Urban or Rural Dwellers Water Usage | The Difference

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Usage of water for urban or rural dwellers is a completely different thing. Not only because of the lack of proper water distribution systems in many rural areas.

But also because the needs of both groups of people are the almost polar opposite of each other.

Most people might ask a question that who is consuming more water, the urban or rural dwellers?

Unlike the most obvious answer that pops up in our mind, rural consumption of water is not as much as the urban people if we take a look at personal needs.

But, this is not always true, especially when you are considering an agricultural rural area. In this article we will discuss how the water needs of urban and rural dwellers are not only different but also both these groups require different types of water qualities.

Urban usage of water:

When it comes to urban usage of water following are some of the most common needs for which water is needed:

Cooking and drinking

In urban areas, people are generally aware of the impurities found in tap water that is why they avoid using it for cooking and drinking purposes.

Most of the time they either have filters or distillers that purify water which reduces the chances of water wastage. However, some purification mechanisms can waste water too.


This is the part where urban dwellers are culprits of overusing water resources. In most households in urban areas, people use showers to take a bath. This is how they waste more water than what they actually use or need.

Moreover, a trend of having swimming pools at houses can also increase water consumption drastically in urban households.


This is again a place where urban households win when it comes to reducing the wastage of water. There are no houses in urban areas where people are not used to automatic washing machines especially at this time.

They use washing machines that are specially designed to use water smartly and not waste a lot of it. However, the people in urban areas have to do laundry a lot more than the people of rural areas.

Laundry can be one of the most water-consuming areas for urban or rural dwellers. A smart way to use water or recycling of water can reduce water consumption remarkably.

Commercial Uses

The commercial uses of water in urban areas are causing an enormous decrease in freshwater reserves and there are no witty ways to stop this usage as of now.

Some of the common commercial uses include services like car washes, swimming pools, etc. The only way to reduce the usage of water in these areas is to charge extra for commercial usage of water.

It has now started happening but sill the consumption of water has not reduced enough.

Rural Usage of water:

In rural areas, many times water transportation systems are not that efficient. This reduces the amount of water that they consume and hence prevents water wastage. The following are the common ways water is consumed by rural dwellers:

Cooking and drinking

Cooking and drinking water in rural areas is not looked upon skeptically. People do not invest in filters or distillers which somehow decreases the usage of water. Many distillers waste a lot of water when they purify some of it.


Laundry in rural areas is not done by using highly equipped machines. Many people still use the old way of washing and drying clothes which uses up a lot of water.

In case the quality of water is not good laundry becomes very difficult and extra water is used since people do not use water softeners, to begin with.


Bathing in rural areas is yet another area where they win over the urban areas because rural people do not waste a lot of water in bathing.

There are still many people who use buckets which reduces water wastage by 80 percent.

Moreover, there are no pools or spas in these areas that increase the amount of water used for bathing and cleaning.

Agriculture and livestock

Agriculture uses up a lot of water. But luckily it is not necessary to use freshwater for it. Even if water from wells or lakes is being used it works well for the crops. Animals, however, need some water for their basic washing and drinking purposes too.


May it be urban or rural dwellers; water is a very essential resource for everyone. Some want to get pure water and this increases the wastage of water, but in other areas, water full of minerals is also appreciated.

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