you do not have a carbon filter, there are many good options available in the market. Just run your water through it once and you’ll see a huge difference.

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How to do it?

Many companies such as PURE, provide a carbon filter along with their distiller, if you do not have one, you can purchase one online from the best home water distillers available or read complete review on water distillers. Once you have a filter, this is what you have to do.

  • Attach the carbon filters with your distillers and collect the water after it has been filtered and minerals are replenished.
  • If you are using a separate filter, collect the distilled water and pass it through your carbon filter and collect it in a container. This will make the distilled water drinkable again and also suck away any volatile compounds from the water.

2. Add Trace Mineral Drops

This is the easiest method to get back the nutrition and taste of trace minerals. Add a few drops of trace mineral replenishment liquid in the water before you drink it and voila! You have pure water with the characteristic fulfilling taste.

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How to do it?

You can find many good brands of trace mineral replenishing drops commercially (such as Trace Minerals Research) to use them in making the distilled water drinkable again,

  • Take a glass and pour your distilled water in it.
  • Now, add 2 to 3 drops of the trace minerals (or as the package says) and mix them thoroughly.
  • Enjoy your natural tasting water!

3. Add Pink Salt

This one seems a little nontraditional. But adding pink salt in water not only makes it salty and acceptable to taste but also it adds a lot of essential minerals into your water that can play a huge role in maintaining your health.

How to do it?

Pink salt is a common product available in the market. You might already have it in your kitchen.

  • Add a teaspoon of pink salt in your distilled water container (Almost 1-gallon water)
  • Stir it so that the salt and minerals distribute evenly
  • Drink this healthy and tasty substitute for flat distilled water.

4. Use Mineral Infusing Water Bottle

The commercial market never leaves any of your needs unaddressed. That is why there are a lot of water bottles available that have a mineral infusing filter present in them. They can add important ions and minerals in your water and make it taste better than ever.

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How to do it?

This is the easiest of all!

  • Get a mineral infusing water bottle
  • Pour some distilled water in it
  • The filter of the bottle will infuse important ions in the water and make it taste better.
  • Drink on the go even when you are late.

5. Add fruity Flavors

This is going to be your favorite hack because it makes water tastier than its natural alternative. You can either use natural flavors like lemon, lime or orange, or you can add fruit-flavored powders available in the market to make your water taste better.

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The options are countless, but here is a precaution, too much sugar can make your health go bad too. It is better to stick to the natural flavors to make the distilled water drinkable.

How to do it?

There are so many ways to do it, here is one.

  • Squeeze some orange or lemon juice (about half a cup)
  • Pour this in one gallon of distilled water
  • The refreshing taste will make you feel fresh and energetic as you drink it.

However, distilled water is drinkable in any case, least you should develop your taste. But if you can’t stay with pure taste of distilled water, you can use any of the re-mentioned hacks to make your distilled water drinkable for you. Have a nice day!

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