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7 Best Gravity Water Filters Reviews in 2022 – Top Picks Only

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A Review: Getting a reliable source of water supply is the first priority of every household when they are out to look for a water filter.

When we talk about gravity filters, it is nothing new that their popularity has remained evergreen since their introduction in the water filtration industry. After the Flint crisis, people are more cautious and careful about buying anything related to pure water.

There is an undoubted need for gravity filters that are really worth buying. This article covers all that you are looking for. Here, you will have access to the review of the best gravity water filters currently present in the market.

In addition to that, you will also learn the basics of gravity filers, how they really work, and how you can pick yourself the perfect gravity filter according to your requirements. Before moving towards the details of the best gravity filter, let’s have a look at the quick comparison table below.

Quick Comparison – Editors Choice for the Best Inline Water Filters:

7 Best Gravity Water Filters In Our View

We have tested several gravity filters after which we have selected 7 of the best ones for you. Every filter is unique and credible in its own distinct features and ability to purify water. Below every product, we have mentioned the pros and cons as well so that you can make an informed and rightful decision.

1. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Big Berkey Gravity - Key Features
3,829 Reviews
Big Berkey Gravity - Key Features
  • ENJOY GREAT-TASTING TAP WATER EVERY DAY AT HOME- The 2.25-gallon Big Berkey System can be...
  • INDEPENDENT TESTING- Black Berkey Elements (the original BB9-2) are composed of a unique,...


Flow rate: 0.03 GPM | reducing up to 99.999% of viruses and 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria | Removes inorganic minerals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, VOCs, petroleum products, perfluorinated chemicals, rust, silt, sediment, and radiologicals | 6,000 gallons filter capacity per pair
  • Stainless steel chambers and bodynLong-lasting filter lifenRemoves every particulate and contaminantsnAffordable nLab-tested for quality and abilitynNo tools required for installation nPortable n
  • Filter capacity is averagen Doesn’t reduce fluoride

The manufacturers of Big Berkey gravity-fed filters, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. have really proved to stand high on their promises by introducing an incredible gravity filter to their customers.

Big Berkley BK4X2-BB is the most popular gravity water filter among the other Berkley models not only because of its efficiency to filter water but the convenience that it offers.

It stands out in the market because it filters water like no other. You get clean and purified water free from the smallest particle and contaminant.

With a filtration capacity of 2.25 gallons, this system seamlessly provides well for a family of 2 to 5 people. If you buy a pair of Berkley gravity water filters, you can get 6,000 gallons of water free from 99.999% of viruses and greater than 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria.

The filter also reduces protozoa, trihalomethanes, inorganic minerals, heavy metals including arsenic, lead, mercury, and chromium, pharmaceutical drugs including caffeine, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Progesterone, Triclosan.

2. Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Travel Berkey Gravity - Key Features
3,013 Reviews
Travel Berkey Gravity - Key Features
  • POTABLE WATER IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS- Black Berkey Elements remove or dramatically reduce...
  • ENJOY GREAT-TASTING TAP WATER EVERY DAY- The Travel Berkey System can be used at the...


Flow rate: 0.05 GPM | 1.5 Gallon size | removes 99.999% of viruses and greater than 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria and other contaminants | can filter 6,000 gallons of water
  • Long-lasting filternEconomical for the budgetnEasy to installnLow maintenancenDoesn’t require electricitynEffective in lead reductionnBest for small familiesnBPA free
  • Slow filtration speednCan leak if it isn’t fit properly

The simple and durable Travel Berkley gravity filter doesn’t need any electric source to filter water as it works with the power of gravity. You can get 1.5 gallons on purified water in a single round that is more than enough for a small family of 3.

The water flow may be a bit slow so you might have to think twice if you are planning to buy it for a big family. Other than that, the design and usage of this amazing filter are pretty straightforward and easy.There are two water chambers, two filter elements, tap, and fixers.

The complete system is stainless steel and the tap is both BPA free plastic and stainless steel. Its popularity is largely because of its powerful filtration capabilities. With the Travel Berkley gravity-fed filter, you can rest assured of drinking only pure, fresh, and contaminant-free water.

3. miniwell Gravity Water Filter Straw Ultralight Versatile Hiker Water Filter

No products found.


