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Rainsoft Vs Kinetico Comparison [2022] – In-Depthly Compared

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Water filters these days are essential for a healthy life. They are indeed a long-term investment in one’s health. So, one should not buy them blindly.

There are several companies which are renowned for their services. Rainsoft and Kinetico are one of them.

A number of options increase confusion while easing up the matter. There are companies that have cutting-edge technologies, however. Customers usually ask about the qualities of the best water filters. So, some of them are listed below:

  • Cost of filtration, including maintenance and installment. 
  • Ease of operating
  • Public review
  • Power usage and capacity.

Based on the above mention qualities, we will now analyze two of the top operating, renowned, and reliable water filter brands i.e. Rainsoft and Kinetico.

Lets start with pros and cons, and them we’ll go to the detailed review & comparison of Rainsoft and Kinetico water filter.

Pros and Cons


  • High Tech OS
  • Intelligent OS
  • Great customer service
  • Impressive softening results
  • Costly
  • Noisy sometimes especially where it is not muffled
  • Late Follow-up services
  • Installation is sometimes mess
  • Long consultation time


  • Friendly sale representative
  • Effective softening technology
  • Multiple tank system
  • Follow-up to improper installation is a hurdle
  • Installation is sometimes difficult

However, in the end, it would be difficult for us to suggest something. It is difficult because both products have their benefits and disadvantages. However, one thing is for sure that both of them will provide you high-quality services. Their water softening system is effective and efficient: costly but worth it.

Price Comparison of Rainsoft and Kinetico

Rainsoft water filter is a bit expensive. However, people find this worth spending. Price of Rainsoft water filter is about $7900. Rainsoft is a versatile company offering a range of products with different rates.

Obviously, each of them has different installation and maintenance cost. The installation cost of the rainwater filter is about $2500. Filtration kit of Rainsoft RO will cost you $23.63 with a one-year warranty.

Kinetico filters, on the other hand, is cheaper. Kinetico will cost you around $5000 MAXIMUM. They contain a single storage tank as well as multiple storage TANK. It has a high flow rate. Its filter is also cheaper at $250 maximum. People who use this filter are quite satisfied with its system.

Available Dominating Features:

Rainsoft provides the facility to check water and then recommend the system. Rainsoft filter contains multiple water tank. Latest products are computer-controlled with an intelligent system of indicating salt level. The Microprocessor is equipped to control regenerating and self-cleaning. The product is energy efficient to work on low powers. Rainsoft offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Kinetico is a nonelectric water softener which is equipped with multiple tanks to store a large amount of water. These filters are an intelligent enough to provide information about the water system.

When there is excess usage, the filter would indicate. Moreover, it has the ability to adjust when water usage decreases. It is also designed to stop regenerating in case of less usage. It is best for difficult water situations. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

Public Review of Rainsoft vs Kinetico

Well, the best suggestion before buying something, especially when it is expensive, is to take suggestion from someone who uses that. However, everybody will tell you about their experience that may be different from yours. So, think according to your situation. Here, we will discuss a few of the common user reviews about each product.

The best thing about Rainsoft water softener is their representative services. Almost everyone is satisfied with their customer service. Home water testing services is another great plus point about them. Quick response after water test and elaborated explanation of what is required is loved by customers.

Intelligent OS of Rainsoft water softening system was another great initiative. Some people also have negative remarks for Rainsoft. The reason is its high price and maintenance cost. People are also not satisfied because of their low-quality replacement parts.

Kinetico has its own strong fan following. People prefer Kinetico because of a number of reasons including their quick appointment, great customer service, and low price. People are also impressed with its performance and hardness removal. Their water testing service is another plus.

People also appreciate their price range comparatively. However, people are a bit annoyed with their repairing cost. They also complain about some odor issues which arises later on. People sometimes complain about after-sale services.

If you’re also one of non-satisfied customers, you can find of the water filter of your choice from our well researched top 10 water filters available in market.

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