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GARVEE Bathroom Mirror

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The Garvee Bathroom Mirror: A New Smart Mirror for Your Bathroom

New generation bathroom mirrors are an innovative addition to modern bathrooms, providing more than just a reflective surface. They come equipped with advanced features that make them a must-have in any modern bathroom.

One of the most popular features of new-gen bathroom mirrors is their ability to function as smart mirrors. Smart mirrors can be connected to the internet and come with features such as voice control, personalized settings, and even access to social media. They can display weather updates, news headlines, and can even play music or videos.

Another popular feature of new-gen bathroom mirrors is the inclusion of LED lighting. LED lights offer a bright, energy-efficient, and long-lasting lighting solution that can be customized to suit any mood or occasion. Some mirrors even come with color-changing LED lighting, which can create a unique ambiance in your bathroom.

New-gen bathroom mirrors also come equipped with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers, and even anti-fog technology. Anti-fog technology prevents the mirror from fogging up, making it easier to use even in the most humid environments.

Some new-gen bathroom mirrors also include built-in magnifying mirrors, making it easier to apply makeup or shave. Other features include built-in clocks and temperature sensors, making it easier to keep track of time and ensure that your bathroom is always at the optimal temperature.

If you are looking for purchasing a smart mirror for your bathroom have a look at the Garvee bathroom mirror.

Garvee Bathroom Mirror

Garvee’s bathroom mirror is a dimmable LED mirror with two built-in LED strip lights. It is an easy to install modern bathroom mirror That can light up your bathroom ambience in an instant. Let us explore the features of Garvee bathroom mirror: 

  • LED illumination

With two built-in LED strip lights placed like an outline on the mirror, this LED lighted bathroom mirror allows you to change the the color temperatures with the press of a button. There are three settings under color temperature you can choose from: Warm(3000K), natural (4000K) and white(6000K).

  • Choose the brightness level

You can easily change the brightness to fit your needs by simply tapping on the button placed in the front of the mirror. Simply touch the round button for 3 seconds to change light intensity from normal to brightest. There are three options; 20% lowlight, 60% neutral white and 100% bright white. 

  • Memory function

There is a memory function that will allow the mirror to remember your brightness setting. If you switch off the bathroom mirror at 20% lowlight setting, when you switch it on again the mirror will restart at the same brightness level. This is a great feature for people with sensitive eyes. 

  • Anti-fog

Mirrors get foggy when you take a hot and steaming shower which can be frustrating for many. When the Garvee mirror starts to fog up during your hot shower just switch on the anti-fog function.  In 5-10 minutes the mirror will clear the fog completely.  

  • Easy to install

The installation is easy and great news for all the “do-it-yourselfer”. You need brackets and screws to install the mirror which are included in the package.  First step is to draw a straight line with a ruler on the wall you plan to place the mirror. This ensures that mirror is  correctly placed. Next step is to drill 2 holes or 4 holes according to the screws you have received in the package. Screw the mirror bracket to the wall and hang the mirror on the bracket and the installation will be complete.

There are three different variants of Garvee bathroom mirror you can choose from. All the features of the mirrors are the same but the dimensions are different. Here are the three variants:

  1. 24”x40”
  2. 24”x32”
  3. 24”x28”

The bathroom mirror has energy saving technology and is versatile. It can be used in a bedroom, hotel rooms, spas and salons to brighten the aesthetics. 

What Should You Consider While Buying a Smart Bathroom Mirror?

When buying a smart bathroom mirror, there are several features and factors to consider. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Size: The size of the mirror should be appropriate for your bathroom space and your personal preferences.
  • Display: The mirror should have a high-resolution display that is easy to read and view from various angles.
  • Connectivity: The mirror should be able to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you can stream music, make hands-free calls, and control other smart devices in your home.
  • Lighting: The mirror should have high-quality lighting that is adjustable to your needs, whether it is for applying makeup or shaving.
  • Voice Control: Voice control is a convenient feature that allows you to control the mirror using voice commands, such as turning the lights on or off.
  • Touchscreen: A touchscreen interface can make it easier to control the mirror and access its features.
  • Smart Home Integration: The mirror should be compatible with other smart home devices and systems, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Anti-fogging: Anti-fogging technology is a useful feature that keeps the mirror clear and free of steam even in a steamy bathroom.
  • Price: The price of the mirror should be within your budget, and should reflect the features and quality of the mirror.
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