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Mavea Water Filter Pitcher Review [2022] – Pro, Cons & Features

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You’re looking for a word on Mavea water filter pitcher (10-Cup), here is the review.

Mavea, as not a much-known brand in the United States, always needs an expert review of its products.

Most of the experts clearly say big “NO” to Mavea water filters be it Mavea 10-Cup pitcher or any other filter. And they recommend Aquagear pitcher instead.

Reason? Mavea has discontinued its product in the US. Also, in their view, Mavea is not up to the standard due to its filter capabilities, short lifespan, expensive replacements, no customer support, and more.

But is it the story? Lets review Mavea water filter pitcherhttps://www.charlietrotters.com/best-water-filter-pitchers-for-well-water/ in detail.

FACT! There was a time when you had to spend a whole day with plumbers setting up the filter connection to your water line so that you can drink safe and healthy water. Now, water pitchers are the most convenient and most commonly used filtration technique in almost every household.

Mavea Water Filter Pitcher Review

We have selected Mavea 10-cup water filter for today’s review not only because of its low price but the way it has gained the trust of the customers in a short span. The filter might not have completely feature-packed like some of the expensive ones, but it works as it promises.

Product Overview


NSF and ANSI certified | electric filter change indicator | 10-cup capacity | 2 Kirkland filter cartridges | reduces chloramines, chlorine, mercury, copper, cadmium, benzene, zinc, certain hormones, and antibiotics | 1280 cups filter life for 2 to 3 months or 40 gallons
  • Great tasting water
  • Very affordable
  • Value of money
  • High-quality material used
  • Reduces all types of contaminants
  • Saves your bottled water cost
  • Long-filter life
  • Comes with replacement cartridges
  • The corner lid is small

Detailed Review of Mavea Water Filter Pitcher

When we talk about quality along with affordability, Mavea 10-cup water filter pitcher is the first filter that comes to mind. The pitcher is German made that automatically guarantees its durability.

The superior technology and high-quality material used in the making of this filter pitcher has made this one stand out from others. We have categorized the performance of this pitcher filter based on its distinctive features so that its worth get the customers’ attention.

Let us have a deeper insight into what the amazing 10-cup pitcher has to offer.

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Filtration Quality

A filter that doesn’t filter as per your expectations is of no use to spend money on. Obviously, you are spending some good and hard-earned fortune in buying a pitcher filter for the better health of your family.

Mavea 10-cup water filter pitcher may not be so costly, but that doesn’t mean that quality has been compromised by any chance. The filter is designed with superior
craftsmanship so that you get crystal clear and purified water in every glass.

The filter is able to eliminate all sorts of contaminants and VOCs including chloramines, chlorine, mercury, copper, cadmium, benzene, zinc, certain hormones, and antibiotics.

Filter life & Capacity

This is something exceptional to get at such a reasonable price in this era of costliness. The Mavea 10-cup water filter pitcher has the capacity to filter 10 cups at a time and 1280 cups before it needs its first replacement.

The electric filter change indicator informs you after 40 gallons or 2 to 3 months for the replacement. The filter comes with 2 Kirkland signature filter cartridges that you can easily change by yourself.


Mavea 10-cup pitcher filter is designed with elegance and simplicity. Some users have stated it to be too plain as compared to the 9-cup pitcher. However, it is more reliable when it comes to quality and durability.

The pitcher has a lid within the lid that helps you pour out the water with more ease. There will be no spills or sudden water leaks out of the lid because you are in control
of how the water is poured out.

It is smartly designed and won’t let you fill more water in it by indicating that it is full. The pitcher has used high-grade BPA-free plastic that is ideal for rough use as well. It won’t crack or break for years to come.

Warranty And Certification

Never invest in a water filter that isn’t certified or backed by a proper warranty because you never know when you fall into a scam. Luckily, Mavea 10-cup pitcher filter has your back in this matter.

The water filter pitcher is fully tested, certified, and approved to meet and exceed NSF
and ANSI standards of safety, water quality, and taste. As for the warranty of this filter, read out the user manual and warranty card or contact your manufacturer for further details.

Usage And Set Up

It is so easy and simple to use and set up your Mavea water filter pitcher. You don’t need any pipelines, any drain connections, or any plumber to help you.

Make deliciously frothy smoothies, brew creamy coffee, and use the water in your cooking along with your daily drinking needs just by opening up the filter and put it in the water in the jug.

Then put back the center of the pitcher and lock the filter in the slots. Run 3 cycles of water through the filter and you are good to go. Push the start button and the filter will start working within the next 5 seconds.

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Value Of Money

One thing is for sure, this water filter has more power than it looks like. Its low price may make you a bit hesitant about the quality, but it has proved its worth. Even after rigorous testing, the filter kept on maintaining the quality of water.

