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8 Best Fluoride Water Filters Reviews in 2022 – Top Rated Picks

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Fluoride is almost an essential mineral that is believed to have so many benefits, but do you know what excess of fluoride in your drinking and bathing water can do?

On one side where fluoride is synthetically made and used in toothpaste and mouthwashes for tooth health, high exposure can risk tooth fluorosis. You can also face thyroid issues.

So what to do to stay safe from a number of issues? All you need to is buy a fluoride water filter and you are good to go. A nice fluoride filter will reduce the level of fluoride while leaving the essential amount in the water.

The problem that many of you will face is to get out of the confusion to choose between the hundreds of models you will see on the internet and in the market. However, after doing extensive research and testing every product rigorously, we have finalized some of the best fluoride water filters to help you make the right decision.

Before we proceed with the details, let’s have a look at the quick comparison table. 

Quick Comparison – Best Fluoride Water Filters:

8 Best Fluoride Water Filters In Our View

You have come to the right place searching for the best fluoride water filters to remove the excessive amount of fluoride in your water. Below are 8 of the best filters having their detailed specifications, pros, and cons. 

1. AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter - Key Features
22,208 Reviews
AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter - Key Features
  • ★ CONSISTENT WATER PRESSURE our high-performance inline water filter won’t reduce...
  • ★ BENEFITS OF PURIFIED WATER: Clarified water activates your cell, increases the oxygen...


15-stage filtration | 6 months filter life | temperature range: 40-175 °F | removes chlorine and fluoride, heavy metals, odors, and other sediments

  • Easy installation
  • Comes with an extra cartridge
  • No leaks and cracks
  • Consistent water pressure
  • Less scale build-up
  • Very affordable
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Plastic housing
  • No certification

The AquaHomeGroup 15 stage shower delivers exactly what it claims. This one is our top-pick to remove fluoride from your shower because it fits all the standards of quality.

The filter is extremely affordable yet effective as it can remove many other contaminants including chlorine, heavy metals, and sediments along with reducing 97-99% of fluoride.

Another great thing is its quick results. According to its current users, they have experienced the difference in only a single shower. The filter is compatible with every shower head, hand-held shower, or combo-shower head so that you won’t need to worry about its fitting.

All you have to do is fit it with your showerhead and twist it to fit.The filter has Vitamin C in it that makes your skin, nails, and hair softer, cleaner, and shinier.  The shower filter is great for kids as well as showering your pets.

The filter is popular and liked because of its long filter life. It can last for 6 to 8 months without any replacement or maintenance. 

2. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher - Key Features
5,319 Reviews
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher - Key Features
  • Removes 20X more contaminants than a traditional pitcher. Third-party tested to filter...
  • Keeps good minerals in. Other filters strip out minerals. Aquagear targets nasty...


100% BPA-free | biosand filtration | 6 months filter life | removes fluoride (90.6%), chlorine (99.9%), chloramine (99.9%), chromium 6 (99.4%), lead (99.9%), mercury (97.8%), arsenic (99.8%), over 50 VOCs, and more | tested and approved by NSF

  • Vegan and recyclable
  • Impressive filtration power
  • Easy usage
  • Space-saver compact design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Does not remove dissolved solids
  • Slow flow rate

Aquagear pitcher water filter has truly won the hearts of its customer by providing effective and fast filtration.

Your water will taste clean, fresh, and positively different because of its biosand filtration technology, activated carbon coconut shell, and ion exchange technology. The filter is quite easy to use with zero complications.

Just flush the filter element and screw the filter with the reservoir. The hole on the top of the lid allows you easy-poring without any spills. The eco-friendly design of the filter is 100% BPA-free EPA approved food-grade plastic that is 100% recyclable. In just 4 to 5 minutes you can easily get 8 cups of clean and filtered water

3. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher 

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher  - Key Features
1,345 Reviews
Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher - Key Features
  • Filtered water pitcher for refrigerator: This large water filtration pitcher for...
  • Forver Chemical water filters: Proprietary formulated carbon block water filter to remove...


1500 gallon filtration capacity | 100% BPA-Free | removes fluoride, lead, chromium 6, PFOS PFOA, heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, industrial pollutants & more | EPA/ANSI certified and far exceeds NSF Standards 42 & 53 for contaminant reduction.