Flow rate: up to 600ml per minute | filters up to 2000 liters at 0.1-micron ultrafiltration membrane | BPA free | 28mm threading collapsible bottle | leak-proof cover | filters out pollutants from water
  • Lead-freenSimple to usenEasy fill and easy filter systemnExtremely durable for long travelsnComes with a collapsible decanternEasy backflushing
  • Might take time for filtrationnCan get clogged

If you are an enthusiast or adventurist who loves to roam around on mountains, explore forests, and take a deep look at far off rivers and lakes, miniwell Gravity Water Filter Straw Ultralight Versatile Hiker Water Filter is just the thing you need.

Miniwell gravity filter is the most compact outdoor water filter that can provide you with 200 liters of filtered water. The filter is portable and you can easily fold it in your pocket without burdening your bag pack with water bottles.

It can filter river, lake, and stream water for personal use by removing all the pollutants from it.The filter is TUV proven and ideal for emergencies like hurricanes earthquakes and whatsoever.

It comes with its own BPA free bottle, collapsible decanter, bucket connector, and hose which makes the filter a DIY filtration system.

4. Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

No products found.


Flow rate: 2 GPH | 2.25 gallons of pure water everyday | 6,000 gallons for a two-element system | fluoride filter has the capacity of filtering 1000 gallons | removes 100% of pathogens and 95% of fluoride | reduces herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222, trihalomethanes, nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury
  • Grade 304 stainless steel bodynLong-lasting filtersnDesigned for families with 4 to 16 membersnElegant designnPortablenEasy to install and assemblenNo electricity required
  • Filter preparation is complexnA little expensive

Clean water is more essential for survival than just water which is why we bring you the ultimate trendsetter in the water filter industry. Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System is big not just in its capacity, but also in its performance.

Unlike other water filter brands, the Berkley water filter is just what you expect it to be. The filter is designed with a high filtration capacity of 2.25-gallon water every day that makes it ideal for medium to large families.

With the fluoride filter attached with the black Berkley element, you can get 1000 gallons of filtered water free from fluoride. Buying a pair of filter elements, you will get 6000 gallons of water free from pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites entirely.

It extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes, nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury. Even food coloring gets removed from the water to make it crisp and refreshing.

5. Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System

Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration - Key Features
1,820 Reviews
Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration - Key Features
  • Transform tap water into clean, healthy, alkaline mineral water; o-rings and the wing nut...
  • Removes bacteria, contaminants, chlorine, impurities and other man-made chemicals and adds...


6 months filter life or 500 gallons for 5 stage filtration | can filter up to 1,000 gallons for ceramic filter | BPA free | removes chlorine, VOCs rust, and sediments
  • 5 functions in 1 systemnEasy installationn5-stage filtrationnNo electricity requirednAvailable in different sizesnAdds minerals and nutrients in the waternCompact and portable
  • Plastic bodynNot certifiednA bit expensive

When you buy the Zen countertop filtration system, there is no way for disappointments. You get what you are being promised. With a ceramic filter a 5-stage filtration system, you can get up to 1000 gallons of filtered water for 6 months without any replacements.

Zen gravity filter features advanced technology filtration methods for removing bacteria, contaminants, chlorine, impurities, and other man-made chemicals and adds micro-nutrients and bio-energy properties.

The filter completes its process by filtering, purifying, mineralizing, alkalizing, and magnetizing the water to make it mineral-rich and better tasting. You might be careful with the maintenance as the body is completely plastic.

Place it on a countertop or kitchen shelf where it won’t break or fall, and experience visible improvement in your water quality.

6. LifeStraw Flex Advanced Water Filter with Gravity Bag

LifeStraw Flex Advanced Water Filter - Key Features
2,908 Reviews
LifeStraw Flex Advanced Water Filter - Key Features
  • Protects against 99.999999% of bacteria (including E.coli, Salmonella); 99.999% of...
  • Versatile water filter system, can be used 4 ways: as a personal straw filter, with the...


NSF certified | lifetime longevity| 2,000 liters water filtration | Carbon capsule lasts up to 100 liters | removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, protozoa, bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants
  • DurablenEasy setupnLong-lastingnMulti-usagenCan be used directly on contaminated waternGreat value of money
  • The filter needs frequent replacements

With a hollow fiber membrane of 0.2 microns, the LifeStraw flex advanced filter will remove 99.999999% of bacteria, 99.999% of protozoa, and 99.999% of Microplastics.

