16 Best Places To Eat In Sacramento – Visit the Capitol of California

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Sacramento is the capital of California. Famous as a bona fide foodie destination, Sacramento has seen its fair share of success over the years. Just do not tell it to fans of the Sacramento Kings. Their NBA team hasn’t made the playoffs in the 2005-06 season. There are many reasons why Sacramento is a great place for foodies. What are the best places to eat in Sacramento?

The dining scene in the capital of California has a lot to offer. The city is surrounded by a multitude of farms. That is how the city got the nickname America’s farm-to-fork capital. But they also have some international cuisine, including Italian dishes, Mexican food, and some southern food.

What is Sacramento Famous for?

The city has a couple of nicknames. Sacramento is known as the City of Trees and the farm-to-fork capital. Some of the historical sites in the city include the State Capitol, Sacramento River, Old Town, Sutter’s Fort, the Railroad Museum, and Capitol Park.

Located in Northern California,Sacrametno is not really considered a NorCal city.

In the past few years, many breweries and top-rated restaurants have opened in the city. Here is a fun fact: Sacramento is more affordable than other coastal markets in California. That makes it attractive for foodie loves.

Start your day with breakfast, drink some coffee, visit the zoo, have lunch, visit the state capitol building, and then enjoy the sunset from the Tower Bridge.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to eat in Sacramento.

Best Restaurants in Sacramento

Kabab Hut

Zulfiqar Haider is the chef in this strip mall best restaurant that brings the unique flavors of India and Pakistan to your table. It is one of the best places to eat in Rocklin and Sacramento.

Their flavorful, rich, and spicy Indian and Pakistani dishes will tickle your taste buds. What can you try? Well, you can never go wrong with chicken tikka masala in an Indian restaurant. Here, they make it with tender marinated chunks of chicken.

Shige Sushi

Located on Madison Avenue, Shige Sushi serves Japanese cuisine. They specialize in sashimi and nigiri and make everything with fresh ingredients. Their raw fish specials are to die for.

You can also find some other Japanese specialties, like chicken teriyaki. But no matter what, you have to try their chirashi sushi. It is fresh and beautiful presented. Chirashi sushi is a rice and fish bowl dish that brings a rainbow of colors to your table.

Rio City Café

When you think of a restaurant with café in it, you might think they serve some of the best coffee. Well, not really. Rio City Café is located in the beautiful Old Sacramento, overlooking some of the best landmarks in town. And the Sacramento River runs by.

The quality restaurant with an outdoor seating patio serves New American entrees and cocktails. It is a beautiful place in Old Sacramento to get some comfort food and enjoy the sights.

Bacon and Butter

Now let’s talk about a local farm-to-table favorite. Bacon and Butter has a loyal following thanks to their old-fashioned American breakfast and brunch.

This Sacramento restaurant keeps it simple and casual. They do not try to wow you with an amazing interior. Instead, they do it with great food.

Some of their signature dishes are flapjacks and crisped potatoes, as well as cinnamon rolls.

But we have a different recommendation. Do not miss the chicken and waffle with fried Mary’s chicken breast, jalapeno, bacon syrup, and pineapple.

If you are for a sandwich, try their biscuit sandwich composed of eggs, cheddar, chive mascarpone, bacon, and caramelized onion.


If you are walking through the Rosevillestrip mall, stop at Nixtaco. This place will offer some of the best tacos in Sacramento area.

It is a Michelin-recognized best restaurant that serves dishes ranging from pork belly to deep fried avocado. But the main reason locals and tourists love it is their housemade corn tortilla.

If you are not in a taco mood, try a quesadilla or a burrito. No matter what you order for dining, do not ignore their cold Cerveza (beer) or a classic Mexican margarita.

Sunflower Drive-in

Sunflower Drive-In opened in 1978 as the best place for low-calorie vegetarian food. Now, the eatery technically is outside of the borders of Sac Town. But we have to mention it since it is only a 25-minute drive via US-50 W.

This eatery serves creative and nutritious vegetarian dishes. What do we recommend? Their nutburger is to die for. Yes, you might be skeptical about a non-meat burger, but it has a heavenly taste.

