How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife with a Whetstone?

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There are dozens of ways of sharpening the pocket knives whether it is with Lansky pocket knife sharpeners or any diamond-based stone.

However, most people prefer sharpening their pocket knives with whetstones. It is the easest, convenient and budget-friendly way.

If you are a beginner or a kid who wants to sharp his pocket knife for kids you might find it a little bit difficult and hard at your first try. Worry not, once you get used to it, it will only take you a few minutes to sharpen your knife.

In this article, I have provided you with the easiest way to sharpen your pocket knife with a wet stone.

Get the Right Whet Stone for Your Knife

Just like there are lots of ways of sharpening the pocket knife, there is a number of variety of whetstones in the market. It depends upon you what type of whetstone is best for your knife.

If you want to sharpen an expensive pocket knife, then you might buy a good and expensive whetstone. On the contrary, if you are using a cheap pocket knife, you can go with a regular whetstone.

Get it Lubricated

This one is not necessary but most professionals prefer and suggest to use a lubricant with a whetstone when sharpening their professional knives. There are different types of lubricants like mineral oils and water.

Though using mineral oil in sharpening is much better, but you can also go with water as an alternative.

Place the Whetstone Rightly

Before starting sharpening, you have to find the best place for your whetstone so that it won’t shake or tremble when you apply pressure on it.

It is best to put the whetstone on a clean cutting board or on the countertop. Also, put a wet paper towel underneath the whetstone so that it won’t slide away when sharpening the knife.

Start Sharpening Your Knife

Once you have perfectly placed the whetstone in the right place start sharpening your pocket knife on it. To do so you just have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Firstly, apply the lubricant on the stone and keep it aside near you. You might also be needing it during sharpening.
  2. Now, firmly grip the pocket knife in your hand. Hold the edge of the knife against the stone at the angle of 20 degrees.
  3. Stabilize the knife by giving it support with your index fingers.
  4. Once the position is maintained, apply gentle pressure on the knife’s blade and start sliding it back and forth all along the length of the stone starting from the heel of the knife towards the tip.
  5. Repeat this process almost 20 to 30 times by maintaining the position of your hand and the angle between the stone and the knife. Make sure that both sides are sharpened equally.
  6. Now flip the whetstone so that the fine grit side is facing upward. After that give each side of the blade 10 strokes to fine the edges of the knife.
  7. Once you have sharpened your pocket knife, you can also use a honing rod to realign and reshaped its dull edges.
  8. Now you have perfectly sharped your pocket knife with a whetstone. Wash it with soap and water so that there are no stone particles left on the knife dry it and use it as you like.

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Final Words

I hope that you will enjoy sharpening your pocket knife with a whetstone by the method given above as it is the easiest method of all. Not only it is easiest but it also sharpens your pocket knife as if directly come from the factory.


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