Rice Pudding Recipe – Easy Yet Detailed

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There are some desserts that can provide you with a whole day’s nutrition most luxuriously and royally. Rice pudding is one of those.

It is one of the many delicacies that are the favorites of food connoisseurs. People who have little knowledge of culinary arts and fine cuisines have a great taste for desserts, and you will always find them praising the flavor to die for in rice pudding.  

You must have heard a lot about rice puddings and also eaten them too, but you still don’t know why people are crazy about it.

Unless you are a keen observer of how your taste buds comprehend every flavor and ingredient in any dish, you will never be able to recognize the grandeur of this ancient dish. 

With little knowledge and liking for desserts, there is no way that rice puddings won’t be on your list of favorites.

Rice pudding is called king’s dessert, but this doesn’t mean that you have to siege a kingdom to get it made for you. Obviously, reigns and kingship are long gone. Now, you can easily make this dessert at your home and feel like you rule the house.

That is more than satisfying in today’s world, especially when everyone is locked down in their homes. This time is the best to polish your cooking skills, so why not make a start with desserts.

In this article, you are going to learn the easiest recipe for rice pudding. Try it and you’ll lick even the last particle off from the bowl. 

How It Became Popular 

This last-minute recipe will come on the table and win the hearts of everybody sitting around it. To know how it is done, first let’s know a bit more about its history and why this ancient dish is still so popular.  

Although rice pudding is a simple dish with the major ingredients of rice, milk, and sugar, it is called the king’s dessert that makes it more appealing.

It is hard to finalize the real origin of this dish. However, it was popularly made in Egypt, China, and India, where rice was a major food source.

These areas were known as the lands of rice cultivation in the late 600 BCE. Not only in these countries was rice pudding famous, but it was also placed in the royal courts of Europe as a dish of distinction.

In India, this pudding is still one of the most popular desserts called Kheer. Other than, that this is the only dessert that is still popularly loved and eaten in a variety of cultures around the globe.  

Ingredients You Will Need 

  • 6 cups whole milk, divided
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup long-grain white rice,;
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Ground cinnamon, optional
  • Raisins
  • Coconut powder
Preparation time: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Total time: 45 minutes
Serving: 4 people serving
Calories: 336

Rice Pudding Recipe  

Now that we have gathered together all the basic everyday ingredients, let’s get started with the amazing rice pudding recipe. We will make a one-pot recipe for you so that you won’t need to overdo with a lot of cleaning after the dessert rests for cooling.  

  1. In a pot, put ½ cup long-grain white rice, half cup of water ( if you have hard water, make sure to soften it first with a best water softener, because hard water can give your rice pudding a rough texture), and a pinch of salt in it. Place it on the stove at medium heat. Bring it to boil and when it is done, add whole milk in it.  
  2. Make sure the heat is low when you add the milk so that the rice will get simmered and thickened in it. Cook it on low so that it can get the consistency you need in your pudding.  
  3. It usually takes almost 20 minutes to get the consistency of yogurt if you stir it occasionally during cooking. 
  4. Once it is thickened to your choice, add vanilla essence coconut powder, and raisins. Cook for 5 more minutes for the raisins to soften.  
  5. Pour the rice pudding out in the bowls and add cinnamon powder and coconut powder for presentation.  
  6. To let it cool, cover the bowls with wrapping sheets and place them in the refrigerator. You can eat it hot, but cool pudding is preferable.  

What Are The Benefits of Rice Pudding 

Rice pudding’s popularity is not only due to its historical importance and its evergreen taste but also for its being fully nutritious.

Your body needs a specific amount of calcium, fibers, fat, and calories. There are only a few dishes that carry whole-meal nutrition in them, and rice pudding is one of those few health-oriented desserts.

If you eat a super-sized bowl of rice-pudding in breakfast, it can easily fulfill your body’s nutrition requirements for the whole day.

Pro Tip! If you are planning to start a healthy diet, this dessert can be a part of it if you limit its portion and add other food items on the diet chart.


It is recommended by the Dietary Guideline for Americans that there should be a limit of calorie intake in your daily diet routine.

A person is advised to take not more than 2000 calories per day. It means that the portion given to desserts should not be more than 300 calories.

If you eat 4 ounces of rice pudding, it carries almost 133 calories or even less than that. This amount is low than recommended so; you can easily eat half a bowl of rice pudding even if you are on a diet.  


High-fat diets increase your chances to get diabetes or heart diseases, which is why the foods that carry only 10 percent of fats in it are considered low-fat items.

It is advised that you make rice puddings at home with low-fat ingredients such as low-fat whole milk or cream with zero fats can help you enjoy desserts that are healthier than those you eat in fancy restaurants.

You can also use non-dairy soy, coconut, or almond milk if you like.

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