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Whole House System With Automatic Backflush Chrome

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Whenever you want to treat your household water with filters immediately, it is best to go with a whole house system with automatic blackflush chrome.

Are You Looking for the Best BackWashing Filters?

These water filters are large and contain a tank to filter media from which the water flows.

Every bit of bacteria or other harmful particles are trapped inside the media, which leads to healthy and clean water to flow through your household pipes.

The best advantage of having a backflush water filter is that it treats water efficiently eliminates chlorine, iron, or other contaminants from the waters easily.

The purpose of a Whole House Backflush System

With a whole house backflush system, all the water that enters your home is filtered with healthy particles and is contaminant-free.

The most important reason that makes a whole house backflush system is that it comes with an electronic control valve that offers a cleaning routine on a particular scheduled time.

For this reason, the filtered media is reused and cleaned, which provides long-lasting services.

Furthermore, these filters are widely used in other applications that involve water issues. Other than that, these filters are ideal for treating various contaminants, including sulfur, chloramines, iron, chlorine, fluoride, and lots of others.

The Working Principle of a Whole House Backflush System

A backflush water system is also known as a media filter or a backwashing filter, with a tank filled with filtering media, as explained above.

This media plays a vital role in removing contaminants from the water. It neutralizes the pH levels of acidic water, oxidizes sulfur, iron, and other harmful particles, and absorbs particular chemicals such as fluoride, chloramines, and chlorine.

Contaminated water is passed through the media, which removes or changes the contaminants in a certain way. As a result, you receive clean and bacteria-free water for you and your family.

After some time, the backwash filter cycle starts to take place. The water starts to flow through the media in an alternative direction; this process is known as blackflush.

When the water moves in the backward direction, it removes every bit of bacteria from the waters and flushes them somewhere else, which leaves you with contaminant-free and ready to use water.

In certain systems where no amounts of harmful particles are pulled out from the media, the backwash cycle comes in hand to keep the water clean and healthy to use.

On the other hand, if the backwashing system isn’t good enough, all water treatments will fail.

The standard time for a backwash filter cycle to last is 6-14 minutes in a household. At first, the water is put forward in the upward direction from the filter bed, which makes the media to enlarge, and when it does, the water takes the bacteria in deferral to the drain.

The backwashing cycle continues for a specific period of time, which is based on the size of the tank.

When the backwash cycle is about to end, the water flowing in the upward direction gets terminated, and as a result, the water flows quickly in the downward direction to regain the media bed so that it can deal with the next cycle.

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What can a Whole House Automatic Backflush system remove?

The removal of contaminants is usually dependent on the type of filtering media being used, and it is very effective at eliminating a wide variety of contaminants from the water. Following are the types of the whole house backflushing systems and the problems they can solve:

  • Sulfur, Manganese, and Iron filters
  • Sediment filters
  • Bone Char filters
  • Granular activated carbon filters
  • Calcite pH neutralizer filters
  • Catalytic granular activated carbon filters
  • Backflush featurenCan remove a wide variety of chemicals and bacterianBackwash cyclenLarge filter tanknEasy to usenBackwash cycle repeats automaticallynMade with quality materialsnChrome finish
  • It requires a lot of spacenParticularly very expensive


If you desire a whole house water filter that will not only look good in your home but will also give you a butt-load of benefits?

If yes, then the Whole House water system with automatic backflush chrome can give you the best of everything. It is a little expensive, but if you care about yourself and the health of others, money won’t be an issue.

On the downside, it may take a lot of space in your area, but it has the tendency to provide you clean and healthy water for you and your family members. So, be a dear and pick what’s best for your loved ones.

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