What is the Most Common Problem with Water Heaters?

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about your water heater until it’s not working properly. And when that happens, it’s usually not a pretty sight. So what is the most common problem with water heaters?

Water heaters don’t last forever. In fact, most water heaters last anywhere from 8-12 years, and then you’ll need to replace it.

Here are some common problems that you might encounter with your water heater:

You turn on the tap and you notice that your water is a bit…yellowish. This could be a sign of bacteria growing inside your tank, which can happen if it’s not drained or flushed out on a regular basis. If left unchecked, you run the risk of getting sick from drinking this water, so be sure to have it checked out as soon as possible.

Hot water not available:

If you turn on the hot water and nothing happens, then most likely your heating element has failed or there’s a problem with the thermostat. If neither of those things is wrong with your heater, then it could just need some time to reheat.


Whether it’s an older heater or if you have well water, rust doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. The inside of your tank may be starting to rust through due to the presence of minerals in your water supply which are causing corrosion inside your tank. This will usually mean that you’ll need a new water heater soon.


A leaky water heater is fairly common, and most of the time you won’t have to replace the entire unit. Instead, you may just need a new lining kit or some other solution. In some cases, though, a leaking water heater means that your tank is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced. These are among the most common problems with water heaters, but there are many others.

Low water pressure:

A sudden drop in water pressure can be caused by anything from sediment build-up to air pockets to mineral deposits, so it’s important that you get this checked out by a professional.

If your hot water isn’t working properly or you’re having another problem with your water heater, then contact Plumbers Today for help. They have experienced plumbers that can fix all your water heater problems.

Tank takes time to heat:

A longer than normal time to heat water could be caused by a faulty thermostat, heating element, or pressure relief valve; all of which should be checked by a licensed plumber.

FAQ’s (frequently asked question)


Water heaters usually have one of several different problems, but the most common include rust, leaks, and low water pressure. For more information on other problems with water heaters, leave a comment.

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