How to Speed Up and Improve Your Accident Recovery

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Being in an accident can be seriously traumatizing—especially if you didn’t walk away from it scratch-free. Car accidents, slip and fall accidents, stairwell accidents—all of these can almost seem mundane to those who weren’t in one, and absolutely horrific for the ones it happened to. Falling down the stairs is used as comedic relief in movies and skits all the time, so being seriously hurt in such an accident can be incredibly frustrating. It should not have hurt. It should not have happened. Right? 

The best you can do, however, is take these steps to speed up and improve your accident recovery.

Sign Up for a Physical Therapist 

The best way to regain as much strength and flexibility as possible following a severe accident is to sign up for physical therapy in Okemos as soon as you can. They will adapt your recovery schedule to suit your healing rate, and then guide you through various exercises and use other therapies to help your body recover as best as it can. 

They can’t help you regrow a limb if you’ve lost one, but they can help you strengthen your remaining limbs and prepare you to use a prosthetic as comfortably as possible. 

Stay Committed to the “Homework” 

Your physical therapist will likely give you exercises, stretches, and tasks to practice at home. Stick with those, as a few hours with a physical therapist each week isn’t going to help you get to your best post-accident self if you don’t follow up with at-home exercises. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, as you don’t want to hurt yourself while you are trying to heal. 

Invest in Recuperative Therapies in the Home 

Never underestimate the power of a bubble bath. When you’re feeling sore and achy, run a hot bath and use salt and soaps to help soothe your aching muscles and healing body. This, of course, will need to wait until your open wounds (if you have any) are fully closed. Once they are, using heat therapy in this way can help you fully unwind and relax to minimize tensed muscles. 

Adapt With Your Body 

If you were seriously injured, there is a chance you’ll never get back to your pre-accident self. Don’t fight this. It’s hard, but with the help of a physical therapist, you can work towards accepting your body the way it is now. Your body survived, and it and you deserve the utmost respect. 

The way you can continue to show your appreciation for your body and help mend that rift in your relationship with it is to adapt. Work with and practice using a prosthetic if that has been the outcome of the accident. Find new ways to do your daily routine; get the right tools to make your day easier. You deserve it, and you need it. If the tools in question are expensive, put yourself on whatever list you need to get the grant or item for a discounted rate (or for free) as soon as you can. 

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