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Express Water 10 Stage Review of 2022 | Honestly Reviewed

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If you are tired of drinking water from the poor and contaminated supply, now is the right time to opt for a water filtration system. Drinking clean and purified water is essential to lead an active and healthy life. But, is Express Water 10 Stage RO Filter the answer? Lets review!

You must be confused if you have just thought to buy a water filtration system for your home. Getting jumbled up while choosing the right type of filter is natural as the market is flooded with different brands and models.

The Express Water 10-Stage Home Drinking Filtration System can be the right choice for you. The filter is extremely budget-friendly and performance-oriented which makes it a perfect blend of quality and affordability. The system features a Reverse Osmosis filtration system that guarantees its filtration performance.

But is this Undersink RO System suites you? It depends. It depends because your budget, family size, kitchen type, and many more factors that even we don’t know. That’s why you need a perfect review that covers all the aspects of the directly or indirectly related to the product.

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Express Water 10 Stage: A Review

After collecting detailed data based on extensive research and customer experiences, we have compiled a comprehensive review of the Express Water 10-stage filtration system. Detailed key features along with specs, pros, and cons, are added for your convenience.

A detailed buying guide at the end of this article will help you make an informed decision while buying a filter.

Product Overview

Express Water 10 Stage  - Key Features
437 Reviews
Express Water 10 Stage - Key Features
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filter: Experience what water should taste like with the Express...
  • Alkaline Water Filter: Express Water’s Alkaline Water Filter with Active Mineral...


BPA-free | 100 GPD | 10-stage complete filtration | 1-year warranty | Remove up to 99.99% of major contaminants in tap water! Pesticides, Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Herbicides, Hydrocarbons, Turbidity, Hardness, Phosphate, Pyrogens, Giardia, Heavy Metals, Sulfate, Viruses, Rust, Sand, Dirt, Dust, Cyanide, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and more | flow rate: 0.8 GPM | flood protection | 6-months filter life | certified against NSF standard 58
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee
  • 100% lead-free
  • Affordable
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Easy to replace and maintain
  • Value of money
  • Reasonable price
  • Better tasting water
  • Excellent filtering performance
  • Filter life is shorter
  • Some parts were missing on delivery

Detailed Features of Express Water 10 Stage

If innovation in water filters has to be given a name, we would have recommended the Express Water 10 Stage Under Sink Alkaline Filter. The filter is designed with a smart technique that merges an alkaline canister with an RO-unit.

It means that you get your water filtered as well as alkalized. You get two in the price of one; that is why people are loving the product. Not only this, but the filtration system is feature-packed.

We have compiled all the details by dividing its performance into the major key features. Let us have a look:

5-Stage Filtration

When you hear the name of this filter with a 10-stage mentioned with it, do not confuse the filtration procedure following 10-stages. The accurate filtration stages of this filter are 5 that isn’t that bad actually.

The 10 stages are divided into filtration and remineralization so that the user can get the best drinking experience. The filter can remove up to 99% of all the contaminants along with TDS, chemicals, and heavy metals.

Let us now see how the 5-stage filtration works and what is removed in every stage.

  1. In the first stage, the sediment filter initiates the process by dirt, dust, rust, suspended particles, and other large contaminants. This stage also reduces turbidity that increases the lifetime of the filter.
  2. The 2 nd and 3 rd stage filters are carbon block and granular carbon filters that fight against bad taste and odor. It reduces chlorine and chloramine along with bacteria, pesticides, and VOCs. This filter frees the water from any chemical that can affect the RO membrane in the next stage.
  3. The 4 the stage is the RO membrane that filters out all the hard to remove contaminants including heavy metals, arsenic, viruses, bacteria, cyst, lead, mercury, and fluoride.
  4. The activated post carbon filter in the 5 the stage polishes the quality of water. It looks for any particulate left behind and removes it.

5-Stage Remineralization

The next 5-stages of the filter provide the water with alkalization and remineralization. The essential minerals remove in the 4 the stage RO filter is included back in the 5 the to 9 the stage.

