Top Features of Office 365 Which Make Users Migrate From Google Workspace

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Productivity has moved to the cloud. Google Workspace was born in the cloud as a set of tightly integrated SaaS applications. Microsoft’s Office 365 is also adapting to become increasingly cloud-based as businesses migrate their original on-premises local client applications to native cloud platforms. 

Businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud for their email and data storage needs, prompting an increasing demand for cloud hosting platforms. Microsoft 365 (M365) and Google Workspace are his two most popular platforms right now, but he believes Microsoft has the upper hand in product and experience. That’s why many companies want to Migrate Google Workspace to Office 365.

The space for cloud tools is becoming increasingly competitive as more companies look to improve efficiency and collaboration with business productivity suites. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) are two options that come to mind. Google Workspace has solidified its position in this space, but here are some reasons why Microsoft 365 is still the GOAT.

What Can Be Migrated?

In general, anything you store in your Google Workspace tenant can be migrated to M365. This includes emails from Gmail in Exchange Online and files/documents from Google Drive in OneDrive/SharePoint. Transferring all your data from one place to another is very easy, especially if you have the right tools. Make sure all data is in place before declaring it complete.

Features of Microsoft Office 365:

  • Office 365 provides reliable and user-friendly collaboration tools that take the hassle out of backups. Automated backup solutions make working on the cloud a breeze.
  • Ensuring secure file transfer through links with controlled access and tracking version histories is a vital part of an effective workflow. It helps keep your data safe and eliminates the hassles associated with transferring files traditionally.
  • Machine learning can be used to optimize operations and streamline processes. It can provide valuable data insights, and generate helpful suggestions for meetings and PowerPoint designs, improving people’s efficiency and productivity in the workplace.
  • Microsoft Teams is renowned for its agility, which helps to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of its users. With it comes plenty of possibilities for collaboration, chatting, video conferencing, and file sharing – allowing teams to accomplish goals faster.
  • Advanced protection for data on all devices is a necessity in this day and age, to safeguard against cyber-attacks. This built-in protection and secured Cloud PC Services will secure your data regardless of the device you work on. 
  • Technologies to secure data can help your business adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation and other related laws. These tools offer benefits by ensuring that your data complies with various global, regional, and industry-specific regulations.


Microsoft is well-known for its privacy-centric philosophy, and, because of this, it doesn’t require user data to generate income. Despite this, the company pursues numerous initiatives related to AI and deep learning and invests heavily in them as well.

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