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Whirlpool 4396841p Refrigerator water filter Reviews [2022]

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Why Choose Whirpool 4396841p?: Clean water is undoubtedly a priority, but an incompatible filter will do no good for your health and appliances. If you have a Whirlpool refrigerator in your home, choose the Whirlpool 4396841p refrigerator water filter and give a boost to its current performance. The filter is specially designed for the 4396841 models by EveryDrop. It is the only company that is approved by the major appliance brands such as Whirlpool, MayTag, Amana, and Kitchen Aid.

With this filter, you will feel a visible difference in the color, taste, and quality of the water. You deserve to enjoy clean and healthy water and this is exactly what Whirlpool 4396841p filter offers.

We have come with this detailed review so that you can understand why you should get a replacement filter that is designed for your refrigerators. The article comprises of the major specifications for the products along with pros, cons, and key features.

A detailed refrigerator buying guide at the end will help you make your decision wisely. Whirlpool 4396841p Refrigerator Water Filter Whirlpool 4396841p water filter is currently one of the best refrigerator water filters with an exceptionally long filter life and power-packed filtration performance.

Whirlpool 4396841p Review

Not only does it fit whirlpool refrigerator, but you can also use it in Amana, Maytag Jenn-Air, and Kitchen Aid refrigerators. The filter is successful in maintaining its credibility by making customers trust it.

Let us see why this filter is getting so popular.

Product Overview

Whirlpool 4396841p  - Key Features
33,132 Reviews
Whirlpool 4396841p - Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your refrigerator model number
  • Everydrop Filter 3 is the only filter approved by: Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid...


Filter life: 6 months | filter capacity: 200 gallons (757.08 liters) | NSF/ANSI standard 42, 53 and 401 certified | activated carbon block filter | triple filtration | Operating Pressure (psi):30 – 120 | removes 99% lead and other contaminants including chlorine, sediments, pharmaceuticals, benzene, carbofuran, mercury, particulates (Class II), and Toxaphene
  • Easy installation and operationnLong filter lifenDurablenMade with high-quality materialsnValue of moneynCertified and approvednWater tastes greatnIncreased hydrationnLightweightnReduces a large number of contaminants
  • Slightly expensivenCan get leaky

Introduction To The Product

If you are looking for the highest quality refrigerator water filter that is convenient to use, offers as it promises, and gives to peace of mind, Whirlpool 4396841p will end your search.

This water filter has exceptional whether it is about how it filters water or how long will it go before another replacement is needed. The filter has some amazing features that make it different from all the other filter in the market. Have a look below:

Filtration Quality

The filtration performance of any filter is the key feature that you pay attention to. A good and reliable refrigerator filter works efficiently to replace and reduce the cost of bottled water.

Whirlpool 4396841p water filter has an impeccable and unmatched filtration quality. The filter carries activated carbon blocks and works with triple filtration technology. The first stage is micro-filtration where larger particulates and contaminants get captured.

Then, the microfiltration process captures and removes the medium-sized contaminants, and finally, absorption filtration removes the microscopic contaminants leaving the water fresh and purified.

Filter Life And Capacity

Most of the refrigerator filters offer a low filter life of two to three months whereas, Whirlpool 4396841p offers longer filter life. The filter needs to be replaced only twice a year, which means you have to change it after every six months.

With a balanced flow rate and water pressure, the filter has the capacity to provide you with 200 gallons of filtered water before a replacement. When the limit is reached or the life is completed, the lowering down of the flow rate will indicate the replacement time.


Installing and using the Whirlpool 4396841p is a breeze. The filter is used in side-by-side refrigerators where the filter has to be installed in the bottom left. All you need to do is locate the filter.

Remove the old filter by pressing and holding on to the eject button. This will pull the filter out easily. Open the filter cartridge cap until the ridges align. Set the cap aside and open the packaging of your new filter. Remove its cover and O-rings.

Now, set the cap on the new filter and align the ridge to lock it in place. Turn the cap clockwise until it is snapped the lock. Place the filter back in the filter hole and the eject button will pop back.

It will take only 5 minutes for you to install the new filter without any professional assistance.

Warranty & Certification

The warranty of this filter is not clearly mentioned, however, you can easily contact your seller or the manufacturer directly to claim it. As far as its certification is concerned, you will never have to worry about your water quality.

Whirlpool 4396841p water filter is tested, certified, and approved against the NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, and 402 for the reduction of chlorine, lead, and other harmful contaminants from the water.

Now, you will have instant cool water that is also fresh and safe to drink.

Value Of Money

No doubt, Whirlpool 4396841p water filter is more expensive than others with almost the same features. However, it is a more promising choice than others, why?

Being a refrigerator filter, Whirlpool 4396841p offers more filter life with a filtration technique still unknown to other brands. Not only that, but you also will never feel a penny wasted because water comes out crystal clear every time you drink it.