You can feel the difference when you drink unfiltered water and then the water filtered by this pitcher. This pitcher is the best choice for people on a tight budget and not even a penny will go in drain.

What Customers Are Saying?

Customers are extremely happy that they have given the not so attractive looking filter pitcher a chance. This filter is a clear example the all the glitter is really not gold.

Don’t go on how plain it looks because once you bring this beauty home, there is no way you are switching it with another brand. People have bought this filter for “the second round” after the previous one broke after years of use.

It has become the favorite of the people who are using it because it “does what it
should.” Most of the customers have termed Mavea 10-cup water filter pitcher as the most efficient filter they have ever used.

What We Liked The Most?

The most striking feature of the pitcher filter is its ability to go such a long way without being a giant. You just get a small space-saving and simplistically designed pitcher that is gonna change your life with its efficiency.

The filtration capacity and life are amazingly unique because there are only a few pitcher filters in the market that offer 10-cup daily filtration capacity for 2 to 3 months.

Not only that, but the filter also removes other harmful antibodies along with other contaminants like lead, mercury, chlorine, and sediments like dirt and dust. These subtle features of this filter pitcher are amazingly impressive!

Water Filter Pitcher Buying Guide

Choosing a water pitcher filter may look like an easy and quick task. You will think that what more do you need to know about a filter jug.

However, this is not the case. You need to be very careful and cautious before finalizing your product because it can cause you both your health and wealth.

A detailed guideline is what you need to stay safe from any scam. We have crafted a research-based water filter pitcher buying guide to help you choose the best.

Research Thoroughly

The first thing that you need to understand is that proper research about any product is the key to find the right thing. Never underestimate the power of what research can do. There are two ways to get all the info of different water pitcher filters according to your requirements.

Let’s have a look at what these methods are:


Self-searching is the initial stage of research. The best way for this is to search the best water filter pitchers online and make a list of all the products you find near to your needs.

Make sure you make a list according and place every product in an order from top to least priority. Look for the features, price, other specifications, and customer reviews on the products and read in detail about the company. This will help you a lot to choose from.

Get References

If you have had terrible experiences whenever you buy something just by your own selection, it is better that you switch to referrals. Almost every house has a water filter pitcher after its benefits are now known.

You can ask your office colleagues, friends, neighbors, of family members for references. They will guide you about the products they have used or are currently using. Real-time reviews are always more credible than online reviews.

Set Up And Ease Of Replacement

If you think that setting up a water filter pitcher is easy, you haven’t come across the troubles these little jugs can give you. If you are into cheap products just so that you can save, you are wrong.

Make sure the pitcher you are choosing is easy to set us as well as to replace. Most of the
pitchers crack and break while you try to push in the filter cartridge.

The best filter cartridges offer easy replacement just by pushing out the cartridge and installing the new one in a go. They also come with replacement indicators to let you know.

Type Of Cartridges

The quality of the cartridges is also an important factor to determine the quality of the filter. The modern changeable cartridges are designed to remove all the organic compounds, antibodies, and contaminants along with improving the taste and reducing odors.

The best ones use activated carbon and ion-exchange resin technology to purify your drinking water. Make sure that the compatible cartridges with your water filter pitcher carry the same qualities.

Filter Life And Capacity

It is a fact that water pitchers cannot match the lifespan of other filters because they work differently. However, if your water filter pitcher can last 2 to 3 months based on their filtration capacity, it is great.

The maximum capacity of a water pitcher to date is 11 cups. If you have a small family a mere 7-cup water pitcher filter can work for you within your budget. For larger families, look for 10 to 11-cup pitchers as they last longer.

What It Costs

Water filter pitchers don’t cost you a lot of fortune, but they can be expensive based on their features, brand name, and popularity.

Nonetheless, it isn’t a compulsion that expensive is always better. There are companies manufacturing water filter pitchers at reasonable rates with the same quality as the costly ones.

All you need to have is a keen eye to look for the difference and choose the right thing. You don’t need to spend extra when you can get the same within your range.


  • What is the design of the lid?

The lid has a small opening that is also covered with a sub-lid. It is designed for easy pouring out. The complete lid is removed when you need a replacement.

  • When replacing the filters, can I use Brita cartridges?

Yes, you can use them as well.

  • What to do when I have used all the 2 filter cartridges?

You buy new ones. Filter replacement cartridges are widely available both online and in the market.

  • Can I wash it in a dishwasher?

It is recommended that you simply hand wash it and wipe it with a cloth to dry.


We hope that this article was a good informational read. We have tried our best to answer all that you have in mind while searching for the best pitcher filter.

Mavea 10-cup water filter pitcher has won our hearts with its power-packed performance with elegance and simplicity. Why spend hefty amounts on filters when you can have this amazing health partner without hurting your pockets?

Bring home this smart filter pitcher and give your family the gift of healthy, tasty, and clean drinking water.

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