How to Sharpen Stainless Steel Knife?

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When it comes to sharpening a stainless-steel knife, most people get confused. They always hesitate using the tools they used for the simple steel.

Here’s a thing that I’m gonna tell you with which most of you will disagree. You can use the same sharpeners you were using for your other knives. They won’t even do a little harm to your stainless-steel knife.

I have tried it myself self and lots of others also agreed with this. But if you aren’t sure about taking the risk, there are a few methods used for sharpening the stainless-steel knife. Before starting, let me give you a little tip.

If your stainless-steel knife is not much dull and you just want to sharpen it a little bit. Put it in the refrigerator overnight with its blade touching the ice. This will restore its sharpness to some extent.

Now let’s discuss some methods you can go with for sharpening your stainless-steel knife. You can try these methods on any type of stainless-steel knife whether it’s your pocket knives, boning knife for chicken or regular paring knives.

You can also sharpen your stainless-steel carving knives.

Use Diamond Based Stones

Though this method is a little bit, or must I say a lot expensive, but it would last for a very long time. Or you can also say that it would last for a lifetime.

Diamond based stones are not really stones but are either block or flat plates of any metal with diamond chips on it. There are different shapes and structures of diamond stones.

The most used is the one in which there are flat thin plates of steel that are impregnated with diamond chips. This one is far less expensive than any other type.

To sharpen your stainless steel knife on the diamond stone, first, you have to wet the stone (Though you can go with a dry stone but it’s better to use a wet one.) Put the edge of the knife on the stone at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees (whichever suites your knives) and start making slow and gentle strokes. You can also apply more water If needed.

To check if your knife is perfectly sharpened, you can glide the blade through a newspaper or any other material.

Don’t over sharp the blade and don’t do it too speedily. Keep your fingers away from the blade to lower the risk of injuries.

Use Japanese Water Stone

This method is less expensive than Dimond stone but works best for the stainless-steel knives. It is also one of the easiest ways to sharpen the knife.

When sharpening the knife with this stone, first soak the stone in the water for a few minutes but it shouldn’t be left in the water for so long. Water, in this method, works as a sharpening lubricant for tools.

Once the stone is wet, grip the knife in your hand firmly. Put your index finger on the knife to give it support but don’t put it near the blades. Put a bottle of water spray so that you can lubricate the stone when needed.

Maintain the right angle between the knife and the stone and make sure that the blades of the knife stay in contact with the stone. Now, move the blade back and forth all along the length of the stone starting from the heel of the blade towards its tip.

Repeat the process for almost 7 to 8 times for each side. It will be enough to sharpen a stainless-steel knife.

Sharp it With Sand Paper

The most budget-friendly way of all. Just go to a hardware store, pick up a sandpaper and start sharpening your stainless-steel knife.

There are many ways of sharpening knives with sandpaper. But I’m gonna share with you the easy one.

Just wrap sandpaper around a block or a brick and start running your knife flat on it in a circular motion.

Make sure that both sides are equally sharpened. Don’t apply too much pressure.


Above, I have provided you with the best method to sharpen the stainless-steel knife. All of these are extremely safe for stainless steel and are guaranteed to do no harm to the knives.

The best of all is the diamond method, though it’s not budget-friendly you can use it for a long period of time.

However, if you are not willing to spend much money on the sharper you can try the other two.

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