  • Ideal for a family of 5
  • Tested and certified
  • Smart space saving design
  • Triple capacity filter
  • Coconut carbon filters
  • Digital filter indicator
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Ergonomic design
  • The small spout can lead to spills
  • Handle design could have been better

The patented and ergonomically designed Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher is the best thing you’ll see today. This feature-packet pitcher has got everything you expect from the best fluoride water filter. With a secure lid, flexible spout, and digital filter indicator, the filter can remove 2000% more contaminants than the leading brands.

It uses 2 micron pores and a 5-stage filtration process to eliminate fluoride, lead, chromium 6, PFOS PFOA, heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, industrial pollutants & more.

Epic water filter is a great choice for being economic and durable. The filter can provide you with 1500 gallons of filtered and fluoride-free water for almost 6 months.

4. PureAction Filtered Shower Head with Vitamin C Filter

PureAction Filtered Shower Head - Key Features
452 Reviews
PureAction Filtered Shower Head - Key Features
  • ▶ EXTRAORDINARY SHOWER: Unlike other showers, our filter shower head removes chlorine,...
  • ▶ REVITALIZING YOUR BODY: Our vitamin c shower head attachment increases pH and...


Filters up to 99.9% of lead, calcium, rust, iron, heavy metals, and sediments | 6 months filter life | 4 months tourmaline balls life | 1-2 months vitamin C filter life | high-pressure showerhead | 1-year warranty

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Improves skin, hair, and nails
  • Comes with 60-inch hose
  • Durable design with extraordinary filtration
  • Easy installation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with holder
  • Scent giving filters need frequent replacement
  • Doesn’t remove chloramine when vitamin C filter isn’t attached

Users are extremely happy and satisfied with the results of Pure Action filter shower head that carries Vitamin C. While excessive fluoride and other contaminants increase scale buildup and male your skin and hair dry, this filter revitalizes your body by increasing the pH level of the water. 

You will be surprised by the magnificent and durable design that the filter features. It carries a general filter, a vitamin C filter, and tourmaline stone balls. The body is made of ABS plastic and stainless steel that makes it more appealing.

It comes with a 60-inch attachment hose and 3 different spray settings to increase the water pressure in low-pressure water heads. The spray settings include rain, power rain, and massage.

This top-notch filter will never let your expectations down as it will efficiently remove up to 99.9% of lead, calcium, rust, iron, heavy metals, and sediments for the coming 6 months without replacement. 

5. HOMY Faucet Mount Water Filter

HOMY Faucet Mount Water Filter - Key Features
299 Reviews
HOMY Faucet Mount Water Filter - Key Features
  • Stainless Steel Housing: Durable and corrosion-resistant construction for long-lasting...
  • High Capacity: Filters up to 320 gallons of water per filter cartridge for large...


5 layer recyclable filtration cartridge | stainless steel shell | latest generation of cartridge filter | utility design with high flow | provides 320 gallons of refreshing water | cartridge lasts for 3 months average

  • Excellent and handy design
  • Warranted product
  • Stainless steel body that isolates impurities
  • Lead free
  • Explosion, leakage, and corrosion protection
  • Smooth water flow
  • 5 layer recyclable filtration
  • Only suitable for standard faucets
  • Filter needed to be changed every 3-6 months

When you need easy to use and stylish water filter mount, then HOMY faucet mount water filter is the right product for you. It comes with a 5 layer replacement filter and a stainless steel design that makes it irresistibly healthy.

The latest generation of filter cartridge has advanced activated carbon fiber filtration that helps reduce 70 contaminants.

Moreover, it also reduces 99% of lead, fluoride, dust, rust, sand, chlorine, and other bacterial pollutants. That is why the quality of the water is refreshing.

The purifier is designed for an ergonomically 360 degree rotation, which is able to produce 10 cups of water in 1 minute. It also comes with a 90 days money back guarantee as well as 1 year replacement or refund warranty. Get a refreshing start for you and your family with a HOMY faucet mount water filter.

6. APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series - Key Features
14,108 Reviews
APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series - Key Features
  • Supreme quality - designed, engineered, and assembled in USA to guarantee water safety &...
  • Only technology to remove up to 99% of impurities including arsenic, chlorine, lead,...