Yue Huang Restaurant

Yue Huang restaurant features dim sum and Cantonese fare. It is a restaurant located on Truxel Road that will bring the taste of China to your plate.

So, do you want to try some Chinese food? You can do that in Sacramento Northern California. Besides Chinese food, you can also try some barbecue pork.

Among the many fried Cantonese specialties, we recommend trying their Peking duck. Roasted in Cantonese style, it is a crispy dish on the outside, but juicy and moist on the inside.

Cattlemens Restaurant

The local chophouse is the go-to best place for steaks in Sacramento. There are also three branches outside Sacramento, one in Roseville, one in Dixon, and another in Rancho Cordova.

Cattlemens Restaurant has a Wild West interior, offering a selection of seafood, pasta, and chicken entrees. But the star of the show is the steak. Do not miss it!

Tori’s Place

Many call this establishment the tiny restaurant with a big heart. It is a humble eatery that serves snack dishes and soul food.

We recommend trying skillet cornbread eats like a pancake that comes with all combo meals. If you want a true Tori’s Place experience, dip that cornbread into their signature gumbo. It is spicy, loaded with chicken, sausage, and shrimp.

Firestone Public House Downtown

This is the Sacramento restaurant you go to if you want fine American cuisine in town. It is an industrial restaurant and hip hangout located in the heart of Sac town. Their wide selection of American cuisine is complemented by more than 60 beer options.

Guests are usually a group of friends or families looking for company and great food. They have options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night nibbles.

And during major sports events, their big TV draws fans from all over the city.


Solomon’s is located in a former Tower Records spot. It was actually named after Tower Records founder Russ Solomon.

At one point, the restaurant was called Solomon’s Delicatessen. They serve globally-inspired dishes including fried chicken sandwich, Jewish deli favorites, and more. Solomon’s has some of the best pastrami in town, with an original recipe.

Scott’s Seafood on the River

If you want to enjoy seafood by the Sacramento River, it is time to book a table at Scott’s Seafood. They have a sophisticated seafood menu.

Their dining patio area is the best place for dining. Or you can grab a cocktail and enjoy the views. They have a wide selection of California craft beer options.

So do not worry, you can certainly find something to pair with your seafood dish. We recommend trying their seafood tower for an extravagant feast.

Sam’s Hof Brau

This classic Sacramento restaurant opened in 1959 and since then, it has remained a foodie magnet and landmark in the city. Many fans, locals, and tourists love its cafeteria-style dishes and comfy environment.

They serve deli meats, sandwiches, and many more recipes that trace their origin to the 1950s. We recommend trying the pastrami sandwich, another place where it is a good choice. Rich and juicy, it is a must-try.

La Flor de Michoacan Mexican Restaurant

Next on our list of best places to eat in Sacramento is La Flor de Michoacan Mexican Restaurant, located just at Northgate Boulevard. It is a local spot for Mexican cuisine and Salvadorian dishes.

If you want a handmade tortilla, saucy burrito, or anything similar, this Mexican restaurant has you covered.

To try a house specialty, try their El Salvadorian pork tamale. Loaded with flavors, this treat contains green olive, potato, moist pork, and chick peaks. Steamed in fresh banana leaves, their pork tamale is loaded with aromas and flavors.

Shoki Ramen House

The local favorite for traditional ramen is a great place for some Japanese cuisine. Located in downtown Sacramento, they serve traditional bowls of ramen in an outdoor seating.

They have gained a loyal fan base and following due to their hearty portions. Of course, you have to try their ramen soup and curry noodles. The ramen here is healthy, naturally flavored, and made with an original recipe.

Squeeze Burger

Let’s finish off our list of best places to eat in Sacramento with a place serving tasty signature burgers. Squeeze Burger is the place you go for the signature fried-cheese skirt burger in Sacramento area. They have a couple of branches in Sac Town where you can get some quality fast food.

And if you are not into burgers, they also serve ribeye, teriyaki, and turkey breast sandwiches.

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