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WaterBoss 950 Reviews in 2022 – Pros, Cons, Specs & Features

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You can’t just buy any water softener. You need the best one ruling the market. And of course, no other softener can compete WaterBoss 950 when it comes to soften 35 grains per gallon with a capacity of 22,000 grain. wanna know more? Then stick to the review till the end

WaterBoss 950 can prove to be a best water softener for anyone living in a big city. WaterBoss is not only efficient at softening the water, but it also benefits its users by reducing odors and smell in the water.

If you are the victim of that undesired lime-white deposits, and rusty disheveled appearance then it’s time to purchase WaterBoss 950 water softener for you as well

You need a water softener that makes your life super easy and if you have made up your mind to get out of the messy stuff of this hard water, then have a WaterBoss 950 for your family. 

Is Hard Water Really a Threat: Hard water is getting over the nerves and it is putting everyone at the brink of damage, the people are so much stuck in the turbulence of hard water. Hard water is not only exploiting your appliance’s life but also making your head a bit hairless, making the rest of your hair prone to breakage. This awful hard water is clogging up our lives and expensive appliance. 

Get rid of the white deposits around the showers, shower caddies, sink because that’s it now. WaterBoss 950 water softener is the one which is here to utterly drive you towards the purified and soft water, you always desired for!

WaterBoss 950 Review

Let’s plunge into what matters for you! Here you go with our trusted review of WaterBoss water softener

Product Overview

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Flow Rate: 8 GPM | Capacity: 22,100 grains| Warranty: 3-limited years | Pressure: Between 20 and 120 psi | charcoal filter that removes the taste and odor of chlorine | maintenance-free dirt and sediment filter | Requires only 12 to 16 gallon of water for regeneration | Requires 2.5 to 4 lb. of salt to regenerate | Reduce the iron content up to 10 ppm | Filters out debris and dirt from your water | Provides a constant flow of water | Bears a Metered Regen | 20-micron sediment removal
  • User-friendly controlsnLow-rise compact housingn20-micron sediment removalnCharcoal and chlorine filter
  • Shoddy Installation may cause leakage nNot compatible for large families

Detailed Features Of WaterBoss 950


Moved to a metropolitan city and now dealing with the hardness of water, we are familiar that hardness worsens your life. WaterBoss 900 is here to solve all your hardness and sediments of your water.

Bearing a 22,100-grain capacity, which softens 35 grains per gallon and  8 GPM flow rate makes it a prudent choice for the buyers.

It is a whole-house water softener perfect for small families residing in big cities. It also suits families with less water consumption.

WaterBoss water 950 water softener isn’t restricted to homes only, if you have a small office and you are looking for a  compatible water softener then choose it without being doubtful. 

The water boss water softener is specifically manufactured to filter out the chlorine content that is a serious problem with municipal water supplies, that can be contained in most city water by utilizing the ability to also function as a chlorine filter, greatly improving the taste and smell of your water.

Since the water boss 950 water softener has a built-in chlorine filter into the unit, you don’t have to fall for the hassle of replacements of a cartridge system. It perfectly performs as a whole house water filter.

Forget about the inconvenience of cartridge replacement as we are well-acquainted that maintenance is considerably expensive. They are favored over the faucet water filters as faucet water filters need frequent changes.


The exceptional 22,100-grain capacity with 35 grain per gallon makes it an interesting feature.

As we have discussed earlier that it has a built-in chlorine filter, the story doesn’t end here. It also has a charcoal filter. What this charcoal filter does is that it takes away the taste and odor of chlorine common in municipal water. 

If your area has a higher content of excessive salts or minerals, then the charcoal filter will throw out most of the pungent smells from the water. 

The WaterBoss 950 water softener includes the built-in self-cleaning, dirt, and sediment filter, which completely dispels the inconvenience from your lives than average water softeners.

Last but not least, but can’t move forward without mentioning that along with water softening task the WaterBoss 950 water softener has the NSF Standard 44 certification for barium and radium 226/228 removal, that means that purified soft water is running through your faucets and plumbings. 


The regeneration of water takes on average about 19 minutes less than ordinary water softeners; it only consumes 15 gallons of water and 2.5lbs. of salt, a very economical process indeed.

The convenient consumption only makes the regeneration process reasonably quick and efficient.

The sturdy and compact attractive design of WaterBoss 950 water softener is best for an average-sized household and this unit would be a great fit!

Like all WaterBoss softeners, the sleek WaterBoss 950 water softener is designed to provide a consistent water flow, it uses less water than average water softeners.

Continuation to the aforementioned features, it requires an incredibly low amount of salt. An environment-friendly water softener which consumes less water and less salt, plus it is equipped with a non-noisy regeneration.


The installation for WaterBoss 950 is completely accomplished in a matter of a couple of hours, you’d have to acquire a power outlet and a drain to be nearby.

It is preferable to skim through the instructions and properly so that installation doesn’t seem to be a difficult task.

The sturdy and elegant compact design makes it an easy fit at your homes when choosing a perfect location, look for a place before your water heater and close to the water line that invades your home.

Because from the main water supply of your home your faucets will have softened water. Every tap would give you a consistent purified soft water free from sediments, chlorine, odors, and even the small undetectable contaminants.


The WaterBoss 950 water softener isn’t much pricey yet to prioritize your seamless experience, spending some bucks on this amazing product wouldn’t go in vain!

If soften water comes in your taps without any hassle then a worthy and best water softener wouldn’t cost you your peace and comfort. Talking about the features this product doesn’t offer you the least, it’s just like purchasing your peace for a matter of some bucks. 

So get on the boat and have a constant flow of purified soft water!


The WaterBoss 950 water softener is manufactured in the USA, comes with a 3-year limited warranty!

The electronic parts like resin tank and outer cabinet come with a 10-year warranty that covers defects that might appear in the workmanship or materials.

Isn’t it worth mentioning that the warranty makes WaterBoss 950 water softener is trustworthy to purchase? Certainly, it is!

5 Best Alternatives of WaterBoss 950 Water Softener

Wrap Up

The WaterBoss 950 water softener is extremely downright hilarious, you can opt for this product and it won’t let you down. Every cent is worth it to spend on this water softener, it could drag a whole lot wholesomeness along with it.

As we have reviewed the WaterBoss 950 water softener, we have come a long way in making all the features highlight so that you don’t feel stuck!

The WaterBoss 950 water softeners are readily available to you guys with a larger capacity that suits your family needs! The WaterBoss water softener fits a family of 2 or 3 persons!

And it soothes your life with a seamless experience, the robustness of the WaterBoss 950 water softener, and the vigorous capacity along with the maximum efficacy of removing stinky chlorine, sediments, and hardness of water!

Now go and check it out before the Black Friday is over.

We will be sharing our worthy reviews until then,

Happy Safe Drinking!

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