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Fleck 5000 SXT Features, Price, Installation & Manual

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Fleck is a very traditional water filter brand, and it has served the industry for more than 50 years.If you want to purchase a unit that is feature-filled and offers maximum quality, Fleck (5000sxt or 5600sxt) is your go-to provider.

People living in areas where there is unlimited hard water have to make sure that they have safe and healthy water to drink.

Editor’s Choice For Some Of The Best Fleck Water Softeners

To get safe and healthy water, best water filters are required. People often keep changing their water appliances because they don’t suit their areas.

This is very dangerous because they are at war with harmful elements like arsenic, lead, mercury, barium, fluoride, and many more.

When it comes detecting these harmful elements with the naked eye, it is not possible. They can only be seen through microscopic technology.

If you are at that stage then fleck 5000 water softener is best for you.

Fleck products are proudly competing with some of the best-known water filter brands. It will fit your household and your kitchen best. Other than that, it has a very sleek and compact design, barely noticeable.

Fleck 5000 SXT ( AFWFilters AIG10 Air Injection) Review

If we had to describe the workability and performance of the Fleck 5000SXT, we would just call it reliable, easy-to-use, and simple.

One thing about the Fleck 5000SXT is that it is built for providing high flow rates and a reasonable amount of pressure drop.

However, when we compare this product with the 5600SXT, then the pressure drop of the Fleck 5000 is comparatively less. Each time, your tank will be filled with conditioned and treated water.

This is very helpful when it comes to eliminating harmful contaminants from the premises of water. Also, all of Fleck products offer less maintenance and iron-bearing qualities.

Product Overview

AFWFilters AIG10 Air Injection - Key Features
  • Gold Air Injection with catalytic carbon media for wide range treatment
  • Fleck 5000SXT air injection valve for chemical free, automatic backwashing


Gold Air Injection | catalytic carbon media | Fleck 5000SXT | Removes up to 15 ppm iron | Service flow rate 2.8 GPM | Peak flow rate 8 GPM | Minimum 5 GPM required
  • Warranty of five-years mostly
  • Offers a very reliable customer service to its users.
  • SXT Controls – users can manage the settings.
  • Can only remove a small amount of iron.

Detailed Features of Fleck 5000 SXT

The Fleck 5000SXT comes with a variety of some overpowering features. Let’s discuss them.

Elimination of Hard Water

As you all are aware, hard water is not a good thing to be around. The Fleck 5000SXT uses the ion exchange technique to get rid of magnesium and calcium – the water hardening contaminants from the water.

Both of these minerals are responsible for excessive scale production, which is terrible for the health and your kitchen units. The scale will grow from time to time and clog your pipes, which will lead to investing in new ones.

Those areas where there is an excessive amount of hard water, the Fleck 5000SXT is a great solution for that.

The Revival System

The Fleck 5000SXT has an impressive regeneration system. This feature is useful for maintaing the amount of water being used, and only revives the needed amount of freshwater. This is a very useful and money-saving feature.

You also can fine-tune according to your own preferences. Other than that, the SXT digital system is installed inside the main valve. Because of this high precision, the consumption rate is at minimum.

The SXT Function

A very effective feature of this product is that it uses modern technology. The SXT controller comes with different kinds of parameters.

Which can easily be customized and configured according to your own requirements. Just by contacting with the LCD, you can do all the changes.

The SXT controller contains options like internal emergency battery, easy to understand interface, and touchpad functions to control the settings of the unit.

Even if you don’t understand the controls, you can consult the user’s manual and get to know about the procedures required for the SXT controls.

The Tank

The tank of this particular model is very large, but it has an elongated design and doesn’t take much of your space.

It is still important for you to know that the tank can handle 250 lbs of salt.The tank also has a safety float system integrated inside the reservoir which prevents overflow and overfilling.

With this amazing feature, it is easy to understand that the Fleck 5000SXT is a very easy to use and friendly machine.

Installation of Fleck 5000 SXT

When we talk about the installation process of the Fleck 5000SXT, then most tanks require a proper intervention and cannot be installed by a common man, but this unit can be installed by anyone.

Even a person with little knowledge about plumbing can install the Fleck 5000SXT. That’s why people call it fleck 5000 manual.

The unit is very easy to assemble once you get a gander on the instruction manual; it will only take a few minutes. Often people ignore the manual and start straight-up denying about the ease of installation. On the other hand, some people are wise enough to oversee the user manual.

User Manual

Here you can download the user manual of Pentair Fleck 5000 SXT.

Price of Fleck 5000 SXT

It is very surprising to know that Fleck 5000SXT is cost-effective. Some people might consider it to be a bit expensive, but it is worth every dollar. There is obviously much difference between an upgraded and a standard model.

The upgraded one is never worth the ideal price, but the standard one is very efficient and useful. But, the choice depends on your preferences and your household requirements.

Melissa Mathews – a proud user of the Fleck 5000SXT, loves this unit because it is versatile and offers high-end results. Another reason why she loves this product is that it is reasonably priced and very easy to install. She recommends all of her friends and relatives to use this unit for protecting their health.

Final Thought

If you are going through a tough budget and in need of best water filter for your household that is both feature-filled and cost-effective, then Fleck 5000SXT is the best option.

This unit is best for large households because large homes benefit most from the 5000SXT as compared to small homes.

Alternative Options – Fleck 5600sxt Softeners

Due to recent trends, people are more tend to purchase Fleck 5600sxt water softeners as alternative to Fleck 5000sxt. Some of the best selling Fleck 5600 sxt products are enlisted below.
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