The beneficial antioxidants are added along with increasing the oxygen levels in the water. The acidic level of the water is also balanced by increasing the pH level. The 10 the and the last stage polish the quality of the water for the last time after which it is ready for drinking.

Filter Life And Capacity

Express water ROALK10D UnderSink has a high flow rate as compared to another system in its range. A 0.8 GPM allows you to fill up your glass without waiting. Not only that, but the filter offers 100 gallons per day.

This is the highest capacity offered by even the most expensive filters. So, why spend more? This makes the system ideal for families of more than 6 members.

The filter life may concern you a bit because the pre-filters and alkaline filters need to be replaced every 6 months. The RO membrane lasts for only 12 months while others can last up to 2 years or more.

However, if you compare this lifespan with its price, you will know it offers the right value of your money.

Installation & Replacement

If you have a little experience in dealing with DIY tasks at home, you can easily install the Express ROALK10D. Although it takes quite some time to set up, you will not be scratching your head on any step.

The installation manual is pretty simple to understand so that anyone can save on their plumbing costs. The system should be installed under your sink where it directly connects to the main water supply and cold water line.

Everything you need comes packed in the box. Just get your toolkit out and spare an hour to install it. As far as replacing the filers is concerned, you need to be very careful about the timing. The system is not hard to maintain.

However, the life of the filters is shorter than others. It makes it more crucial for you to keep a track of time. Make sure you change the filters in time so that better water quality is ensured.

Leak Protection

The most important thing you need to be cautious about is the leaking in your filtration system. This is one of the major concerns of users who are using even more expensive filters. However, Express Water 10-stage filter frees you from the worries.

With its flood protection technology, you can rest assured that no leakage will be experienced. The leak stop valve shuts down the system automatically if it experiences the slightest leakage in the RO fabric disk.

Go leak-free by choosing the amazing Express water filter and get a great value of your investment. Not only that, the system is fully upgradeable, which means the filter upgrades itself according to any change in your water quality.

For example, if you move to a new place with a different water supply, the RO Alkaline filer will work smartly and treat the water accordingly. The filters are tested for their water pressure, air-jet tested and certified against the NSF standard 58.

What Customers Are Saying

You won’t believe when we tell you that this filter doesn’t have any 1-star review. With a 74% 5-star rating and 100% customer satisfaction rate, this filter has outshined many expensive brands of the time.

Who wouldn’t want to buy an affordable water filter that can work better than the costly ones? People are enjoying the “clean, tasty water” along with the fact that how easy it is to install.

We have just seen positive and supporting reviews from the customers. They think they have made and “Excellent” choice by ordering the Express Water filter because it has exceeded their expectations.

What We Liked The Most

According to our experts, the system is a great thing to invest in when the water is bad. It can really prove to be an excellent choice because of the features it has.

There are many expensive and giant brad names out there who have failed to produce such a brilliant water filtration system as this one. What we liked the most about this filter is the smart amalgamation of alkalization along with RO filtration.

The system has carefully divided the 10-stages into half so that every drop of water is full of freshness and better taste.

Buying Guide for Express RO Alkaline Water Systems

A lot of people who have used RO water filters claimed that the water tastes better than bottled water. However, you need to find the right one to fulfill your requirements as well.

To make things easier for you, here is a list of factors to consider when you are out to buy a new reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Research Thoroughly

The quality of the choices you make depend on the time you spend in doing quality research. Buying a filter means you care for the health of your family. So, be very careful while searching for the best Alkaline Filter.

Do not count on just the 1st-page search list and look deeper in the features of every product you see until you find what you expect. First, make a list of your requirements and then mark every product that is near to your needs.

Ask For Recommendations

If you are still unsure about what to choose from the list you have just made, you can ask from your trusted contacts. Maybe you can get better options than what you searched for. Ask your family members, friends, neighbors, or colleagues to help you out.