The carbon fiber capsule improves taste while reducing lead, other heavy metals, chlorine, and organic chemical matter like pesticides, herbicides, VOC. The filter doesn’t remove viruses like the other filters of its kind.

However, its lifetime longevity and high filtration capacity make it stand out from all the other straw filters. It filters water with the help of gravity which is why there is no need for any electric supply making the filter energy-efficient.

7. ZeroWater (ZBD-040-1) 40 Cup Ready-Pour Glass Dispenser

ZeroWater (ZBD-040-1) - Key Features
6,464 Reviews
ZeroWater (ZBD-040-1) - Key Features
  • Filtered Water Dispenser: 40-Cup Ready-Pour Glass Filtration Dispenser with extra-large...
  • 5-Stage Filtration: Removes virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS) for the purest...


40-cup ready pour filtration | NSF certified | removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids, chromium, and lead | 5-stage filtration | ion exchange technology for contaminant reduction | removes 99% of TDs | 40-50 gallons per filter
  • Pays off the pricenQuality that stands outnEasy pour spigotnVersatile in usenHigh-quality glass and chrome design
  • Water flow may be slow

ZeroWater (ZBD-040-1) is a 5 stage filter that offers 40 cups of filtered water free from all the contaminants including lead, mercury, and chromium. It is the only filter in its range that can remove 99% of TDs.

This filter is ideal for so many occasions such as holiday parties, baby showers, outdoor events, and commercial use. It makes the tastiest tea and brews the frothiest coffee.

The filtration stages work as follows:

Stage 1 – Removes suspended solids such as dust and rust that make your water appear cloudy

Stage 2 – Removes additional suspended solids

Stage 3 – Removes organic contaminants; pesticides, herbicides, Mercury, Chlorine, Chloramine, and stops bacteria from growing

Stage 4 – Removes inorganic compounds i.e. metals, nonmetals, and radiological contaminants.

Stage 5 – Removes remaining suspended solids, holds the resin in place

What Is Gravity Filtration?

It Defines: Gravity filtration is a process of water filtration in which gravity is used to pull liquid through a filter.

No electrical supply is needed in the gravity filtration process. This process is usually performed in chemical labs where reactions are experienced after combining and removing different chemicals.

At present, gravity filtration is the most common type of water filtration procedure because it is cost-effective and energy-efficient. Gravity filters are introduced in the markets that are composed of two chambers to remove the contamination from the water.

How It Works

Gravity filtration is an effective method to remove all the solid impurities and organic liquids from the water.

The gravity filter contains one upper and one lower chamber. When you urn on the filter, contaminated water stays in the upper chamber where the filtration is done. The water that is purified is transferred to the lower chamber from where you can use it.

Gravity Water Filter Buying Guide

When buying yourself a new gravity filter, make your decision with confidence that is based on detailed knowledge. For that, we bring you an informative buying guide. There is no doubt that you will find hundreds of gravity filters claiming to be the best, but not all of them will meet your needs.

Don’t fall for the products that are in the hype. Instead, beware of the too good to be true claims of companies. Determine your need whether you want to use the filter in home, office, outdoor, or for an emergency.

Important: Home and office needs may make you need a filter with a higher capacity and filter life. Make sure that you don’t compromise on the longevity and quality of the filter just to get a cheap one.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Gravity Water Filters

  • How do I clean my gravity filter?

Cleaning a gravity filter is a breeze. Just take the filter out of the container and let it run under cold water for 2 minutes. Scrub it a little to remove dirt and assemble it again.

  • Why does my filter spigot leak?

Mostly it is because the washer or nut of the spigot is either loose or too tightened up. If the nut is tight, make sure you fit it right because the spigot can crack.

  • How long does gravity filter take to filter water?

Just like any other water filter, the time of filtration in gravity filters depends on the water quality. Usually, the first filtration cycle is slow, but after that it gets normal.

  • When to change a gravity filter?

The instruction manual that comes with your gravity filter has the replacement time mentioned on it. However, you need to keep a check on your filter. If you feel that the quality is deteriorating, you will know it is time.

Final Words

Gravity-fed water filters are undoubtedly a fastidious and convenient way to access clean and purified water. Nonetheless, you need to make the decision only after detailed research on every product you shortlist. We know that it takes time, which is why we have listed only the best ones to save you from the hassle.

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