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Waterboss Water Softener 700 in 2022 | Honestly Reviewed

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REVIEW: The WaterBoss 700 Water Softener is a Whole House and Iron Filter, with the capacity of a 22,000-grain, you’re looking for! Is WATER BOSS 74011 worth buying? Is it made for you?

Here in this well-researched article, we’re going to discuss every possible point in your mind regarding WaterBoss 700.

Why Softener is that important?

Almost 70% of the US population faces hard water problems and finding a solution for this is a must. You cannot go on drinking and using hard water just because it doesn’t look harmful. Your weak immune system, bad digestion, ragged clothes, stained utensils.

Do You Know! Rusted pipelines, damaged appliances, rough hair, and dry skin are the effects of using hard water.

Water softeners are in high demand in the country due to the growing need for knowledgeable families to get rid of all these issues. 

You are probably one of those concerned and responsible family people who are looking for a reliable water softener systems for their homes. The question is how are you going to find out the softener that really is the best?

Surely you’re here to know Waterboss water softener 700 review:

Perplexity will be your fate if you keep on searching because with every click you are going to see hundreds of new products. Save your time and energy, and go for the Waterboss Water Softener 700 reviewed and rated for you here.

We have compiled a complete review of this water softener after a detailed analysis of its key features, pros, cons, and performance ratings.

The system is the best bet you can get if you have a medium-sized family of 4 to 5 persons. You get a water softener along with a filtration system in the price of one that makes Waterboss 700 more appealing to go for. But is it made for you? Let’s discover!

Waterboss Water Softener 700 In Our View: A Review

Waterboss Water Softener 700 - Key Features
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Waterboss Water Softener 700 - Key Features
  • A quiet, highly efficient water softener with built-in iron and sediment filters

All the information and details provided within this article are purely based on keen research and analysis.

We have thoroughly tested every aspect of the water softener so that both the advantages and drawbacks are described to you in utter honesty.  


Built-in iron and sediment whole house water filters | 22,000-grain capacity | Flow rate: 8GPM | Metered Regen | 10-micron sediment removal | Made for Up to 4 People | 70 grain per gallon for softening | 10 years warranty on media, 3 years warranty on electronic parts | NSF Standard 44 for barium and 226/228 for radium reduction.
  • User-friendly controlsnHigh-efficiencynComes with hardness testing kitnEasy installation with CD nBest for medium-sized familiesnSelf-cleaning nDoesn’t need a replacement cartridge nLong-lastingnEnvironment-friendly nHigh-flow rate
  • A bit expensive with the monthly salt cost

Key features of Waterboss Water Softener 700

The Waterboss water softener 700 is the ultimate feature-packed box that you were looking for. Get the peace of mind in a one-time investment because this system is going to serve you for years to come.

With very little to no maintenance, you just have to set this system up for once and enjoy great tasting water that is the best in quality and health.

Below, we have discussed the major features of the softener that makes it worth buying and different from others. 

1. Installation 

To install the Waterboss 700 water softener is pretty simple and easy if you have a bit of technical knowledge or experience in DIY.

The system comes with all that you will need for the installation including resin/brine tank (grey), 14 3/4″ x 18 3/4″ x 25 3/4″ (W x D x H), salt storage capacity 120 lbs, Bypass valve, 22,100-grain super-fine mesh resin (0.7 cu. ft.), Self-cleaning filter media, Water quality test strip, and installation kit. 

You will also get a detailed user manual guide along with a CD that has a detailed video for the installation procedure. His convenient package makes it easy to install if by yourself so that you can save on the installation cost.

All you have to make sure is that the softener should be installed in the right place where it doesn’t have to face extreme freezing or heating temperatures. 

2. Design

The design of the softener is compact, simple, yet elegant. The system is sleek and space-saving so that it can easily be placed in the smallest of places in your basements and under your outdoor shades.

The system features an LCD display that keeps you informed about the regeneration cycle timing, the salt-usage, and the hardness levels of the water.

Important Fact! The LED feature also tells you about what filter is being used for the filtration procedure. 

The digital control panel has 4 buttons that also controls the cleaning cycles. The system has a self-cleaning feature, which means that the internal filters automatically clean them after every regeneration or filtration.

There might be no advanced options on the screen like the latest models because the system is intentionally designed this way for easy understanding and usage. 

3. Performance 

What can be better than having a water softener that can handle 95% of water hardness without leaving any contaminants behind? The Waterboss water softener does it all.

The brine tank and resin tank are combined into a single unit to make it look compact. The brine tank can easily hold 120 pounds of salt.

It takes only 2.5 pounds of salt for a single regeneration cycle that means the tank will work effectively for 2 to 3 months before a refill. 

One regeneration cycle takes only 17 minutes so that you won’t even know and it will be done. The capacity of this softener is 22,000 gallons that are ideal for a family of 4.

The filter uses 20-micron sized sediment and iron filters that reduce ferric, ferrous, sediments, dust, dirt, particles, silt, rust, bad taste, and odor from the water. 

These built-in filters also help elongate the lifespan of the softener. 

4. Warranty And Certification 

Waterboss 700 water softener system is certified and approved by NSF Standard 44 for barium and 226/228 for radium reduction.

The system is backed by 3 years warranty on electronic parts and 10 years warranty on all media. Once you buy this system, you won’t be looking for a replacement for years.

5. Value Of Money 

Some users may have resisted investing in the system just because they thought the price was too much for a softener.

However, if you are reading this review, you would know that this is not only a softener. What is the use of softened water when it is not filtered properly?

Waterboss 700 has in-built filters that purify water before it goes through the softening process that makes the system worth the price. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is the system heavy?

Yes, you can say a bit. It weighs 88 pounds and you might need some help to move it. 

  • What type of salt should I use?

Rock salt is highly recommended, but you can also use pellet, crystal, or cube salt.

  • What does it filter?

The softener has iron and sediment filters for the treatment of ferrous, ferric, dust, dirt, rust, and silt. 

  • What are the dimensions of this system?

15 x 26 x 19 inches

Top 5 Alternatives of Waterboss Water Softener 700


To sum up our discussion, we must say that we are greatly impressed by the quality, efficiency, and effective performance of the Waterboss Water Softener 700.

It may seem a bit expensive, but when you dive into the details, you will know that the system has it all that is worth every penny.

Not only it incredibly softens the hard water but also filters it to give you healthy drinking water. With this unit, you won’t need to stress about stained utensils, rusty pipelines, damaged clothes, and your hair and skin.

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