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Waterboss Water Softener 900 Reviews [2022] – Specs & Features

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Hard water in the United States gives us a dilemma that is quite unbearable, everyone is striving to get soft and pure water. This is utterly evolving as a major threat to people albeit the water issues hit hard States the most. 

Now the main concern arises that ‘how to kill two birds with one stone’, and you all must be thinking of how to deal with water hardness and contaminants altogether. A water softener is a solution, but which one?

We know that you guys are just fed up with the hardness and you want to have the ultimate solution for it. You are just waiting for a miracle to happen, what if I tell you that I have great news for you!

Now have a sigh of relief for a moment because you are now saying goodbye to your old trashy water softeners.  Now dump the hard water, and welcome your own new WATER BOSS 74011 City Boss Water Softener 36,400-Grain Model 900 to your home. But is it worth buying or replacing your current softener?

Water hardness has unbelievable downsides which literally can not be neglected because you don’t wanna lose your hair and that moonlight glimmer and glow of your face.

WaterBoss Water Softener Model 900 Review

Waterboss Water Softener 950  - Key Features
53 Reviews
Waterboss Water Softener 950 - Key Features
  • A quiet, highly efficient water softener with built-in iron and sediment filters


Removes lead and reduces chlorine taste and odor | 36,500 grains capacity | 10-micron sediment removal | Removes hardness up to 90 grains per gallon | Uses salt to treat hard water problems | Flow rate: 8.2 gallons per minute | Reduces iron up to 10ppm 
  • Regeneration takes only 21-38 minutes
  • Computerized control unit
  • Built-in iron filter

    The WaterBoss 900 is a made in the USA product. It is a whole house water softener and filter with a softening capacity of 36,400 grains.

    “Protect your youthful skin with WATER BOSS 74011 City Boss Water Softener (model 900) because it guarantees you the wholesomeness of pure water that aims to protect and nurture!” is what may be the company claims! How much is it true, let’s examine?

    WATERBOSS 900 City Boss Water Softener might be the one you have been waiting for, read along because it’s gonna click you!

    Detailed Features of 900 Water Softener


    Keeping in mind the needs of a bigger family, the water boss 900 series is here to help you out. Giving the best it could help you achieve your health goals.

    The seamless sturdy design is committed to giving you health and youthful skin, it bears a built-in filter for iron and sediments so that you have the world’s purest water in your taps.

    The amazing fact is that the built-in self-cleaning whole-house water filter does not require any cartridge changes. It effectively removes lead, iron, odors, and sediments from your water, protecting you from waterborne diseases.

    The compact design of water boss 900 is very convenient to handle and it can perfectly get fit even in very small or congested spaces.


    It has a 36,400-grain capacity for your family, it softens up to 90 grains per gallon, while removes ferrous iron and sediment up to 10ppm.

    The waterboss 900 water softeners condition water for the removal of odors, sediments, lead and iron, and other contaminants that might put a threat to your life! The sturdy appliance has a comprehensive set of instructions for installation and maintenance settings.

    The ​​water softener is equipped with a clear LCD screen, which facilitates you to check the exact status of the softener at the ease of just a button press.

    The settings are customizable and you can change the settings that suit your household situation.

    It also has a high capacity for regeneration processes. Due to all of these remarkable features, this filter has been added in the list of best water softeners of all time. So this product could be a great addition to your home!


    The WaterBoss 900 Water Softener acquires a high efficacy rate, the water boss 900 series uses 50% less salt and up to 80% less water for regeneration. The regeneration process requires only 15 minutes, but on average it only takes 38 minutes than other water softeners as they require an average of 2 hours for regeneration.

    As compared to other water softeners the efficiency is considerably high.

    If you have a high iron content in your water supplies then WaterBoss 900 Water Softener has the powerCleanTM feature to deal with it.

    powerCleanTM is a service maintenance setting and it quickly works to sort out the dilemmas. This service maintenance setting enables you to regenerate water every other day by just adding 5 lbs of salt.

