How To Change Whole House Water Filter Stuck – Problem Solved

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Water filters might relieve your tension by ending up drinking contaminated water, but they come with their own set of problems. One of the problems is filter stuck!

The biggest one is when you have to change the filters of your whole house water regularly. This is a very power-intensive work to do and you need to spare a whole day to complete all the small things related to it.

Filter changing is not necessarily some rocket science, but at times a common problem is encountered when something gets stuck and the filter cannot be opened easily.

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In this page, we have all the information that you need to change the whole house water filter stuck because of coagulation of certain substances.

What Makes the Filter Stuck?

Normally the water supplied to our houses has a lot of minerals and other contaminants dissolved in it. These at times start making hard layers of cake inside the filter and when you try to open it, the filter will get stuck.

This is most common with the filter canister and the cartridge. To your relief, this problem can be solved in a number of ways. We have made a list of all the tricks you need to know in order to dislodge your stuck filter canister or the cartridge.

Dealing With Stuck Canister

A canister is mostly made of plastic and your biggest concern while dealing with a stuck canister is to avoid breaking it. Here is what you can do to loosen up the stuck canister without breaking it.


Most of the times the deposits inside a whole house water tank are softer than you know. All you have to do is to tap a little around the canister and then try to open it.

Keep on tapping around it for a while until you feel like the deposits are breaking off. Most probably your canister will open after a while.

Blow Dryer

If you are facing harder deposits, plain tapping is not going to help you right away. You have to make sure that the deposits get a little softer before you start tapping to break them off. Using a blow dryer could be very beneficial in 2 ways.

Firstly it will make the hard deposits become a little softer and brittle, secondly, heating will expand the side of canister’s rim a bit that will make it easier to open. After this, you can repeat the tapping technique and easily change the water filter.

Turning the Canister

A very old and instinctive technique to open the canister is to slightly move it clockwise and anti-clockwise. This repeated movement break off all the deposits and you can open your stuck water filter canister easily.

Dealing With a Stuck Cartridge

A stuck cartridge is way much more difficult to remove as compared to a stuck canister because of its position and more contact with the water deposits than any other part.

But no need to worry at all, we have some witty tricks to help you remove a stuck filter cartridge from a whole house water filter.

Dislodging With Hand Pressure

To free your filter cartridge from salt and other deposits, try to move it in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction. You will feel the filter being dislodges after a while and the cartridge will be easily removed.

Use the Pliers

If you feel the deposits are too hard and you cannot simply pull out the cartridge, you can use needle-nose pliers.

Pliers have a better grip on the filter and you can easily pull it out with little effort. Take your time, move it a little and try to break off the deposits first otherwise simply pulling the cartridge out would not be possible.

Use Heat

If you are in the worst place where nothing is helping you to pull out a stuck filter cartridge from your whole house water filter, you can use a blow dryer or hot water to soften up the water deposits.

The heat will make things a whole lot easier for you. After that, you can simply use your hands or the pliers to pull out the stuck filter cartridge.

A Word of Advice

The secret to an easy changing of your whole house water filter is to make sure that you are not doing it too late.

Changing the filter regularly prevents over depositing of hard layers of salt and make your filter last longer.

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