Why Is Art A Great Hobby For Seniors?

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Hobbies are good for us no matter what our age, but as we get older, they become vital as they help to keep us alert and energized and give us something to look forward to, as well as many other reasons besides. 

Art, in particular, can be a wonderful hobby for seniors to take up, whether they’ve been creative all their lives or they’ve only just decided to give it a try. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why art is a great hobby for seniors. 


Something that seniors can find problematic as they get older is that they start to lose sight of who they are. They’re no longer working, their families have grown, and they might not see their friends as much, and all of these things that we feel make us ‘us’ aren’t in their lives anymore. This can be a big change, and it’s not a positive one unless you make it positive. 

One way to make it positive is to start a new hobby, and if you take up art in any form, you can not only use your free time doing something enjoyable, but you can express yourself too. It’s not always easy to find the right words when it comes to letting people know how you feel and using art to help you can be hugely therapeutic, which is helpful as we get older. 

The Social Aspect 

Art doesn’t have to be a social event, and many people do like to do their art in their own way on their own time. However, there are classes you can take that will help you improve your art and that will give you a chance to socialize. This can be ideal for seniors who can be isolated as this isolation can lead to mental health problems and even physical issues. This is one of the reasons picking assisted senior living in Valley Park, MO that has a good art department or offers art classes is a great idea, for example. 

Even if you don’t want to practice your hobby with other people, you can still socialize because of it. You can connect with other people online, for example, or visit galleries and talk to people there. Art is everywhere, and if you use it as a catalyst to start a conversation, you can become a lot more social as you get older. 

Mental Stimulation 

Engaging in artistic hobbies is something that can stimulate the mind and make cognitive function healthier for seniors, so it’s definitely worthwhile considering. An artistic hobby means that you have to focus and concentrate, and you might even have to use problem-solving skills. Whether it’s learning a new painting technique, experimenting with different colors, or working out how to capture the lighting in the right way, there is always a lot to think about when it comes to creating art. 

Research shows that artistic hobbies can challenge the brain and keep it working sharply, and that helps to reduce the risk of cognitive decline, improve your memory, and give you overall positive well-being.

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