Ultimate Guide to Convert Hard Water into Soft for Bathing

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Taking a shower is a therapy to clean your mind along with your body. However, be cautioned to use proper mineral water for this, as hard water has dangerous effects on our skin and hair.

As we want our inner health to be perfect, we should work on our outer health because this is what the world sees and believe. Hard water contains a lot of minerals, especially gypsum, chalk, limestone calcium, and magnesium.

True that these are the minerals we all long for but did you ever wonder why now they are harmful. We all must hear of a phrase that” excess of everything is bad.” These minerals are excessively found in hard water. The hard water can be harmful in the following ways:

  1. Hard water can`t clean all the soap on the body. Some residuals are left. These cause irritation and itching.
  2. This mineral strips moisture from hair. The hair would then look like lifeless, dry, and frizzy.
  3. Hard water can clog your pores.
  4. Calcium in hard water changes the skin`s own oil and moisturizing mechanism.
  5. Unfiltered water may contain chlorine. This chlorination, when mixes with the organic element, causes severe health hazards.
  6. Hard work is harmful to babies’ skin and overall health.
  7. Hard water is not harmful for a human being, but also for silverwares, taps, and other accessories of the bathroom. It is the hard water that stains them, and they lose their original color and grace shortly.

So, you should consider your water requirement carefully in order to retain the freshness, smoothness, and natural healthy look of hair and skin. The solution to such issues is softening hard water. If you are confused that what exactly softening is then let us explain it briefly.

Soft water has a minimum amount of magnesium and some other minerals. Here, we will discuss a few water softening techniques and technology.

5 Most Convincing Water Softening Methods

Reverse Osmosis (RO System)

Reverse osmosis is one of the most popular method of water filtration. In this method, water passes through a very fine mesh to remove any sediment. It is supposed to filter out any sediments, which are responsible for water hardening.

It is normally used for drinking water. However, nowadays, it is being used at larger-scale as in for bathrooms.

Reverse osmosis filters water to the finest level with different levels of filtering.  People normally use it with bathtubs or faucet. However, people nowadays are opting to use it near water storage tanks and delivery pumps.

This provides soft water to a household of 6 persons at least. It clearly means that soft water is now available for kitchen, drinking, and bathing. Are you also looking for the best RO system for your home?

Ion Exchanging

Ion exchange is a chemical-free process of deionizing water. In this method, electricity is used to eliminate sediments. This method is specifically considered for water softening. Moreover, this process filtering is considered ideal for filtering at a large scale. So, it is the best choice for removing hardness for bathing water. It is interesting to note that this method was not new for commercial use. However, household users can get benefits from this too. These are available for installation near showerheads.


Chelation is another water filtering method. This method is responsible for conditioning hardness causing Ions and chemical. In short, this method normalizes the ions that are responsible for the hardness of the water.

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People usually consider ion exchange and Chelation similar. Ion exchange actually removes ions causing hardness. Whereas Chelation just conditioned hardness causing ion. They are not removed at all. This process is not new. It is already used in industries, laundries, and restaurants. Nowadays, it is popular for domestic use.

This method is effective for stain removing too. So, it is best in every way. The best part of using Chelation for softening water is that one can still enjoy the properties of minerals without any harmful effects.

Washing Soda

Using washing soda for water softening is one of the most inexpensive ways of water softening. Sodium carbonate is another name of washing soda. Sodium carbonate is soluble in water. This eliminates calcium and magnesium ions from the water.

It is important to note that this method is difficult in a way that one has to add washing soda every time to storage tanks before using them. Moreover, one has to be careful about the quantity. One can add 4 ounces per gallon of water. So, any change in quantity can result differently.

The solution will be colorless. Moreover, using washing soda for water softening has numerous benefits for the person in the bath as well as the taps and other silverwares, which may come in contact with water in the bath.

Faucet Filter

Faucet filters are the best handy options for bathrooms. Many technologies, like the use of mesh, chemicals, or other biological methods, are used to remove impurities or hardness causing factors. Faucet filter is indeed a low-priced option.

There are several designs and sizes to accommodate the aesthetic sense of the user. One may use multiple methods of filtration. This can be the second level of filtration besides a large one installed at the storage tank. Faucet filter works best for small houses with minimum usage points.

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There is a drawback with using this type of filter.  Faucet filter only protects user’s skin. It can`t protect pipes from wearing out.


If you are confused about the water softening method to use, then consider the following points.

  • Remember water filtering and water softening are not the same. Although Water filters can be used for softening, but only after complete research.
  • Changes are observed after some time, so never get disheartened after a one-time use.
  • Do read the company`s recommendations while installing a water softening system.
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