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Berkey Vs Zero Water Comparison [2022] – Unbiased Comparison

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Nothing makes you feel better and refreshing than a glass full of crisp, clean, and ice water. Especially when its summer heat that you want to beat!

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Who is Better? Its Confusing!

Besides this, staying hydrated for the whole day is essential for optimal functioning of your body organs.

However, you may not be able to have refined quality water, but for this, you can use a filter to get cleaned water. But, not all filters are worth one to go with.

Therefore, to aid you in getting the appropriate filter, this section encompasses the Berkey vs zero water filter comparison and expert review.  

Berkey vs. Zero Water Filters | A Comparison

When it comes choosing an appropriate water filter, the challenge is real! Zero and Berkey water filters have their advantages and disadvantages.

Zero Water Filter Review

Zero Water filter is cost-effective and is very easy to operate due to its compact size. It is convenient, and hence, you can easily manipulate it.

ZeroWater Filter Editors Choice | Review

ZeroWater Replacement Filters

  • Easy to use and have a high-quality build
  • Comes with the total dissolved solids meter, which filters water thoroughly
  • Compact sizes make them easy to carry
  • Good for the long outdoor trip
  • Come with various sizes and styles
  • Can fit on any of the water coolers
  • Expensive
  • Only 90 days warranty

Quick Comparison | Top ZeroWater Filters

Being handy makes it easy to carry with you when you are going at outdoor trips. If you are thinking to go for a long journey or to go on camping, Zero water filters are great companions.

However, when it comes to indoor household use or to filter a large amount of water, then this product is a big NO!

Another potential drawback associated with Zero water filters is that after a month and half of usage, the filter starts to exude a foul smell in the water and gives it bad taste.

Berkey Water Filter Review

On the other hand, the Berkey Water filter does not exude a foul smell in the water even after months of use.

Berkey Water Filter Editors Choice | Review

Big Berkey

Prose and Cons

  • Does not spoil the taste of water
  • Work with gravity, instead of electricity
  • budget-friendly
  • Ideal to use in emergency situations
  • Use a lake, river or well water as your feed source
  • Highly portable and easy to use
  • Don’t require any expertise for their installation
  • Larger water filtration systems
  • Not very fast infiltration speed often
  • Prevent overfilling of lower chamber

Quick Comparison | Top Berkey Filters

When it comes to efficiency, then Berkey water filters are a big Yes as they can remove all kinds of impurities.

All the bacteria, cysts, fungi, parasites, and other chemicals can be easily removed by using a Berkey water filter.

Additionally, Berkey water filters are easy to assemble and use. The products of Berkey can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Not only this, but purification system of the filter lasts longer and can filter up to gallons of water within a day. Thorough filtration of water is what makes Berkey water filters worth one to go!


When it comes choosing the best water filter, water filters have their pros and cons. But the purchase of the appropriate water filter depends on your needs, requirements, and budget.

If you have a high budget, then you can go for zero water filters. Moreover, if you are thinking to purchase a filtration system to take with you on your long trips, zero water filters are the best ones. 

Moreover, for long term use, Berkey water filters are a big Yes, otherwise you can have Zero water filters.

Additionally, for thorough removal of contaminants from water, Berkey water filters are an appropriate one. You can choose a water filter according to your needs.

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