Brita Filter not Working? Know Possible Causes & Solution

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Although Brita Water Filters is one of the best filters in the market, yet at times it doesn’t work due to clogged, unclogged and other “not working” reasons.

Here in this article, we’ll not only learn how to fix Brita filter not working problem, but also learn the importance of having it at home.

Unable to Fix the Problem? Buy a New Brita Pitcher!

Following Accessories May Help You Fix Your Brita Filter

Even though sickle cell trait does not usually cause health problems, sickle cell disease is severe. Healthy water or soft mineral water is what we all desire. With the increase in population demand for factory-made manufactured and processed product increases. This arose an increase in industrialization. This industrialization has brighter as well as darker sides.

Water pollution highlights the impact of industrialization. Water is a basic necessity, so clean water is essential to have a healthy life.

There are several steps taken to clean polluted water by the public and private sector. Every household has its mechanisms of filtering.

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The fact is that filtration is a technology that is regularly evaluating. People want to have strong, healthy, and handy filtration methods. Keeping this fact in mind Brita is the company that introduces their handy Filters.

This filtration mechanism removes impurities through activated carbon and ion exchange. Brita filters are handy pitchers who are portables. The mesh holds all the ingredients together, leaving the water flow out from the tiny, porous surface.

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There are different layers of the surface to remove each kind of contaminant. At the last stage, it has nonwoven which removes sediments, blocking small pollutants. The filter is removable to clean or reinstall. Moreover, some indicators show when to change filters.

Possible Reason for Brita Filter not Working

Although Brita is one of the best water filters available in 2021, but life is short.

If you own one of the Brita water filters and suddenly it stops working. There is no need to throw your filter, some attention, and replacement can do wonders. So next time if any of the following things happen, check and take action on the following points to enjoy healthy water again.

Moreover, you should be very vigilant about adopting some habits and maintenance routine. Regular maintenance will enhance its life.


Brita filter contains different levels of mesh and filtration. These different filtration levels mean to filter different sizes and quality of contaminations. It is equipped to filter to the smallest ones too to provide the highest level of filtration.

If you smell your water or it is brownish, or you may taste different things and chemicals in it. It is possibly due to ill filtrations.

Simply it means that you are drinking tap water. What is worse is that you are drinking tap water with its by default pollutants and existing mixed pollutants. So you should change the filter at once.

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Clogged Filter

Some times you face low pressure of water or water flow decreases. Moreover, you may hear odd sounds while filtering water. All these are symbols of clogging.

Your filter might be clogged. It is due to air log or any hard piece clogging. As we told that there are different layers to filter different sizes so it may be due to wronger particle going in the wrong mesh. Hard water is another reason for filter clogging.

The only solution is to remove and replace the filter. It is important to replace to drink healthy water. Moreover, if you keep on using clogged filter one day, it would exhaust.

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Defected Filter

Normally, a water filter is supposed to be changed after every six months. However, in some cases, they become defected for no apparent reason, and even before six months. If you are a victim of such a situation, then you may observe the following conditions.

  1. Low pressure water dispersal
  2. Slow or very fast water flow
  3. Smelly water
  4. Or water with odd taste or change in color. 

These are the indicator that your filter has a defect. Now the question arises that what may happen. It may be due to some defected layer that is unable to filter a particular layer.

It can be due to clogging or charging problem. So this is the time to change the filter to avoid any serious health problem.

Odd Taste

The most shocking and odd situation is when apparently everything is fine, but the taste is unbearable. There are two reasons for this taste. One that filter is unable to remove dissolved minerals completely so that taste is of dissolved minerals.

Moreover, people think that the Brita filter will start working from the very first drop. They are wrong. People have to wait for about two to three pitchers to enjoy natural tasting water.

Unfortunately, if your case doesn’t lie in any of the above situations, then it is a defect of filter or charge of the filter.

Carbon Stops Working

Carbon in Brita filter is known to filter the smallest particles and elements which are not filtered with normal filters. However, it is wrong to expect carbon`s infinite life. It is supposed to filter the fixed amount of sediments and pollutants.

What happened is that sometimes carbon also mixes with filter water, but fortunately they are not harmful. However, they should be avoided. The best part is you can replace this carbon. However, removing the filter is an evergreen option.


There is indicating light in the Brita filter. These indicators are helpful. As in Green indicates that it is working fine whereas red shows, it is time to change.

Sometimes these indicators stop working. This is the time to reset the indicator. Now the question arises how to reset. The answer is simple. It is through the reset button.

Press the reset button for few seconds. The moment will be there when three lights blink simultaneously. Then release the reset button.

Here it is important to note that one should replace filter when indicator is indicating. There are small red dots in the right corner. This indicates that the indicator is working.


Last but not least, it is best to change filter whenever it shows some of the above-mentioned signs. Moreover, the indicator is your helper in this matter. Always rely on its indication.

However, in some cases, it may deceive especially when you didn’t reset it so when you feel change in odor, change in taste or can see some sediments then you should go for filter change.

Nevertheless, normal life of a filter is 5 to 7 months, so if your filter shows unusual signs then you should ask their customer service or replace the filter.

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