Top 10 Types Of Pocket Knives| You Must Know About

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Different types of pocket knives serve different purposes according to their specialty. Pocket knives have become so popular because of their being multi-purpose.

The users of pocket knives love it for their utility. Carry a pocket knife in your pocket, and you will see how it will help you in your daily needs.

Whether you need to cut fruit, open a package, cut a rope, clean a fish, or defend yourself, pocket knife will be your savior. You will find all the types at the best pocket knife brands.

So if you plan on carrying a pocket knife for self-defense or daily use, you are at the right place. In this article, you will find out about all the types of pocket knives you never knew about.

With this being said, you can also get the one that suits best to your requirements.

Types Of Pocket Knives

Following is a detailed list of the 10 types of pocket knives. This guide will surely provide you with an informational insight to learn about the cool features of these knives.

1. Tactical Folding Knife

The tactical knife that was termed as a fighting knife before the world war I. It was ideally used in battlefields. With the passage of time, it has evolved into a multi-purpose knife, which makes it one of the best pocket knives.

Tactical pocket knives have some military qualities as well, but they are not actually military knives.

They have a thick and sharp blade because of which it might look a little intimidating. The captivating design of handles makes it easier to grip it.

Specially designed for fighting, this type of knives is mostly carried by military men or people who have life threats. You will find a blade lock that is a highlighting feature of this knife.

There is a button on the grippy handle. You will have to push the button to unlock the blade so that you can carry it safely in your pocket.

2. Peasant Knife

One of the cheap pocket knives that were so popular till the 18th century in America was the penny or peasant knife. Its blade was made from iron or bronze. The blade was folded inside the wooden opening of the handle.

The modern penny knives have proper blade lock, however, not all the ancient peasant knives had the foldability. These knives are easy to grip but you can’t carry them without the risk of the blade coming out of the handle.

3. Pen Knife

Pen knives are small pocket knives that are the closest in design with regular pocket knives. The design of a penknife can vary because it can have one or multiple blades folded inside the handle.

The most common use of penknives in the older times was to sharpen the quills or the tips of the dip pens for writing. A pen knife had originally a fixed blade, and scholars kept it on their tables for convenient writing by sharpening their pens.

The new styled pen knives have multi-blades and can be folded inside the cover so that you can easily carry them anywhere. 

4. Jackknife

If you are looking for the best heavy-duty EDC knives, then a Jackknife is a must-have for you. This type of pocket knife is the simplest version of everyday carry knives. As a knife with a single blade, Jackknife is not so difficult to use and carry.

If you are just a beginner, and just started carrying a defense knife, buying a Jackknife will be the best option. However, it is important that you choose the right type of knife to save yourself from the initial hassle.

5. Military Pocket Knife

Most commonly known as the swiss army knife, the military pocket knife works as a multi-purpose tool with different kinds of blades including a can opener and screwdrivers. this knife serves for both self-defense and utility.

At first, it was called “officer’s knife” but it was changed to swiss army knife after World War II.

The design of this knife is daunting because it carries more than one blade giving it a bulky look. You can operate it through a pivot point mechanism. Military men carry this knife as an alternative to their weapons because they can’t carry them apart from the battlefield.

6. Spring Assisted Knife

Spring-assisted knives are the most common type of modern pocket knives. They work with an internal mechanism which carries a spring. The spring helps the blade to fold and lock inside the handle.

You can open it up with your thumb, or an opening stud depending on the design. Spring-assisted knives are quite different from the switchblades because you need to put force to open these knives.

On the other hand, switchblades are completely automatic. These pocket knives are used so frequently because of their safety factor. You don’t need to worry about its sharp blade because it is folded and locked inside.

7. Hunting Knife/ Straight Blade

Do you want to up your hunting game? Your hunting ventures can become all the more exciting and thrilling with a hunting knife by your side. Not only for hunting, this knife helps you to prepare the hunted food as well.

You can perform the skinning and cutting tasks with the hunting knife. Camp knives and machetes are also used for hunting, but they are all the predecessors of hunting knives.

The most common use of the hunting knife is for preparing the food that you hunt because of the single straight blade. The blade is ideal to go deep down the skin and bones to separate and cut the meat.

However, if you are a beginner to learn hunting, this knife is ideal for hunting practice.

8. Stiletto Knife

If you are an admirer of exclusively unique and high-end knives, Stiletto knives are a must-have to carry in your knife case. With a long slender blade and a needle-like pointing tip, this knife was more like a stabbing dagger used in ancient times.

People who know the worth of ancient knives and swords buy and keep them in their collections. Today, pocket knives are designed according to the stiletto frame, but they are foldable and lockable in the handle.

The blade and tip of the knife are designed to look the same as the original stiletto with the addition of automizing it.

9. Congress Knife

With four blades, this type of pocket knives got its name because of the blade-formation. The blades are placed in a manner that forms a congress, which is why it is called a congress knife. The blades are:

  • Spearpoint
  • Sheepsfoot
  • Coping
  • Pen blade

All the blades get locked in the middle of the knife and pop out all at once with the help of the slip joint.

10. Stockman Knife

This type of pocket knives is mostly used by cowboys, shepherds, and herdsmen who have to secure their herds. The stockman knife is one of the most versatile knives because it can be used for other purposes along with its original use.

They are handled straight with a medium-sized length. Three blades included in this knife are

  • Clip point
  • Sheepsfoot
  • Spey

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People are always curious and excited about carrying knives, but picking up the right one is the real thing. Self-defence is undoubtedly important, but this is the modern era.

One must consider the utility of the pocket knife as well. We hope that all the above-mentioned types of pocket knives have widened your vision and knowledge.

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