Resetting Water Filter Light on LG Refrigerator isn’t A Big Deal Now

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If you’re confused with the red, yellow and green lights on Water Filter of your LG Refrigerator, this guide is for you!

Water Filters are becoming essential for everyone. They’re surety of healthy drinking water. Importance of water filter can be guessed through the fact that every usage point or appliance has its own filter in United Sates.

Well, filters are solving the great issue of our life. Yet it doesn’t mean that it has no issue of its own.

Water Filters need regular maintenance. They need to be changed, refreshed, and reset. Filter manufacturing companies are regularly working on improvement.

Resetting Water Filter Light on LG Refrigerator

Filter Lights and their Meaning on Water Filter

Usually, the filter has three lights.

Green that your filter is working fine no need at all to change.

Yellow means filter Is at the middle — same as a yellow traffic light.

Red means it is time to change the filter. However, many people continue using the same filter.

On the other hand, filters Sometimes keeps on working even with red light. Red light necessarily doesn’t mean that water won’ t filter now onward. People usually take this as a suggestion.

Filter Light and their meaning on LG Refrigerator

Refrigerators like LG and Samsung fridge, do have their own filter for the right reason. There are different manufacturers of filters for refrigerators.

Everyone has their indicating light ‘s color and meaning. There are many other ways to notice need to change. It may be low in the pressure of water, unusual odor, or change in color.

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Some refrigerators have symbols or texts which light up to show the problem. They are intelligent enough to indicate an issue by themselves. As in the case of odor, odor content would light up.

Moreover, in case of filter change, it has a separate symbol or light. Well last but not least in case it is filtered time to change don`t ignore a lot.

How to Reset Water Filter Status Light?

It is very important to set your water filter light of a refrigerator. It is important to indicate or allows your filter to reset and start working. If you didn’t reset it, it would give you old readings. You may end up in the unresolvable issue.

The question arises, how to rest the filter. Well, it is true that every refrigerator has its own setting or name of the reset button. Some of them are labeled as “water filter” others may name it as “Reset” simply.

So firstly, it is important to read the manual of the filter. Then press that specific button for at least 3 sec or what is recommended. Note in most cases it is not easy to press the reset button obviously for security reasons.

How to Reset Air Filter Light on the LG Refrigerator

Refrigerators have to protect us from different external factors in order to give us fresh-tasting, healthy, and pollution-free food. Polluted air is one factor which needs attention.

So to filter that air, air filters are used. These air filters also need attention and maintenance. So to they do come with Resetting option.

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They also needed to be changed after every six months. So keep an eye on its indicators. The indicators are in term of lights which changes their color.

Moreover, there are signs which shows what actions to take. However, don`t ignore this indicator. You never know how much danger they will be in the long run if ignored.

What If! You don’t Reset

Resetting water filter either on the faucet or in the refrigerator is not rocket science, to be honest. However, it is far more important then you think of.

The importance increases when you change the filter without any indication from the other side. If you change the filter without its indication or before time and forget to rest, then what would happen.

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It would again indicate to change the filter when it is not the time to do so. It would definitely burden on pocket. It may make your filter disable at once or may make it unable to filter what is required. So, in short, it is heavy on pocket as well as on health.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Filters:

  • Well though it is an easy process and usually needs no technical assistance. However, you should use a branded filter in order to have long-lasting benefits.
  • Look for another indicator of filter change besides just indicator lights. However, they rely on them completely.
  • Never forget to reset the button. It is done through pressing the reset button (or named otherwise) for at least three seconds.
  • Never compromise on quality. Use authorize branded and recommended filters.

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