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Deejo Knife Review 2021 | A True Multipurpose

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Deejo Knife Review: Many of us are into collecting knives and have pretty much developed it into a hobby. And then its people like me who always need to carry a folding pocket knife.

A knife is good enough to perform most of the everyday tasks we usually face. And strong enough for carving wood when you go camping. So in the search of a knife like that, I have used and reviewed many knives and Deejo is one of them.

Deejo Knife Review

Now let’s have an overview of the basic features of this gentleman’s knife. And I will explain in a little detail as this knife comes in three different sizes or weights.

Deejo Knife

Product Overview

Deejo Knives Tattoo Wing Rosewood 37g Folding Knife 3.75
28 Reviews
Deejo Knives Tattoo Wing Rosewood 37g Folding Knife 3.75
  • EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN: The Deejo brand was born from the desire to restore elegance to an...
  • MULTI-USAGE KNIFE: This elegant knife can be used as a table knife but is especially...


Manufacturer + model: Deejo | lock type: linear lock | blade material: 420 HC | handle material: 420 HC
  • Best looking
  • Various sizes
  • Customize able
  • Robust linear lock
  • Affordable
  • Chisel ground blade
  • Handle is not that comfy
  • No assisted stud

Detailed Review Of The Product

Company: Deejo

Retail: $89

Yes as I mentioned above that it’s a gentleman’s knife. And if you don’t know what a gentleman’s knife is, it’s a knife which is only designed to match your style and suit your dressing while not having much of a practical use and more of a show off.

But don’t go down on Deejo, although it had to compromise a few features to make it look classier. This knife still packs some remarkable features which only a few knives have.

Like its specially designed chisel ground which is ideal for camping as it is proven to be best in carving. And also makes it really easy to sharp the blade after use. Talking about its lock mechanism it is one of the best quality linear frame lock I have had.

It fits perfect in the place without any play. And is strong enough not come off while using the knife. The only thing that bothers me is its handle which looks really good but is kind of itchy when cutting something really hard.

And to people complaining about its inexpensive 420HC steel, well it’s a budget knife after all and you can’t expect a $200 steel in it. But I have used it, it’s not that bad at all just regularly clean it and it will be good to go.

And one thing it’s the easiest to maintain knife I have ever seen. You can easily sharp it without any professional experience and its naked handle makes it even easier to clean.

The blade fits perfectly in handle as if it’s not there making it safer for the user and the knife. And having a closer look at the tip you will find that it’s perfectly balanced point make it best to rip through things while still maintaining its shape.

Sizes Offered By Deejo Knives

  • 15 Gram:

This is the smallest size with blade length reaching to 55mm. This model is best to use as a keychain and doesn’t comes with a pocket clip. It’s one of the cutest knives I have ever seen.

  •  27 Gram:

This one is the ideal size for a true multipurpose knife with blade reaching roughly 80mm. Best for camping and every day use and its light weight design makes it best to use for longer periods like preparing food and carving wooden spoons without getting your hands tired.

I have also seen people using this one as a money clip and it looks really cool.

  • 37 Gram:

This knife is the largest in size that Deejo offers with blade length of 100mm. This large blade makes it a perfect slicer and a great knife for self protection. But feels a little bulky to carry around. Especially when wearing something classical.

The coolest thing in Deejo is that it comes in unlimited designs. The handle comes in 3 types the basic naked steel, wooden and colors.

The steel one has nothing attached to it, just simple steel from blade to handle giving it a unique look. In wooden series there are vast varieties of wood you can choose between from lightest to dark in color. All polished to perfection making it long lasting.

Color series have polycarbonate panel attached to one side of the handle. It’s the best in quality and safe in high temperatures. Also has wide range of colors.

The most unique thing I found in Deejo was its scented handles. I don’t know about you guys but I haven’t seen such thing ever. It’s really appealing and can last for months even after washing. I have a 3 months old knife which still has its scent not faded yet.

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Final Words

Well not the best I have had but definitely the most unique and good looking design. I would personally prefer it over other fancy knives. And probably a nice deal in price range. However don’t expect it to crack open a coconut for you.

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