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Tyent Rettin Under Counter Extreme 9000T Water Ionizer Review

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If you’re looking to buy Tyent Rettin Under Counter Alkaline Water Ionizer (UCE-11), don’t hurry and ready this Review before making any decisionhaste makes waste!

Did you know that you don’t need to spend on bottled alkaline water because you can get alkaline ionized water at home?

Ionized water is very beneficial for your health because of its powerful antioxidants and hydrogen-rich molecular properties.

The several benefits of alkaline water have made your search for a water ionizer that can help you cut the cost of bottled water. There are many water ionizers but you deserve the best for your family’s health.

Important to note! A worthy water ionizer will not only be gentle on your pocket, but will also provide you with an energized body, and peace of mind.

After testing a lot of water ionizers based on all the standards of quality, affordability, and longevity, we have chosen Tyent Rettin UCE-11 9000T ionizer.

The system offers immaculate results based on advanced technology, efficient filtration, convenience, and reliability.

Buying the rettin water ionizer will definitely give you the bang for your buck because of its power-saving system. It doesn’t demand a high rate to save you on your energy bills afterward.

Spend less and Save more is the motive of Tyent. It doesn’t demand a high rate to save you on your energy bills afterward.

We have tested and researched the system very closely so that you can have a deeper insight into every detail.

This one is one of the top-selling under sink water ionizers we have come across and its positive reviews have compelled the experts to try it as well.

Tyent Rettin Extreme 9000T is the perfect choice for people who can take no risk on the health of their families. 

Tyent Rettin Water Filter in Our View | A Review

Tyent Rettin Under Counter Extreme 9000T Water Ionizer - Key Features
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Tyent Rettin Under Counter Extreme 9000T Water Ionizer - Key Features
  • Solid/Mesh Hybrid 11 plates dipped and baked
  • 11 Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates


9 hybrid mesh ionizer plates | pH range from 2.0 to 12 | 0.1-micron size | 6 months filter life | 3600 liters filtration capacity | SMPS power setting | 7 water levels 
  • Easy to use touch screen nEasy installationnEasy to access filter area for replacement nAffordablenLifetime warrantynEnergy-efficient nLong-lasting filters nDurable nBetter tasting water
  • Lack of visibility because it stays under the countertopn24 –hour clock has no AM/PM

Tyent has proved once again that it has the best alkaline water ionizers. With every new launch, the systems grow more advanced yet easy to use.

The company has made its mark by providing its customers exactly what is promises. When it comes to efficiency at the most reasonable price, Tyent Rettin Extreme 9000T stands tall with its premium quality filters and finest ionizer plates that are second to none.

Let us see what else does the system has to offer. 

Key Features of Tyent UCE-11 UnderSink Ionizer

tyent rettin water filter ionizer features

Tyent Rettin Under Counter Extreme 9000T Water Ionizer is known for its reliability, authenticity, and high-quality ionization.

The system is extremely worthy and acts as a powerful source to improve your health, immune system, skin, and hair.

By using purified alkaline ionized water, you will feel refreshed and hydrated for the whole day because the additional hydrogen oxidants make the water clean and fresh like spring water. 

With so many features to talk about, we have decided to discuss the following:

1. Advanced Filtration

As stated earlier, the Tyent 9000T is the most advanced version of under counter ionizers. It provides effective filtration before the real game starts.

Fact! The system is very efficient in balancing the pH level of your water.

Dual filtration assures maximum purification. The system works with a 2-stage filtration technology in which the sediments, dirt, dust, silt, cyst, and other larger particulate are absorbed and removed. 

In the second stage, all the smallest particles, contaminants, chemicals, bacteria, chlorine, bad taste, and odor are removed from the water so that it is fully purified when it reached the ionizer plates. 

2. 9 Ionizer Plates

The system features 9 ionizer plates that are the major part of the ionizer. These plates are responsible for adding both negative and positive charge to the water making it alkaline.

Water passes through the filters before it reaches these plates where the ionization takes place. The more plates an ionizer has, the better it can perform.

These plates do not only make water alkaline but also adds hydrogen antioxidants to make it safe for your hydration. You will feel new energy after drinking the water from Tyent UCE11 9000T

3. Easy To Use Display

The system works on a complete touch screen user interface that is exceptionally easy for anyone to use. Because the system is to be installed under the countertop, you may face some difficulty in visualizing the setting and options.

Otherwise, you are in complete control of the system with only a touch. There are 8 buttons for setting the pH level, adjusting the ORP range, selecting the water levels, and more.

FYI! The system also features flood prevention safety features and signals an alarm when water is about to flow out.

Whenever you select a setting, your voice command will tell you about your selection. You can also turn off the volume if you don’t want to listen to the automated voice. 

4. Installation And Maintenance 

Installing Tyent Extreme 9000T is a breeze because everything you need for the installation comes within the box. You can take additional help from the user manual installation guide or YouTube videos.

Remember that! This one is an under-counter ionizer and comes with its complete kit.

It will not be installed otherwise on a countertop or wall-mount. If you do not have any experience with these things, it is recommended to hire a plumber.

The filter needs little to no maintenance as the filter life indicator will automatically tell you when it is time for a cartridge change. 

5. Filter Life

The filter life of this system is good for the price because many other expensive filters are offering the same lifetime. The filter will provide you with clean and contaminant-free water for 6 months before a replacement.

The pH range of this system falls in one of the highest ranges from 2.0 to 12 where 12 is the highest level. You get to choose from 8 different settings including 3 alkaline levels, 3 acidic, one turbo, and one H2O.

The alkaline levels are safe for drinking that is designed to make you habitual of drinking alkaline water with a weekly level increase. The H2O level is for brewing coffee, cooking, and medication.

The turbo setting is for cleaning and disinfecting; while the acidic levels are strong alkaline that is not for drinking. 

6. Lifetime Warranty 

Warranty is one important thing that you must consider before finalizing a water ionizer.

Tyent 9000T is backed by a lifetime warranty that makes its deal-breaker offer to buy this one. You will not have to compromise with limited warranties anymore. 


  • What does the lifetime warranty cover?

The lifetime warranty includes free replacement, and on parts and labor.

  • How to replace the filters?

Both the filters need to be unscrewed in both clockwise and anti-clockwise because they are placed opposite to each other. The screwing back after the replacement will be the same. 

  • How is it measured?

The system is measured as 13.3 x 5.5 x 3 inches.

  • Is it heavy?

No, the system is not heavy at all it weighs just 2.35 pounds. 

Tyent vs Kangen: Is it an Alternative?

As you already know lot about Tyent UCE-11, lets introduce Kangen. Kangen is a Enagic USA’s Kangen Water machin mostly manufactured in Japan.

Despite the fact that we don’ see many complaints from people against Kangen, if you compare it with Tyent, Kangen is not just a water ionizer like Tyent, but an MLM business, which is also criticized as a “pyramid schemes.” Due to this very reason, the price of Kangen water machines always fluctuates.

However, if you still think to try Kangen ionizer machine, please keep in mind that you’re going to compromise quality against price as well. You’re going to purchase low quality water ionizer machine in relatively higher price due to the Multi-Level Marketing factor against fine quality and durable alkaline water ionizer i.e. TyentUSA made in Korea.

So, in short, Kangen is not an alternative of well reputed Tyent ionizer.

Top 5 Other Alternatives of Tyent Rettin UCE-11


Hence proven; the Tyent Extreme UC-11 9000T is definitely worth giving a try. The system is highly recommended because it will never let your hopes down.

You will get refreshing ionized water free of any impurity. You will never have to go through any difficulty in using it.

Just energy and refreshing taste in every glass!

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