    This featured service maintenance setting should run for a minimum of two weeks every six months, what will it do?

    It will eliminate the iron build-up in the resin bed of the water softener, to prolong the functionality of your water softener allow this setting to work silently.


    To operate, a minimum flow rate of 2.4 gallons per minute is required by Wterboss 900 water softener. The pressure ranges from 20psi to 120psi, on average the WaterBoss 900 Water Softener acquires 38 minutes for the regeneration process. 

    For regenerating water, the water boss 900 water softener consumes approximately 27 gallons for the process and roughly consumes 6 lbs of salt.

    The WaterBoss 900 Water Softener has an LCD display, a programmable digital control panel with four buttons. Activate the default settings, you can also tailor the settings that suit your needs.

    Check the salt level once every month. Pellet or Solar salt is preferable to be added whenever the salt level seemingly slows down than that of the water level.

    The display shows the amount of water softening that remains, and can also confirm whether water is flowing through the unit.

    The framework default actuates a six-advance regeneration process when the conditioning limit is depleted, however, a deferral can be programmed in to recover at a particular time of day when no water is being utilized.

    The display shows the amount of water mellowing, and can likewise affirm whether water is coursing through the unit or not.


    Don’t ever hesitate while spending on water softener 900 series, because it will deal with the iron content and left-overs of lead and sediments.

    WaterBoss 900 water softeners are economical yet offer you a whole lot of spectacular services, water softeners 900  are providing you with the state-of-the-art purified and soft water in your taps.

    It would be the best choice because the bottled water would get curtailed because the exceptional capacity of 36,500 grains enables you to have your own lead and iron-free water.

    Isn’t it amazing? If yes then get to the next one!


    The shoddy and spoofy installation prompts the failure of the Waterboss 900 water softener.

    The installation isn’t difficult but here to add it is not an easy job too, so always read the installation manual before the fitting of water softener.

    The compact and attractive design makes it a super fit! Plus it is highly recommended to place it at the main water supply of your home, to avoid nagging circumstances of water softener, handle the fittings with care!

    The waterboss 900 water softener is packaged with integrated controls wrapped up in an attractive compact casing that would not look out of place anywhere at your place. The pack comes with a  safety shut-off, it effectively prevents the brine tank overflow, so make sure that you get it into an accurate place.

    Customer Support

    The company claims to let their customers have a word with their representatives about the functionalities of  Waterboss water softener 900, but still, we have seen complaints about their customer support that they don’t respond back timely and many of them are not satisfied with their guidance.

    But many of the consumers still support that the customer support has really been good to them regarding guidelines and queries about the product.

    So we, aver this condition as even odds because the reviews are fair shake. We are committed to delivering unbiased reviews because we know that you rely on us! And we don’t want you guys to settle for less!


    This one would definitely urge you to put your trust on Waterboss softener 900, the manufacturers firmly believe that their product is gonna do wonders and they’ll not put them towards any embarrassing situation.

    Your WaterBoss 900 Water Softener would be backed by a 3-year limited warranty on the entire appliance, it doesn’t end here because it offers you a 10-year limited warranty on the brine cabinet and resin tank as well.

    So you can purchase this reliable as it holds a trustworthy warranty, you can always rely on their warranty!

    Top 5 Best Alternatives of WaterBoss 900 Softener

    Wrap Up

    The discussion is now at it’s concluding part, I am certain that you guys got the details which dragged you here now, as we are approaching the recommendation!

    I would like you guys to have our verdict while purchasing a water softener for your house!  Waterboss 900 water softener is really very compatible with your family needs, and if you have a big family of 6 to 7 members then it is an ideal option for you peeps!

    You guys gotta know the needs of your family and buy accordingly, as you have seen the peculiar and exceptional features of this product, you don’t have to think too much now!

    If you have any questions, hook me up! We are here to assist you!

    Happy Soft Water!

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