Importance of 3 Stage Water Filter During & After Coronavirus Outbreak

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Stay at home, and only drink filtered water!

The Covid-19 outbreak has created a panic situation all over the globe with no vaccine available. With thousands of people being infected and dying every day, it is important to stay safe by self-precautions.

Drinking plenty of water is one of the most important recommendations from expert doctors. And drinking clean and filtered is a must!

Almost everyone knows the importance of drinking clean and purified water, but new research has brought new results.

Water purified with the reverse osmosis method is considered to be most effective in removing 99.99% of bacteria, viruses (including COVID-19), and contaminants from the water, which is why this article focuses on the importance of using a 3 stage water filter in this pandemic. Have a quick look at some of the top-rated RO Systems reviewed & rated for 2021 Here

Quick Comparison Table of Top 10 3-Stage Water Filters

3 Stage Water Filtration and its relevance During Coronavirus Pandemic 

The 3 stage filtration system was not widely used for household water purification as popularly as in commercial units. However, this crucial time demands everyone to bring a new RO filter in their homes before their price increases due to shortages.

This is the time when you cannot take any risk with the health of your family because social distancing and wearing protective masks are not the only solution to deal with this life-threatening disease.

Everything you eat and drink; even the water with which your bath should be clean from all the chemicals, viruses. And bacteria. You never know where this virus enters your respiratory system. 

What are the benefits 

We have listed down the major benefits of using a 3-stage water filter and how it will help you deal with this hazardous virus, but don’t forget to check our must have products to buy during COVID-19 outbreak.

  1. 3 stage filters are automated and you don’t need to fill it up again and again. The filter membrane also gets automatically cleaned.
  2. You don’t need to pay any maintenance fee a month after another because a 3 stage water filter knows how to care for itself. All you have to do is change the cartridge filter, but don’t forget to wash your hands and sanitize them after that!
  3. The ice cubes you make from the 3-stage filtered water never looks like a cloud. It freezes perfectly without any gaseous taste and odor.
  4. Water with a strange smell is more likely to carry germs and viruses making the elderly members of your family more vulnerable to Covid-19. The 3-stage filtration process removes all the contaminants that make the water healthy for drinking.  
  5. You can wash your dishes with the filtered water without worrying about any virus attack.

Some drawbacks 

Just like the advantages of using a 3-stage water filter, you must know about some of the drawbacks detailed below:

  1. Although this one is not so common, the water in the filtering membrane can get clogged sometimes if the cartridge is not replaced in the right manner. 
  2. Acidic water can easily carry the coronavirus, which is why it can cost you a bit more to buy 3 stage filters with advanced elimination features. 
  3. These filters require regular filter replacement.

How important it is to use a 3 stage water filter in this coronavirus outbreak 

A 3-stage water filter is exactly what you need right now because it has proven to remove the coarsest contaminants to the finest ones. NOT ONLY THAT, their high contamination reduction rate has helped many households fight against this disease. 

Soap would work efficiently

Hard water is more contagious than soft water and this is exactly what a 3 stage RO filter does. The best part about these filters is that you can drink, bath, and wash dishes with soft water that will reduce the chances of any virus staying on anything in your house. 

Lesser germs in drinking water

When you drink water, it directly gets inside of your body. Although coronavirus spreads from the respiratory system, it stays in the water for a while as well. If you are drinking contaminated and acidic water, you can easily fall prey to this incurable disease.

Remember that doctors from different countries are just claiming to make a vaccine and no cure is yet proven worthy. So, it is better to take all the precautionary measures. 

Anti-viral (Most Important)

Another reason why you should use an RO 3 stage water filter is that they are not only antibacterial but antiviral as well. Covid-19 is a dangerous virus that can easily spread and infect your whole family.

So, it is better to stay safe than sorry. This filter eliminates all the viruses, and because the lifespan of coronavirus is so short on anything, it can also be removed from the water if the right filter is used. 

Increases immunity 

This virus targets only those with weaker immune systems, which is why children and the elderly are more susceptible to get infected. Clean and purified water will boost your immune system and help you fight against this disease. 

Helps in metabolism 

Drinking enough water can increase your metabolism from 10 to 30% which might reduce your chances of catching diarrhea and other problems.

You need a strong metabolism to stay on the safe side against this virus, but only if you are drinking purified water. It will also help you feel less fatigued so that you can live in more peace.

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No doubt that coronavirus has taken away the peace of mind of all humankind. Countries like Italy and Spain have dropped their weapons against this virus. So, it is better to follow each and everything advised to us and save more lives. We hope that after reading this article, you will start drinking plenty of water; purified water. 

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