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Wf537 Water Filter Review

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You all know how important your refrigerator filter is to provide you with the perfect blend of freshness and coolness in summers.

Whether your water supply is connected to your dispensers or icemakers, the fridge filter ensures that water is fully filtered before filling up your glass.

The fact is that refrigerator water filters work almost like your general faucet or stand-along filters. The difference is that they work as a backstage artist. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t require any care or maintenance. Refrigerator water filters also have replacements because they cannot last life-long. If you don’t keep a check on your filter, it will affect both the water quality and the lifespan of your refrigerator.

A well-maintained filter makes a long-lasting refrigerator. If you are looking for a brand for your water filtration needs that will not disrupt your budget, Whirlpool EDR1RXD1 Replacement for AquaFresh WF537 is your bet to make.

This water filter replaces the model EDR1RXD1-WF537 of AquaFresh and works best with a range of Whirlpool refrigerators. We have selected this filter replacement unit after thorough research, extensive testing, and expert approval on its quality, filtration, and durability.

When you need a filter to rely on completely, bring home Wf537 Water Filter and forget about getting disappointed again.

A detailed buying guide at the end of this article will help you better understand the considerations and factors to buy the right type of replacement filter for the better performance of your refrigerator.

Wf537 Water Filter Review

The Wf537 Water Filter excels in incredibility, performance, and reliability. The filter is known to exceed your expectations in terms of its price and efficiency. Giving clear and healthy water to your family was never so convenient before you knew about Wf537 Water Filter.

This review carries all the information you need so that you can make up your mind with confidence. We have divided the article into multiple categories including major specifications, pros, cons, and key features for your ease.



Replaces Model: EDR1RXD1-WF537 | Pack Size: 1 | Filter Life (Months): 6 | Filter Capacity (Gallons): 200 | Filter Media: Carbon Block | Dimensions: 7-1/8″ x 1-7/8″ | Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM | Operating Pressure: 30 – 120 psi | Operating Temperature: 33 – 100 °F | NSF Certification(s): 42, 53
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Certified and approved
  • Reasonable price
  • Long filter life
  • Balanced flow rate
  • Exceptional filtration
  • Better tasting water
  • Leaves essential minerals behind
  • Quick and easy installation and replacement
  • Engineered with perfection
  • Only compatible with Whirlpool refrigerators

Key Feature of Wf537 Water Filter

Wf537 Water Filter fits perfectly with the daily water needs of your family. You never know the number of contaminants that get mixed with your drinking water daily if your filter doesn’t work.

Wf537 is designed to remove all the harmful contaminants leaving only crystal clear water with no bad odors and better taste. The filter has great features that you must know about so that you know the quality of water you are drinking.

Let us have a look at the details of the key features.

Filtration Quality

The major feature that makes a filter valuable and worthy of purchase is how well does it filter out unnecessary minerals, particles, sediments, and debris. Thanks to the extraordinary engineering of the wf537 water filter that has made its users proud.

The filter is made with coconut shell ad actinvated carbon blocks that help capturing the tiniest of particles and remove them. The filter is capable of reducing chlorine, mercury, lead, sediments, microbes, pharmaceuticals, dirt, and debris from the water.

It leaves the essential amount of fluoride behind for health benefits. If you don’t need fluoride in your drinking water, you may need to attach a fluoride filter with the unit.

Filter Life And Capacity

A reliable filter is the one that can last long. The wf537 water filter has an exceptional filter life if compared to the price it comes in. You will find many other filters offering the same filter life, but at a higher rate.

However, this filter comes with a perfectly balanced flow rate of 0.5 GPM and has the capacity to filter 200 gallons of water for 6 months before the next replacement.

You can buy the filer in 1, 2, or 3 pack for long-term use and save more on the delivery and shipping cost every time for more than a year.


People are counting more of this replacement filter for their whirlpool refrigerators because of the ease of installation. The easy twist on installation and replacement makes it very convenient for anyone to set it up.

No screws, no tools needed; just locate where the filter is, open the cap of the replacement filter, and place it upside down. Run water through your refrigerator dispenser for 5 minutes and it is done.

You will be amazed to find out the list of filters this model replaces including 04609930000, 46-9081, 46-9930, 469081, 469930, 9081, 9900, 9930, 9930P, 9981, EDR1RXD1, FILTER1, P4RFWB, PS2378001, W10217316, W10276924, W10291030, W10295370A, W10569758, W10569760, W10569761, W10735398, W10743248, and Wf-31583c.

The filter is compatible with Whirlpool models including 106.50023211, 10650023211, ASD2575BRW01, WRS325SDHZ01, and WRS588FIHZ00.

Value Of Money

Wfs37 water filter is the ultimate solution to cater to all your water filtration problems without disrupting your budget. The filter offers great value of money and does exactly what it promises.

Many customers have claimed that they didn’t expect the filter to be this efficient in filtering the water.

Filtration performance of this filter is exceptional as it uses top-notch carbon blocks and coconut shells to remove contaminants from the water.