They will refer you to the RO filers they have used and provided you with real-experience reviews.

Select The Right Type Of Alkaline Filter Machine

Another important fact to consider is the type of RO filters you need. There are two major types; countertop RO Machine and under-counter RO System.

Countertop filters are placed on your countertops due to their compact, portable, and lightweight design. These filters are ideal for small kitchens where you don’t have much space under your counters or in cabinets.

These systems are comparatively easy to set up as well. On the other hand, under-counter Ionize Water Filter is installed under the sink area of your kitchen. These systems are very easy to use and require less maintenance.

Once they are installed, you can rest for years without worrying about their repairs. Although they are a bit complex to install, you can do it yourself by following the instruction correctly.

These filters are bigger in size and can produce filtered water in large capacity. These filters are quite convenient for daily water usage of medium to large families.

Size And Capacity

The installation of your reverse osmosis system depends on the size of your kitchen. Make sure that you have measured the under-sink area if you want to install an under-counter Reverse Osmosis filter.

Not every company offers a return policy. So, if you do not have to measurements and bring home a bigger one, its placement will become an issue. The next big concern is the capacity of the filtration system.

The capacity of an RO filter largely depends on its size. Bigger systems with more filters attached are likely to produce more filtered water. They come with special storage tanks alongside the actual water capacity.

Some Reverse Osmosis System can provide you with up to 100 gallons of filtered water per day.

Life Expectancy

RO systems come with a complete set of filters according to the number of stages it features. For example, if you buy a 5-stage Reverse Osmosis filtration system, the lifespan of each stage’s filter will be different.

The longer the life of the filters the better the performance gets. In most of the filters, the RO membrane filter lasts for up to 2 years while other sediment and carbon filters last from 6 months to 1year. Check the warranty for your product as well.

Most of the systems come with a maximum 5-years warranty. However, some of the best ones also offer lifetime warranties.

Ease Of Installation

While most of the people have to call a plumber to fix every new machine in their house, you may want to save some money. Don’t worry and just look out for the installation process of the filter you are buying.

Make sure that proper video tutorials of its installation are available on the internet. Its user manual should be clear and easy to understand so that you can do it yourself without paying extra to the plumbers.

Effectivity In Filtering Water

This is one of the major reasons why you are buying a reverse osmosis filter. RO water filters are said to be the most effective in terms of making your water tastier.

Not only that, but the RO technique is also more reliable and powerful in eliminating all the harmful contaminants, bacteria, and viruses from the water.

Heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine, arsenic, lead, mercury, E-coli, pesticides, and herbicides are some of the major contaminants that become the reason for major health issues.

Make sure that every stage of your RO system removes particular contaminants and sediments with precision and perfection.


Budgeting for buying a new RO filter is also important. These filers are not as affordable as you might think of it. No doubt that there are filers available on low-budget, but they are also in a range of hundred dollars or more.

So, when you are spending this much money to get better water quality, make sure it’s worth it. A wrong water filter that doesn’t do what it is supposed to, is no more than wasting your money down the drain.

Pay only for what the filter is capable of providing you with. Buying a filter that offers you the equal value of money is when you know you made the right decision

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question) for Express Water 10 Stage

  • How does the safety shut valve work?

If any leak is detected in the RO membrane the leak shut valve automatically close itself that allows no more water to proceed towards the RO membrane.

  • How often the cartridge does needs to be changed?

There are different lifespans for all the filters that come with the system. The sediment, carbon, and granular filters need to be changed every 6 months, while the RO filter will be changed once a year.

  • Is the filter heavy?

For some, it might be a bit heavier than other filters at a weight of 27 pounds.

  • What are the dimensions for the filtration system?

14 x 15 x 5 inches


Express Water ROALK10D is definitely worth giving a chance. The filter is durably constructed with the best quality materials and filters.

Clean and healthy water was never so easy and affordable because of this 10-stage filter. Bring it home today, and you will never be disappointed.

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