How To Core A Pineapple Without Corer? 3 Ways To Do It!

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Imagine yourself enjoying a pineapple tart in a lunch party or a pineapple salad for your next diet session. However, you will have to core the pineapple first to get delighted with the mouthwatering taste.

Pineapples were a symbol of luxury and wealth back in the eighteenth century when pineries were constructed in Europe.

Editor’s Choice to Core A PineApple with Ease

Hearing the word pineapple takes you instantly to a Hawaiian beach where you can take a sunbath with a piña colada in your hand. The refreshing and vibrant taste of pineapple makes it irresistible, which is why it is worthy of the hard work.

You need to earn the juicy slices of the pineapple by coring it perfectly. So, don’t feel devoid of this luxury, and polish your cutting skills a bit more. We are here to tell you about coring a pineapple without a corer.

Not everyone has a pineapple corer by their side, so don’t feel down and follow some simple steps to get going with your pineapple dishes. Whether it is a pineapple cake, a Hawaiian pizza, fruit tart, or pineapple salad, you are going to rock it!

How To Core A Pineapple Without A Corer?

Following detailed are some of the easiest methods to core a pineapple without a corer. All you need is an end-grain cutting board and the right knife to do so. Make sure you know how to treat a cutting board right.

Another thing to remember is the type of knife you are choosing. Instead of going for a serrated or filleting knife, use a boning or carving knife to core the pineapple with perfection.

Coring In Quarters

The first thing you need to do is get a flat top and bottom of the pineapple. For that, you need to cut the top and bottom.

Make sure you don’t cut more than 0.5 inches of the surface.

Having a flat top and bottom of the pineapple will make it easier to cut it.

Now, place the pineapple upright and cut it from top to bottom. Remove its skin and eyes. You can also use a chef’s knife for cutting the pineapple in 4 quarters.

You will see the core clearly in the middle of each quartered piece. Remove it by moving the knife down to the bottom.

Coring With The Skin On

Just like the first method, you will need to chop off the top and bottom of the pineapple. Slice them off with a slicing knife so that it will be separated easily.

When you get a flat top and bottom, cut the pineapple into two halves without removing the skin.

You will see a paler yellow middle of the pineapple. This is the core you need to remove. Use a pointed-tip slicing knife so that you will find it easy to slice away the thin piece of core.

Individual Slice Coring

Place the pineapple on the sides on the cutting board and remove the leaves. Cut the top and bottom to get a flat surface for it to stand on.

Now, peel off the skin in long strips and remove the eyes. Use a slicer knife and slice the pineapple in coins.

Once you have got the coin slices ready, it’s time to take out the core. The core will be in the middle of each slice in a round shape. Use the icing tip of the knife and move it around the core.

You can also use a cookie cutter for that cause. Once properly cut, remove the core, and enjoy your pineapple slices.

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With all being said, pineapple coring will not be a daunting task anymore. Now, you will be able to enjoy the freshness of this juicy fruit with all its fanciness. Make as many dishes as you like, and make the most of the summer perks with pineapple punches.

Now you will never feel deprived of tasting the fruit or using pineapple in your favorite fruit salad of the regal by learning these amazing steps to core a pineapple without a corer.

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