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Life Ionizer Review in 2022 – Unbiasedly Reviewed

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If you’re thinking to purchase Life Ionizer MXL-11 Under Counter Ionizer, but unable to make the final decision, you’re at the right place. Here we’ll review the top-rated Life Ionizer in depth.

There is no final verdict stated about the side effects or benefits of alkaline water. However, people who use alkaline water have shown visible shreds of evidence of its benefits in controlling cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases as well.

If you are a health practitioner or someone who needs to increase the pH level of their water to make it alkaline, Life Ionizer could be a perfect solution for you.

The company has launched its MXL-11 under counter alkaline water ionizer that is breaking barriers in the race of the best water ionizers.

This ionizer features hydrogen technology that makes it even more appealing to give it a try. If alkaline water is what you need, the MXL-11 is what you should have. 

A few studies have also proven this fact that alkaline water helps improve different health conditions. 

Life Ionizers is undoubtedly a trustworthy company not only because it sells quality, but they are certified by ISO. The company has been providing its customers with the best products ever since its inception in 1996.

The credibility of the company and the positive response to MXL-11 has urged us to review it in detail. We have crafted an in-depth review including all the details you should know about this amazing ionizing system. 

Life Ionizer MXL-11 Under Counter Alkaline Water Ionizer Review

Life Ionizer MXL-11 Under Counter Alkaline Water Ionizer - Key Features
10 Reviews
Life Ionizer MXL-11 Under Counter Alkaline Water Ionizer - Key Features
  • Under Counter Space-Saving Alkaline Water Ionizer | Faucet Mounted Controls
  • 11 Titanium Cored - Platinum Coated XL Matrix GRID Plates

Moving on to the detailed review, let us tell you that we have generated authentic information after thorough research and extensive testing of the product.

Comprehensive information about the performance key features is stated below the possible pros and cons. Have a look:


800 watts XL power | 1.7 – 12.0 pH Range | Automatic molecular hydrogen boost | Dual filtration | Built-in UV light removes bacteria, cyst, and other particulates
  • Self-cleaning functionnFilter life indicatornEasy installation and replacement nHealth benefitsnCertified medical devicenComes in both 110V and 220VnCountertop installation nLifetime warranty
  • Very expensive nYou will have to buy an extra filter for hard water

Key Features of Life Ionizer MXL-11 Under Counter Alkaline Water Ionizer

Life Ionizer MXL-11 is the 11th one on the MXL series and it has the perfect blend of all of its previous versions that makes it the most refined of all.

This Life Ionizer review is especially for all the healthcare practitioners, medical faculty, or households where alkaline water is preferred.

MXL-11 is just the device you need that provides you the bang for every buck and the refinement that you need from ionized alkaline water.

Below, we have described the key features of this alkaline filter so that you can get every bit of information that is essential. 

1. Easy 1, 2, 3 Mechanism 

If you are someone who is going to experience an ionizer for the first time, this filter is the best choice. You won’t need to research much about its working mechanism because we are going to describe it to you.

FYI! The filter follows a 1, 2, 3 mechanism that means it includes 3 steps.

In the first step, water enters the ionizer where the pre-filter gets rid of all the harmful contaminants and leaves the essential minerals behind.

The next step is where the water runs through both negative and positive charge plates that are separated by a permeable ion membrane. After that, mineral bicarbonates are added to the water making it tastier and healthier.

The final step includes a push of the button to fill your glass with tasty alkaline water.

2. 8 Different Settings

The major reason why this filter has gained so much popularity in the market is the variety of settings it has to offer.

MXL-11 has triple reinforced new XL chambers that increase the contact time of water with the plates and also increase the pH level and ORP to a greater extent. The MXL grid increases the efficiency of the ionization process while the XL power SMPS works perfectly with the grid to provide you with the finest anti-aging and acid fighting alkalinity.

The molecular hydrogen boost works automatically so that you may get the health benefits at their best.

The filter works with one-click and features customized filtration to remove chromium, copper, mercury, lead, and other harmful chemicals with the help of life micro membrane and ultraviolet XL. 

3. High-Range Antioxidant Potential 

A major concern of many buyers is the high price that the product demands. However, its high-range and number of settings make it totally worth every penny.

Important Fact! The range of antioxidant potential of this filter is 1.7 – 12.0 pH that makes up to Up to -880 ORP.

With the steadfast range and speed, the hydrogen molecular boost works at it best and you get fresh and tasty water in every glass. 

4. Platinum Coated Plates

The quality of the platinum-coated XL matrix grid plates is enough to describe the sturdiness and durability of the filter. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is fully certified.

As for the faucet that will be attached to the filter, you are free to choose between brushed nickel, chrome, and oil rub bronze. Make sure you select the faucet type depending on your water quality. 

5. Installation 

Installing your Life Ionizer MXL-11 is pretty simple and straightforward depending on the type of model you choose. There are two types of installation methods; under-counter or on the countertop.

This one is installed on the countertop that is comparatively easier than under counter. Make sure you have enough space for the countertop before buying this system.

The connection will go down to the main supply through a hole on the countertop and you may have to hire a plumber for that. Otherwise, the installation process doesn’t need any special technical knowledge. 


  • What are the dimensions of the filter?

The dimensions of the MXL-11 alkaline filter are 12.5 x 6.25 x 15 inches.

  • When do I need to replace the filter?

The filter comes with a filter replacement light indicator. It will let you know when it is time to replace the filter cartridge. Regular maintenance and cleaning are recommended to prolong filter life. 

  • Is the filter effective in removing fluoride?

The manufacturer’s manual states that the pre-filter is designed to remove some amount of fluoride; however, its efficiency is not clearly described. 

  • How should I clean the plates?

Do not use soap and water to clean the plates. It is recommended that you use a citric acid filter cleaner for cleaning them. 

Life Ionizer MXL-15 – Best Alternative

Life Ionizer MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer - Key Features
16 Reviews
Life Ionizer MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer - Key Features
  • Sleek Counter Top Design & One-Touch Controls | Match any Kitchen
  • 15 Titanium Cored - Platinum Coated XL Matrix GRID Plates


The bottom line for the Life Ionizer MXL-11 alkaline water ionizer is that we are greatly impressed by the subtlety and efficiency of the system. The price of the filter is no doubt hefty, but with so many benefits and features, you won’t be at any loss.

Other than that, the product comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. The hydrogen infused booster is the plus point of the ionizer for which we highly recommend to bring this system home for better tasting and healthier alkaline water.

You can easily put your faith in this ionizers and disappointment will stay out of your doors.

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