The filter may cost you a bit more, but it will also save your bottled water expenses by replacing 1500 water bottles.


Just like you need to know about all the goody-stuff of a product, cons must always be considered as well. What we found strange about the Whirlpool 4396841p refrigerator water filter was that it was comparatively expensive.

There are filters that are offering the same water quality but are more affordable. However, the technique with which this filter cleans the water isn’t featured in any other filter.

Other than that, incomplete installation or misfit filter can result in leaks. Make sure your filter is the perfect fit for your refrigerator model and it installed with great care.

What Customers Are Saying

75% customer satisfaction rate is exceptional and clarifies how much customers have put their trust the Whirlpool 4396841p filter. First of all, the easy installation and long filter life have left the customer awed.

For most of the customers, it was a positive purchase. People have accepted its costliness yet they think the price is worth it. The filter does exactly what it promises and that is what the customers are loving.

What We Liked The Most

A water filter is meant to filter out all that is harmful from the water. Whirlpool 4396841p refrigerator filter has won our hearts by introducing triple filtration technology with which it captures even the tiniest particles and unseen organisms from the water.

The filter carries activated carbon blocks that work efficiently with the 3 stage filtration where water gets cleaner with every stage it passes through. With this filter in your refrigerator, you can rest assured that every glass of water will be as fresh and spring water.

Buying Guide For Refrigerator Water Water Filters

Buying a refrigerator water filter can be a challenge if you are new in the game, however, we have made it easy for you. The mistake that a lot of people do it trust whatever they see at first glance and buy it to save time.

Remember, you are doing no good for your time and money because rushing these things never end up well. We have compiled a short buying guide carrying all the important things to consider to check before clicking the order placement button.


Compatibility is the key to perform when it comes to choosing the right refrigerator water filter. Buying a filter that isn’t designed for your ridge model won’t fit right. Thus, the performance will not be as expected.

Some brands have successfully manufactured multi-compatible filters. You can easily search for these types of filters so that you won’t have to worry whether you are using Samsung, LG, or GE refrigerators.

Flow Rate

The better the flow rate the better the performance of your filter will be. For common household usage, a flow rate of 0.5 GPM works best. Higher flow rates are also available, but you have to make sure it is balanced with the current flow rate of your main water line.

If the water pressure exceeds the pressure of your water line, it can result in a burst in the filter. Make sure you measure the flow rate and water pressure of your main supply before choosing a filter.

What It Removes

The filtration media is another important thing to consider. Not many of you will understand this, but it is easy. You have to ask the manufacturer about the material of the filter.

The best refrigerator filter is made up of activated carbon blocks, coconut shell carbon, or both. You can also choose ceramic filters. Make sure the filter is capable to remove VOCs, THMs, hormones, heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals along with lead, mercury, chlorine, and sediments.


Your health depends on the quality of water you are using. Not only for drinking, but you use water for almost everything. You need water to make tea, smoothies, brew coffee, prepare baby food, and in cooking.

Never count on a filter that doesn’t have any authorized certifications such as NSF, FDA, or WQA. A certified refrigerator water filter means you are using a widely trusted product.

Filter Life

Another important thing to consider before buying a refrigerator filter is its life. You cannot change your refrigerator filter every month, especially if it is placed in the right corner of the lower compartment.

Choose a filter that has at least a 6 months life so that replacements would be easier and lesser.


When it comes to the cost of refrigerator water filters, you cannot imagine the lowest and highest range of their prices.

You can get these filters at a very cheap price at the cost of your health and you can also spend your savings just for the advanced features. None of these seem really worthy

This is why be very careful when choosing a filter. Do not get enticed by too low rates and don’t fall for the glamorous advertisements of expensive brands. Stick to your budget and search for the products closely related to your requirements at an affordable price.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Whirlpool 4396841p filter

  • How much water should I flush before using the filter?

Once you have it installed, flush almost 4 gallons of water before you start using the filter for drinking purpose.

  • What is that the filter doesn’t remove?

Although the removal of other minerals like calcium or iron is still uncertain, the filter doesn’t remove fluoride for sure.

  • Is the Whirlpool 4396841p filter only for Whirlpool refrigerators?

No, as it is approved by some of the major brands like Jenn-AIR, Maytag, Kitchen Aid, and Amana, you can also use this filter if you have any of their refrigerators compatible with this filter.

  • How many filters does it include?

This is a one-pack filter system. If you want to use it for long-term you can buy a 3-pack filtration system that comes with 3 filters together.


We hope that all your confusions are resolved and you have got satisfying answers for all your questions related to the Whirlpool 4396841p refrigerator filter. Quality and quantity are rare to come together, and this filter has it all.

We have tried to cover all the major aspects including the cons and drawbacks so that you know what you are looking for. The filter isn’t only recommended y customers or larger-scale, but also by experts.

Use it once and you will never go back to your old filters.

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