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Who Fixes Tankless Water Heaters

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Tankless water heaters are becoming very popular. They are a good alternative to traditional water tanks, as they provide enough hot water for a household without requiring a large storage container, and they do not need to be turned on and off based on usage.

However, tankless units can stop working due to any number of reasons. You may have noticed that your water is not getting as hot as it should be, or that the tank stopped working completely. If you find yourself in this situation, there are several steps you can take to begin troubleshooting your problem.

How to fix Tankless water heater issues:

A burner that does not work:

If your burner is not working then check to make sure that all of the gas is turned off on your tankless water heater. Then, check to see if there is a reset button located near your unit. If your unit does not have a reset button, or the reset button is not working, call a professional.

Your next step would be to find out why your burner stopped working in the first place. Diagnostic tests are available that you can do yourself, or a professional will come out to identify the problem.

A motor that does not work:

If your motor is not working then turn all of the water off and drain down any remaining hot water, if possible. If you have no way to drain down the tank then contact a professional.

Once the unit is drained, you can diagnose the problem yourself or call a professional for help.

A pilot light that does not stay lit:

If your pilot light goes out, but your burner still works then there may be debris in the gas line preventing it from working properly. If this is the case, clean out any debris that may be blocking the gas line. If the debris is not cleared up then call a professional for help.

Hot water not available:

If your tankless water heater has not been delivering hot water for some time, then there may be sediment built up inside the unit which needs to be cleaned out. If this is the case you can do it yourself or hire a professional to clean out your tankless water heater.

Water is way too much hot:

If your water is too hot when it is being delivered from your tankless unit, then the thermostat needs to be adjusted. If this does not fix the problem then you should contact a professional for help.

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Tankless water heaters are beneficial to use in your home as they provide hot water instantly and there is no storage of water involved. However, if you do not know what problem you are having with it or how to fix one yourself then call a professional for help. It is also important to look at the warranty on the unit before purchasing one to ensure that it is still in good condition.

We hope that this article was helpful, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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