Best Places To Eat In Magic Kingdom – Tasty Dishes while Exploring Disney World

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So you have decided to visit Magic Kingdom. It is a magical place where you can enjoy a full day of walking around. But all that walking can be tiresome for your body. What you need is fuel and energy. We know you surely want to see and explore every inch of Magic Kingdom, but you have to grab a bite now and then. So, what are the best places to eat in Magic Kingdom?

In Disney Magic Kingdom, you can choose between table service restaurants, snacks, and counter services. All in all, there are more than 30 best places to eat in Magic Kingdom.

Many of them are great, some are bad, and some are average. But it comes down to what you want to eat.

Why visit Magic Kingdom?

Magic Kingdom Park is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. Owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company, the park opened its doors in October 1971. It was the first of four theme parks at the resort.

Divided into six themed lands, Magic Kingdom is designed like a wheel. The hub in front is Cinderella Castle, and then you have roads to other parts.

The fun part of going into Magic Kingdom is that it evolves over time. Every year, Disney adds attractions that market their movies and television shows.

Now, if you are planning to visit Magic Kingdom, you have to be ready to pay some high price bills for meals. Since you cannot bring your own food, you have to buy it there. And prices are not affordable.

That being said, what are the best places to eat in Magic Kingdom?

What are the most popular snacks in Magic Kingdom?

Before we get to the restaurants and Magic Kingdom dining establishments, let’s talk about some of the most popular snacks. Truth be told, you cannot say one snack is the most popular or best. It is about preferences.

Yet, the classic Dole Whip is one of the best you can find. And you can enjoy it only at a handful of places on Disney World property. It makes the perfect ending to your Magic Kingdom experience and journey.

Now, for the mid-day cravings and times you want something refreshing, here are a couple of ideas.

  • Try the lemonade slush at Westward Ho
  • Get some cinnamon rolls while enjoying Gastons Tavern
  • Aloha Isle is the place to try the legendary pineapple dole whip, one of the best snacks in any Disney park
  • If you love fruits, try some dishes at Sunshine tree terrace
  • Popcorn, frozen bananas, Mickey ice cream bars, and more are available at Maurice’s Amazing Popping Machine
  • For your sweet tooth, you can try fudge, cotton candy, or some other goodies at Main Street Confectionery

Top Restaurants in Magic Kingdom

Best places to eat in Magic Kingdom 1

Liberty Tree Tavern

For many people, Liberty Tree Tavern is the best restaurant in Magic Kingdom. The food is so delicious, and the theming is incredible with its 1700s style wooden walls and Colonial décor.

The cuisine is American family style, and you are instantly taken back to time the moment you enter. Truth be told, that is the case with many attractions in Magic Kingdom.

Everything is amazing, but the Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake is the number one here. You must try it.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Located in Fantasyland, Be Our Guest Restaurant is a table service restaurant with themed dining. The cuisine is a mix of American and French cuisine. It has dishes on pair with Royal Table at Cinderella, but it is located in the Beast’s castle in Fantasyland.

The theming is what makes it special. The moment you enter, it feels like all your dreams come true. This is the type of Magic Kingdom restaurant you imagine and dream about when you plan a visit to Disney World.

And if you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, you will enjoy wandering the three dining rooms and checking out the details from the movie.

Even the Beast himself walks through this Magic Kingdom restaurant from time to time. The filet is a must-try, and for dessert, we recommend The Grey Stuff.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is a great and convenient spot to grab a Mickey waffle. Located right inside Liberty Square, it is not far off the hub.

Sleepy Hollow is the place you to get a quick bite and continue your journey through Disney Magic World. You might need to wait a few minutes before ordering though.

Cinderellas Royal Table

Every Disney fan recognizes Cinderella’s Castle. It was the setting of Cinderella and Prince Charming meet in the movie, but it is also one of the most recognizable icons of Disney.

And when you enter Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you can dine in the castle. That is where the restaurant Royal Table is located.

When you dine there, you will be treated like royalty from the moment you enter. The staff even addresses you with my lord and my lady.

Cinderellas Royal Table is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are so many foods to try, but we suggest caramel apple-stuffed French toast for breakfast, seared pork rib chop for lunch, and some tenderloin of beef for dinner.

Crystal Palace

In Magic Kingdom, there is something for every fan. If Winnie the Pooh and his gang are your favorite Disney characters, then the Crystal Palace is your go-to Magic Kingdom dining establishment.

Located in a glass, greenhouse-like building on Main Street, Crystal Palace is a place you cannot miss. It is always packed with people wanting to hang out with Piglet, Tigger, Pooh, and all the other characters from the Hundred Acre Woods.

Speaking of the food, it is a buffet-style restaurant serving usual Disney foods. If you are vegan or have any allergies, ask to speak to the chef.

Columbia Harbour House

Located on Liberty Square near Haunted Mansion, Columbia Harbour House is one of the cheaper dining spots. Lunch and dinner are available for less than $15.

The cuisine is American style and seafood. The quick service restaurant is a great spot for an affordable lunch.

Be sure to try the lobster roll or the trio platter with shrimp, chicken strips, and battered fish.

Best places to eat in Magic Kingdom 2

Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

The table service restaurant offers Asian cuisine, Latin cuisine, and African cuisine. It is located in Adventureland where fans of the Jungle Cruise ride can have a quick bite.

The Skipper Canteen wins the award for the best-themed restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. It is like walking into a museum for the Jungle Cruise attraction. You can find artifacts from all over the world collected by explorers like Dr. Albert Falls.

Food is great but stay away from the pork. You cannot go wrong with Thai noodles.

Gaston’s Tavern

We mentioned Gastons Tavern earlier as one of the places for the best snacks in Magic Kingdom. The cinnamon roll with maple icing is simple to die for. And you can ask for extra icing.

This cinnamon roll makes for a great breakfast if you forgot to eat before leaving your house. It is a hidden gem for a light meal and snacks in Disney World.

If you are passing by later in the day, sandwiches are good as well.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café

Located in Frontierland, this lunch and dinner place is quite affordable. It is another place where you can get a lunch meal for less than $15.

The cuisine is Tex-Mex, and the quick service restaurant has an amazing theming. Step into the Old West and enjoy not only the food but the décor as well.

Important notice: it is one of the few best places to eat in Magic Kingdom for where you need a reservation.

The Plaza Restaurant

The Plaza Restaurant offers table service dining for lunch and dinner reservations. The theme might not be impressive, but the food is. For the pricing, it is one of the best restaurants to eat at Magic Kingdom.

Most of the menu is common and recognizable American style, but with a more elevated feel. Try some sandwiches and burgers for a quick meal.

The Friar’s Nook

The quick service restaurant serves American cuisine, mostly hot dogs and tots. Located in Fantasyland, The Friar’s Nook always has some fan-favorite food items.

The place has gone through several menu changes. The most recent one puts emphasis on hot dogs and loaded tots. Their staples include buffalo chicken and bacon and mac and cheese.

The only downside is that it is usually crowded and it is hard to find a table. But that is what happens with cheap prices in Magic Kingdom.

Pinocchio Village Haus

If you want something quick, a slice of pizza at Pinocchio Village Haus will do the trick. Go at off-peak dining times. They also have mobile orders, and you can do it as soon as you get to the park.

Their flatbreads are great, but they might seem overpriced. Truth be told, you go there for the theme and fun, not for the food.

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