Supreme quality design | removes 99% of the contaminants | WQA certified system | 100% lead free designer faucet | 2 years extended warranty | high quality leak free fittings | easy DIY installation guide

  • High pressure flow
  • Removes 1000+ contaminants
  • Refreshing crisp tasting water
  • Quality superior to bottled water
  • Noise-free, dependable, and long lasting
  • FDA certified JG food grading tubing
  • Hectic filter replacement
  • Expensive

When you need quality and health ensured, then APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series is the one to choose from. This product from America’s number 1 filter brand with 20 years of guarantee for a noise free, long-lasting, and dependable filtration system.

The filter is state of the art designed with FDA approved JG food grading tubing. The supreme quality, impeccable engineering, and safety ensured design is worth every penny.

In addition, it is also WQA certified, provides refreshing water while minimizing 1000+ contaminants. The system is easy to install and has an easy DIY installation guide that will assist in the process.

The extra lock clips ensure a proper seal. Leaks are the last thing that you can expect from this durable filter system.

7. Aquasana Optim H2O Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filter System

Aquasana Optim H2O Under Sink Water Filter - Key Features
200 Reviews
Aquasana Optim H2O Under Sink Water Filter - Key Features
  • Drink With Confidence Knowing Your Drinking Water Has Been Purified Through Both Reverse...
  • One Of A Kind High Performance Filter - The first filter system to combine Reverse...


Reverse osmosis and Aqua Sana’s Claryum filtration | filters contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, etc. | one of a kind performance filter | removes 5x more contaminants | easiest filter replacement

  • Advanced Claryum filtration
  • Re-mineralization technology
  • Reverse osmosis combined technology
  • 5x more contaminant removal
  • No need to disconnect hoses or water lines for replacement
  • Top grade components
  • Easiest filter replacement
  • Produces 3 gallons of wastewater for 1 gallon filtration
  • Water leakage from air gap hole

When you’re looking for a quality filter that comes with a 5x filtration system, then this product is the one for you.

The Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filter System is the first filtration system that combines with reverse osmosis, advanced claryum filtration and re-mineralization technology for its filtration process.

Its effectiveness in filtering contaminants is unquestionable. It removes 5x more contaminants than the ordinary RO filtering systems. Moreover, it comes with the easiest filter replacement, making it easy for replacing the filter.

There is no need to disconnect hoses or water lines. The components are high graded and come with an easy DIY installation guide too.

8. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System SK99

Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System - Key Features
1,005 Reviews
Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System - Key Features
  • ✔Best-in-Class Filtration Performance: Frizzlife 3-stage under counter filter remove...
  • ✔Economic & Environment-Friendly: Unlike conventional all-in-one water purification with...


Removes 99% contaminants including lead (99%), chlorine (99%), chloramine, fluoride, heavy metals, VOCs | 2GPM flow rate | environment-friendly | 2 years filter life | 1600 gallons water capacity

  • Economic
  • Environment-friendly
  • DIY installation
  • Quick replacement
  • Money-saver
  • Great customer service
  • Enhanced filtration quality
  • TDS meter cannot be used with this filter
  • Doesn’t remove copper

The Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System SK99 is a 2-stage water filter that removes up to 99% of contaminants from your drinking water.

The filter has a 3-phase under counter channel that empowers filtration up to 0.5 microns, evacuating 99.995% of destructive minerals, for example, lead, chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, fluoride, arsenic, and so forth.

Presently you can remain renewed and invigorating while at the same time having a persistent flexibly of crisp drinking water. 

Another captivating component about this product is that it is an extraordinary option in contrast to conventional channels. In addition, the filter accompanies a simple to introduce DIY installation instruction manual.

It gives a high water stream up to 2 gallons for every moment. There is also easy to replace the cartridge, which makes it increasingly monetary and ecologically amicable.

Buying Guide for Fluoride Filters 

It is expected that you might not have any idea to choose the right fluoride water filter when you don’t have any idea about their existence.

This article has tried to introduce you to a new type of fluoride water filters so that you don’t keep on suffering from dry and itchy skin and scalp.

Below detailed is a complete guide on how you can choose the best fluoride water filters without emptying your pockets.

Research Thoroughly 

The most important thing to start off the journey to find the best filter is to up your research game. You can choose one of the two recommended ways. However, it is preferable to try out both for refined research.


