What Is A Carving Knife | A Quick Guide

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Slicing anything with any type of knife would be an easy thing for professional and experienced chefs to do. However, if you are a beginner a carving knife would be a savior.

It will ease you by cutting those picture-perfect equal slices. A carving knife is a long and slender type of kitchen knife used to carve fine pieces or slices of meat. It is exceptional in cutting thin slices of cooked Poultry, Ham, Beef, and Roasts, etc.

Unlike Chef’s Knife, it is very precise in making equal and sharp slices. That is because the blade of a carving knife is flat and sharper than that of a chef’s knife, especially from the top.

It is much easier to handle and will make any dish look better in terms of presentation. There are now several types of carving knives and many brands are available with their best carving knives.

If you are planning on buying one but are confused you can look at the best carving knives available of different brands.

Design of a Carver

A carver or a carving knife is usually a large knife whose length ranges somewhere between 20 and 38 cm. It is almost 8–15 in inches. These knives have thin and narrow blades.

Usually, the blades are pointy from the top but can be round as well. Thin blades of the carver help to reduce friction between the knife and the meat. Thus, help you in making sleek and perfect meat slices without any hassle.

Its long and slender body carves and slices everything in a go. Therefore, you don’t have to move your knife in sawing motions.

Pointed and curved tips of a carver usually are made for separating meat from bones. So, you don’t face any interruptions while slicing.

Now, the advanced carving knives have specially designed dimples on the sides of the knife. This is simply for airflow between the knife and the meat. Therefore, they don’t stick together while cutting.


As the name suggests, a carving knife is used for carving and slicing any kind of meat. You may be using the same kind of knife for all purposes.

However, using a carver in your kitchen will save you a lot of time and will give you the best pieces of meat for any of your dishes. Besides all of these, you can also use it to cut vegetables and fruits.

How to Handle

Although, using a carving knife is pretty easy just like you use any other knife. But you need to understand all these things for it to give you its maximum. Always use a good quality cutting board.

I would recommend end-grain cutting boards. Hold the knife from its handle keeping the fingers away. Pick a long and sharp knife so you don’t have to drag or move the knife back and forth.

Carving knife sets usually contain a two-tong fork and a long knife. The fork is used to hold the meat firmly. Also, protecting your hands with a glove is important.

Carving vs. Slicing Knife

Mostly, people get confused between a slicing knife, a carving knife, and a ham slicer.

However, these are not entirely the same. You can still use them for the same things. A slicer is much thinner and has a rounded tip than a carving knife. And a ham slicer is short, thin and flexible.

Carving vs. Filleting Knife

Filleting knives are thinner and more flexible than carvers. They have a curve on one edge and can easily be guided above the spines.

You can cut fish with any sharp knife but using a filleting knife is better.

Different Types

Carving knives of carvers are mostly of the same style. However, you’ll see these two prominent designs:

Carving Knife with Serrated Edge

This Knife has a zigzag or serrated pattern on the sharp side of the knife. The serrated edge helps in quickly cutting the most stubborn areas of the meat.

Round-tip Carving Knife

Sometimes carving and slicing knives are made with a round tip. This is simply for safety reasons and to reduce any chance of injury.

You can also find electric carving knives that have dual blades for faster cutting and slicing.

Things to Check before Buying

Length of blade

Make sure your knife has a good length which is enough to cut the longest thing you are gonna use it for. Make sure it is thin and sharp as well.

Manufacturing Brand

Buying something and not checking if it’s by a trustworthy brand or company is not a very wise thing to do. Always buy a knife from a reputable brand for a good quality product.

Grip or Handle

It seems basic but it is very important. You cannot use any knife unless it has a firm and a good quality handle. I would suggest you go for a wooden or ergonomic one.


Cost should be a factor too. Set your budget and stick to it. You can check carving knives under $100 for some choices. If you are looking one at an affordable price you can also find carving knives under $50.

A carving knife is surely a very important essential for your kitchen. It is designed to make your everyday tasks easy.

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