14 Best Places To Eat In Springfield MO – The Simpson’s Town is Real

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Springfield is a city in southwestern Missouri. But it is also the fictional town where the action of The Simpsons happens. When you are in Springfield, eating out is more than a way to fuel your body. It is an event you can enjoy at any of the best places to eat in Springfield Mo.

The city is full of unique dining establishments where charm, character, and history combine to make a memorable experience.

What is Springfield Mo known for?

Springfield is the quintessential American city. It is famous as the origin of US Highway 66 and its history extends to the American Civil War. You can sense the impact of the Civil War whenever you walk through the city or visit some of the museums and monuments. The five Black servicemen, known as buffalo soldiers, are buried in the city.

Springfield has much to offer to visitors and tourists. From caves to open spaces and museums, the city packs a lot.

And of course, some restaurants as the best places to eat in Springfield Mo. The restaurants range from chef-owned to farm-to-table experience.

Top Restaurants

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Red’s Giant Hamburg

This is one of the most recent additions to the Springfield dining scene. It opened in 2019, yet, the history dates back to the 1940s when the original Red’s opened its door to historic Route 66.

The unique name is an homage to the sign being cut off at the bottom so it would fit under power lines.

Because of the location on The Mother Road, Red’s Giant Hamburg has become a staple for locals and travelers until it closed in 1984.

The new American restaurant is close to the old one and features the same old-fashioned hamburgers, fries, pinto beans, ice cream, and similarAmerican-style menu items.

Casper’s Diner

Now let’s go to one of the oldest restaurants in Springfield Missouri. Casper’s opened in 1909, and since, it remained open. It is the oldest American restaurant in the city, but also one of the funkiest.

Casper’s is housed in a Quonset hut with walls covered with posters and album covers. It is a tiny place, and when crowded, strangers are known to share their tables. This is a great way to make new friends while enjoying a burger.

Metropolitan Grill

The urban best restaurant serves New American fare and has some creative cocktails to go with it. The interior is all about deep red walls, comfy black leather couches, and mini chandeliers. It makes you feel like you are eating in one of the best places in Springfield.

It has the perfect chill ambiance for relaxed dates or hanging out with friends.

What to eat? Well, you can try a plate of Adrienne, which is Portobello mushrooms with roasted garlic, bacon, and hummus. Then, you can move to the Thompson tenderloin in rosemary whiskey butter.

London Calling Gourmet Pasty Company

Among the best places to eat in Springfield Mo, we have classic British fare. The best restaurant serves amazing lunch dishes. And the best part is you will not have to go out of the mall to get some quality food.

One of their specialties is the Oggie pasty. But if you want something more filling, try the Shepherd’s Pie.

Black Sheep Burgers

The interior just fits this local burger shop in downtown Springfield. It features exposed brick walls topped by an open ceiling with reclaimed wood planks.

Add in the live music and an excellent beer selection, and you have a winning formula. Their burgers are crafted from custom-blend 100% natural beef.

In 2021, they won the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Burger in 417 magazine, which is a local publication.

Here is an idea of what to try. The Don’t Go Bacon My Heart burger, a dish with sharp cheddar, smoky garlic mayo, a 4-ounce patty, applewood smoked bacon, and everything else?

Even salads have some unique names. For example, Crazy for You is a delicious butter lettuce salad with tomatoes, pickles, bacon, and spicy chipotle ranch dressing.

Leong’s Asian Diner

This is where you will find Springfield’s signature dish. That is the Springfield-Style cashew chicken. It is prepared in most restaurants in the city, but Leong’s Asian Diner is the inventor.

The family-owned restaurant came up with the recipe of fried chicken chunks covered in oyster sauce, cashews, and green onions.

The recipe had its first appearance in 1963 when the owner, David Leong, was trying to find a dish he could serve at his Chinese restaurant that locals would love.

Nearly 60 years later, his dish became a Springfield icon.

Pineapple Whip

This is the best place locals go during the summer. They head to the three designated Pineapple Whip shops located in Springfield to get their favorite treat.

Some of the popular flavors include classic pineapple, strawberry-kiwi, banana-pomegranate, mango-peach, grape, and orange.

Pappo’s Pizzeria

You can never get enough pizza, no matter which city you are in. Pizza is always a good idea. Pappo’s Pizzeria is a pub offering homemade bread, beer, and other Italian food delights.

The restaurant’s laid-back vibes and fabulous dishes have made it a fan favorite among locals and travelers.

Some of the signature dishes include the Garlic Cheese bread if you want bread, or the famous 5 Cheese Pizza, a Pappo’s special.


Have you ever seen a restaurant with a manifesto? Well, Progress has one. And their Number 2 says, “Let your food tell a story. Give your food a voice and a vision, and see where it leads you”.

This restaurant loves its great food and they try hard for you to love it as well. Progress started as a pop-up restaurant and it is now one of the most innovative food stops in Springfield.

Their menu focuses on good food but always with a little extra. For example, even the burger is elevated. The upscale restaurant is a great place for a quality brunch.

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The Wheelhouse

If you are looking for a Mexican restaurant to try some Mexican cuisine, you cannot go wrong with The Wheelhouse. It is the best place to try authentic Mexican cuisine or any other type of international cuisine.

Their range goes from Mexican to Thai. Located in the lobby of the Vib Best Western Springfield, the food-truck-turned restaurant will deliver some of the best fusion dishes.

Their extensive dish has something for everyone, and you can be creative in building your own dish.

The Order

The Order is located next to Hotel Vandivort, a building originally built in 1906 as a Masonic temple. Famous for their philosophy of locally sourcing ingredients, they have local delights like bread, chocolate, cheese, and pork.

What you will love here is the presentation of the dish. Order the special of the evening for the best possible dish.

Lambert’s Café

This popular dining experience is located south of Springfield. It is famous as the home of throwed rolls. They serve a menu of country cooking and each table gets pass-arounds that are served tableside. Some of them include fried taters and onions, fried okra, and more.

But the dinner rolls are the star of the show. They literally taste like the rolls your grandma used to make.

Askinosie Chocolate

Do you want some chocolate during your time in Springfield Missouri? Well, this famous small batch bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer will give you a tour of dark chocolate bars.

Their chocolate is made of cocoa beans directly sourced from farmers around the world. You cannot resist it!

Fire and Ice Restaurant and Bar

The modern steakhouse located inside Oasis Hotel is famous for its open-kitchen setup. Add in the comfy dining chairs and plated dishes, and you have a memorable foodie experience and journey.

You can enjoy seeing how your dinner is cooked in front of you. Make sure to try the five cheese spinach and artichoke dip before you move to meat options like grilled steak.

Café Cusco

We would love to finish the list of best places to eat in Springfield Mo with a unique restaurant. Café Cusco is a lively one famous for serving Peruvian dishes. Yes, you read that right, Peruvian great food in Springfield.

The décor adds a fun and funky vibe to your meals. Their delicious menu has plenty of flavors that will explode in your mouth. For example, try the Yucca Fritas.

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