Your money won’t go wasted in the drain if you spend it on the right filter and bring home the very economical wfs37.

Certifications And Warranty

What can be better than finding an efficient water filter that meets your requirements and ensures your satisfaction in every possible manner? Whirlpool EDR1RXD1 Replacement for AquaFresh WF537 claims to provide its customers with a 365 days easy return policy and a 90-day warranty.

As far as the certification is concerned, the filter meets and exceeds the safety and water quality standards. It is certified by NSF/ANSI against standard 42 and 53 for the reduction of harmful contaminants and bacterial components.


Coming straight to the point, wfs37 being designed only for Whirlpool models isn’t actually a drawback. However, the exceptional performance and satisfaction rate it has, people are demanding more filters like this one compatible with their refrigerator models.

Having said that, its low and limited compatibility might be the reason why the filter isn’t known on a broader scale. Other than that, the increasing demand for the same quality in other filters has made this drawback a deal-maker for the wfs37 refrigerator water filter.

What Customers Are Saying

Whirlpool EDR1RXD1 Replacement for AquaFresh WF537 has a total rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 that is the highest rating earned by any other refrigerator replacement filter to date. This makes it clear enough of how much customers have enjoyed using the filter.

Whirlpool EveryDrop understands how important it is to get all the health benefits by drinking purified water, which is why the filtration process has been designed with great accuracy. Along with that, people are also loving the easy installation, replacement, and also its cost-efficient price.

What We Liked The Most

Although there is a high demand for working on the compatibility of this filter for more refrigerator models, we liked how many filters this one replaces.

There is a whole list of filters that the wfs37 replacement filter is compatible with. No matter what type of filter you have in your Whirlpool refrigerator, this one will be the perfect fit.

Buying Guide for Refrigerator Water Filter

Buying a refrigerator water filter can be a challenge if you are new in the game, however, we have made it easy for you. The mistake that a lot of people do it trust whatever they see at first glance and buy it to save time.

Remember, you are doing no good for your time and money because rushing these things never end up well. We have compiled a short buying guide carrying all the important things to consider to check before clicking the order placement button.


Compatibility is the key to perform when it comes to choosing the right refrigerator water filter. Buying a filter that isn’t designed for your ridge model won’t fit right. Thus, the performance will not be as expected.

Some brands have successfully manufactured multi-compatible filters. You can easily search for these types of filters so that you won’t have to worry whether you are using Samsung, LG, or GE refrigerators.

Flow Rate

The better the flow rate the better the performance of your filter will be. For common household usage, a flow rate of 0.5 GPM works best. Higher flow rates are also available, but you have to make sure it is balanced with the current flow rate of your main water line.

If the water pressure exceeds the pressure of your water line, it can result in a burst in the filter. Make sure you measure the flow rate and water pressure of your main supply before choosing a filter.

What It Removes

The filtration media is another important thing to consider. Not many of you will understand this, but it is easy. You have to ask the manufacturer about the material of the filter.

The best refrigerator filter is made up of activated carbon blocks, coconut shell carbon, or both. You can also choose ceramic filters. Make sure the filter is capable to remove VOCs, THMs, hormones, heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals along with lead, mercury, chlorine, and sediments.


Your health depends on the quality of water you are using. Not only for drinking, but you use water for almost everything. You need water to make tea, smoothies, brew coffee, prepare baby food, and in cooking.

Never count on a filter that doesn’t have any authorized certifications such as NSF, FDA, or WQA. A certified refrigerator water filter means you are using a widely trusted

Filter Life

Another important thing to consider before buying a refrigerator filter is its life. You cannot change your refrigerator filter every month, especially if it is placed in the right corner of the lower compartment.

Choose a filter that has at least a 6 months life so that replacements would be easier and lesser.


When it comes to the cost of refrigerator water filters, you cannot imagine the lowest and highest range of their prices. You can get these filters at a very cheap price at the cost of your health and you can also spend your savings just for the advanced features.

None of these seem really worthy right? This is why be very careful when choosing a filter. Do not get enticed by too low rates and don’t fall for the glamorous advertisements of expensive brands.

Stick to your budget and search for the products closely related to your requirements at an affordable price.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Wf537 Water Filter

  • How to clean the filter?

This filter doesn’t need any cleaning or special maintenance. Just keep a check on the flow rate and water quality to calculate the time for replacing it.

  • What are the dimensions of the filter replacement unit?

The wfs37 water filter is measured at 7-1/8″ x 1-7/8 inches.

  • How many times do I have to change my refrigerator water filter?

Depending on the capacity and use, you can use a single filter pack for 6 months for the best results.

  • What is the role of certification in the reliability of a water filter?

When you buy a certified water filter, your mind is more at peace that your water is clean and filtered according to the water safety standards.

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We hope that this wfs37 water filter review has answered all your queries and resolved all the concerns that you have.

One thing we can ensure you is that you will never regret spending on this filter replacement. The filter is undoubtedly a great choice for people with health concerns
and a limited budget.

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