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7 Easy Microwave Hacks You Never Knew About

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Have you ever backed brownies, prepared your breakfast, and made sauces in your microwave. Well, now you do.

Of course, you don’t need to be locked down somewhere to value to importance and fun of cooking. Microwave is an invention that is more than just heating stuff, if only you broaden your creative senses.

As a youngster of this century, we know that you need everything to be done in minutes. The microwave hacks we bring you won’t help you win a cooking competition, but it will surely save a lot of your time and help you for convenience.

Traditional chefs and kitchen purists will disagree with these shortcuts, but the futurist culinary experts are a huge fan of these hacks.

7 Easy Microwave Hacks

Let’s have a look at the easy microwave hacks:

1. Make Mug Cake In A Minute

The best-tasted things come in small mugs. The same goes for mug cakes. You might have eaten them in different coffee shops, but now you can try them in your own kitchen. How? Its pretty simple.

You have to mix all the dry ingredients including flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder, salt, and cinnamon. Add the wet ingredients (milk, vanilla essence, and oil) and mix them well so that a level of consistency is maintained in the mixture.

Microwave it for one minute and voila! Your mug cake is ready.

2. Make Scrambled Egg For Breakfast

No doubt that microwaved eggs will never match the original taste of pan-cooked eggs. However, when you are getting late for school or work, 3-minute scrambled egg seems more convenient.

Beat the eggs with a little milk, cheese, salt, pepper, and mix it well in a coffee mug.

Tip For You! You can add other herbs of your choice to add to the flavor.

Microwave it for a minute and then take it out to mix again. Then microwave the eggs for two more minutes and dish it out. 

3. Peel off Garlic Hassle-Freely

Most of you resist this thing the most. Peeling off garlic is not only one of the most time-taking tasks, but it also leaves a its smell on your fingers for days no matter how hard you wash.

It is messy, but not anymore. Try this easy trick and you’ll never be running from peeling garlic.

Heat up the garlic for 20 seconds in the microwave. After that, the garlic will automatically slide out of its peel without any hassle. 

4. No More Crying With Onion

Onions make you cry every time you cut them while you think that the onions should cry because they are being cut. Before cutting the onions, trim their ends and microwave them for at least 30 seconds.

Fact! The volatile sulfur compounds will be removed from the onion that causes tears in your eyes and you’ll be able to chop them easily.

5. No Fry Potato Chips

If you have the art to cut thin slices of potatoes around an eighth of an inch, you can easily make low-fat, no oil, and no fry potato chips in the microwave. If you have a potato slicer, that’s even better.

Arrange the thin slices of the potatoes in a single layer on a plate. Sprinkle it with salt and any other herb you like. Set the microwave for 3 minutes.

Chef’s Tip! Flip them when in between the time and you will get thin, crispy, and naturally flavored potato chips.

6. Caramel Sauce

Making your caramel sauce on the stove is not only hectic but can also give you quite a burn and chances are that it will become darker than you want. The best way to make a caramel sauce is to try out in the microwave.

Whisk together all the ingredients including sugar, corn syrup, water, and lemon juice in a microwave-safe cup. Microwave it on high heat for 7 to 8 minutes until the mixture gets golden brown.

Take it out, add cream, butter, and vanilla essence, and mix it well. Your creamy, tasty, and gooey caramel sauce is ready. 

7. Steam Clean With Lemon

By now, you have made mud cakes, baked potato chips, scrambled eggs, and more. Now, your oven needs some rest and cleaning as well.

The best way to clean your microwave is to try keeping the cleaning process as chemical-free as possible.

Squeeze and dunk two halves of a lemon in a bowl of water and put it in the oven. Microwave it for 5 minutes. Take the bowl out and wipe the inside of the microwave clean.

This method is simply effortless, and safe because no extra chemicals are used.

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