Try to look out for the right thing by yourself because no one can understand your needs better than yourself. Surf the internet and search for the top-selling brands and products that fit your requirements. You can also visit the market to have a close look at how these filters look.

Pro Tip! Compare both online and market rates to make a decision.

Ask for referrals

If nothing works for you and you are now more confused to make a choice, then switch to referrals and recommendations. Ask your friends, colleagues, neighbors or other family members to help you out.

If they are informed about the fluoride filter and they have used one, they can give you a great solution. 

Look For The Type You Need

Next comes the type of filter you need. There are two major types of fluoride filters: showerhead filters and pitcher filters for drinking water.

Pitcher filters are compact space-saving jug filters that can easily fit your daily filtration requirements. On the other hand, shower head filters remove fluoride and other chemicals from your bathing water.

These filters make your skin, hair, and nails look and feel healthier. They are pretty easy to install and replace. You just push out the old filter, fix the new filter, twist it, and align the arrows on both sides of the filter.

Make sure you check your showerhead before buying a showerhead filter. 

What Are The Reviews And Ratings?

Important! Never miss out on the reviews; both in-person and online.

If you have shortlisted a filter but you are still not sure about buying it, then talk to its customers and read their reviews. Check the product rating as well as read detailed reviews on the filter.

What reviewers are saying about a product can have a great impact on making you give another thought to your decision. After reading reviews, you will get additional information as well as the drawbacks of the filter.

If the drawbacks aren’t so troubling, you are free to make a purchase. 

Consider The Major Features

Don’t compromise on the features of the fluoride filter because that is what you are paying for. Advanced problems need an advanced solution which is why; following features are must-check before you finalize your filter

Flow rate

2 GPM is the flow rate that is considered high on the flow rate scale. However, the higher the flow rate is the more the water pressure will become.

For a dispenser water supply, you can’t afford a higher water pressure as it can damage the waterline of the ice maker or dispenser.

Other than that, if you are using a fluoride shower head filter, you will need to make sure that water pressure and the flow rate is high. For a pitcher filter, a 0.5 to 1 GPM flow rate would suffice.


Normal fluoride filters have a filtration capacity of 1500 gallons which is already average. If you have a family of 5, then you can compromise on buying a 1500-gallon filter. Otherwise, look for other options.

Filter life

An average fluoride filter can go on for 6 months without any replacement. However, that doesn’t mean you forget to check on it. Make sure you buy a filter that has 6 months of filter life. 3 months can also go along, but only if you are steady enough to replace it on time. 


Keep this thing in mind that when it comes to fluoride filters, there is not a universal fit for all models because there are different types. You need to check thoroughly on the compatibility level of the filter with your faucet or shower-head. 


Make sure that a proper installation guide is available on the website of the filter’s company, YouTube, and in the instruction manual. No matter how easy they are to install, not every filter is the same when it comes to their setup.

FAQs for Fluoride Filters

  • What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral naturally found in your bones and teeth. Toothpaste and mouthwashes manufacture synthetically add fluoride in their products. While a rightful amount of fluoride is beneficial, its excess in your body can lead to serious health conditions.

  • How Does Fluoride Filters Work?

Most of the fluoride filters use reverse osmosis filtration process that includes 5-stage filtration to remove fluoride. The filter cartridges not only remove fluoride but also other contaminants as well. Other filters use carbon blocks, and biosand technology to remove fluoride.

  • Does the efficiency of fluoride filter degrade?

Yes! Filters should be changed after 6-8 months or after a set amount of water gallons to retain water quality

  • How do fluoride filters handle beneficial minerals?

Such filters are designed to remove sedimentary minerals. In this way, they let ionic mineral pass.

  • Why my filter becomes blocked so often?

Many water systems carry a lot of particulate or turbidity in the water. This causes excessive blockage of the filter.

  • What happens if I leave my filter unused for a long time?

Leaving your filter unused when going away will result in the formation of harmless heterotrophic bacteria. Removing the filter is recommended while going away.

Final Words

Fluoride is commonly present in our daily usage of water whether it is drinking or bathing water. Minor to major health problems are caused by its excess, but thankfully there are a lot of filters out there to help you with the situation. We have tried to narrow down your research by choosing only the best ones.

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