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Everpure H300 Reviews in 2021 – Pros, Cons, Specs & Features

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If you’re here, you defiantly want to know some more about Everpure H300 by Pentair. So here’s the Review.

Selecting the best undersink water filter cartridge have been a major issue when there are number of brands and products out there. But thanks you’re already near to select the best filter i.e. Everpure H-300. Is it worth buying? Lets examine your decision.

Why I Need EverPure H300: In the past few years, water issues have evolved lately, and the disruptive issues have been giving us a severe headache. People want to have long-lasting yet inexpensive solutions to their water problems, everyone wants to get rid of it.

If you are going to have a durable filter that goes along with you promising you wholesome water with all the minerals strengthening your bones and organs.

Before you take off to purchase Everpure H300, ask yourself a few questions, whether you want a water filter that assists you to acquire a pure water filter or just you want a temporary solution to your water full of undesired particles.

So if you have made up your mind for a healthy lifestyle, then never let it down. Because a healthy lifestyle doesn’t cost too much, all you need is the determination to stick to your health goals.

Meanwhile, you may need a bunch of dollars in your hand, nothing comes free, hey welcome to the real world! 😀

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Everpure H300 Review

Product Overview

Everpure H300  - Key Features
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Everpure H300 - Key Features
  • Reduces the following contaminants: lead, cysts such as giardia lambila, and...
  • Removes chlorine taste and odor, dirt and cloudiness, mold and algae and particles...


Micro-Pure technology | Min. Pressure- 10 psi | Max. Pressure-125 psi | Bottle Water Equivalent – 2,272 | Capacity – 1,355 Litres | Separate faucet installation | NSF certified for lead removal | Reduces chlorine taste & odor, lead, cloudiness, and mold & algae | Certifications: NSF 42, NSF 53 | Electronic filter change timer | Easy maintenance | Reduces mineral build-up in water-using appliances | Flow rate (LPM): 1.9

  • Easy installation
  • Electronic filter change timer
  • Long-lasting
  • Reduces contaminants effectively
  • A 300-gallon capacity
  • Leakage may occur
  • Pricey

Detailed Features Of EVERPURE H-300


My opinion states that performance should stay on the top as the decision wholly depends on the attributes of a water filter. All water filters purify water, so what’s new with this Everpure H-300, this not only purifies water but ensures you the removal of lead, chlorine, odor, lead, cloudiness, and mold & algae up to 96%

The filter micron size is so narrow that it could filter out the tiniest contaminant from your drinking water. It reduces the particles of 1/2 micron or larger including the stinky and fishy Cryptosporidium cysts. This is so amazing, Right?

Then go and invest some money on this best under sink filter to achieve the purity to its full extent. The performance could be measured from the fact that clogging happens rarely, but you have to clean them to enjoy every sip of your crisp drinking water.

Everpure H-300 absorbs common earthy, moldy, unpleasant tastes, and odors. It would help to prevent the chalky white scale build-up in your water appliances. This cartridge features a top-notch commercial-grade metal canister, known to protect the filter system from splitting or bursting.

The scale inhibitor has got itself blended into the Micro-Pure material to diminish the white and lime mineral build-up in water-using appliances.

Filter Life

The best part is that you can go for this product without thinking twice because a replacement has to be done annually. Doesn’t it sound comforting? For sure yes, because you don’t have to dive for the replacements every month, replace the filters annually….

An aspect that has really really blown away the consumers is the feature of Everpure H-300, a twist-off filter head eliminating the hassle of changing your filter.


Heavenly water costs some bucks, Everpure H-300 is certainly an affordable water filter as it is a long-lasting filter assures you the quality you have been asking for…

It is a bit pricey as compared to other under sink water filters, but investing a few bucks on Everpure H-300 could ease your life and is definitely worth it to purchase.


The Everpure H-300 filter cartridges possess an outer pressure shell that is manufactured from aluminum, which offers amassed plus points of being both lightweight and the ability to withstand higher pressure.

The story doesn’t end here, it is just a start, it inhibits biofilm and microbial build-up in the filter which is the sole cause for the product life’s recession. It comes along with a 1/2 gallon per minute flow rate that makes you go smoothly with the water filter.

A 300-gallon capacity seems enough for you, what say? I think a supreme choice to replace your water filters with Everpure H-300 filter cartridges. The Everpure H-300 filter cartridges remove lead, chlorine taste, and odor, Lime, Scale, Rust, Corrosion, and yes it dispenses the Cysts as well…. 

The carbon block filter comprises uncountable tiny pores that make the Everpure H-300 filter highly absorbent towards the efficient dispel of contaminants and impurities.

The carbon filter’s pores remove chlorine, VOCs, and sediments, leaving fine crispy water for high-quality beverages and food applications.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The installation of Everpure H-300 is pretty much easy and it could be done easily with the tools that are readily available at your home. Just a bit of know-how and the end your installation is done.

Now you can enjoy purified drinking water. The built-in water shut-off and twist-off sturdy design of Everpure H-300 makes it convenient for cartridge changes. Replacing of the Everpure H-300 cartridge is sanitary and as easy as changing a light bulb .

The Everpure H-300 is equipped with an electronic timer that enables you to change the filter when it is required, you don’t have to fall for the hassle anymore, say bye to calendar reminders now because you have one with you- the electronic reminder guys!

Assurity & Certification

So this prestigious product doesn’t come alone, the certifications are worth mentioning over here, the NSF/ANSI standard 53 certified ensures to reduce the cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means. 

The filter has also been tested and certified against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for reduction claims.

And the WQA gold seal assures that EverPure H-300 is manufactured of top quality and safe materials along with that reduction claims are tested.

Customer Support

So finally we are done with the top part of our discussion, now when you are acquainted with the key features of this product.

Now let’s talk about the customer service of Everpure H-300, they are not only committed to making your drinking water experience but they provide great customer support…..

You can pinch them a message on their number or you can call the customer representative if any sort of unexpected condition stops your way! They are always there to help you out so never ever feel stuck….

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Enlightening Wrap-Up

So for a moment let’s be honest, now you have a guide to enlighten you with the know -how of Everpure H300. You can claim the above data as all you need to know about Everpure H300 reviewed wisely. I am not wrong! Isn’t it?

If yes, then you know that this is it and this is the most awaited water filter replacement for your tap drinking water. I tried my best to make you aware of the features of this amazingly hilarious product.

On the downside, I agree that this under-sink water filter is a bit pricey but this is the one you have been craving for, so don’t let this product go from your hands. Especially when there is summer sale on and Black Friday is on our head.

And don’t even prolong your decision because our expert reviews would be enough to make your way to the purchase of Everpure H300.

Let us know, how’d you find the product’s functionality so we can add more detailed and authentic information.

Happy Healthy Lifestyle! 

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