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Alkaline Water Side Effects| Is It Really Good for your Health?

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When you hear about alkaline water, the first thing that comes to your mind is that this water is perfect to keep on your fitness diet. But is it really so?

The debate on the reliability of alkaline water has been heated up since its introduction. Is alkaline water really good for you? What does it do to your body? What are the pros and cons of alkaline water?

These questions are always raised whenever alkaline water is discussed. The supporter and producers of alkaline water have lauded it as a cure for every disease that you are facing. However, the truth is always quite the opposite of what is being told.

In this article, you will know the reality of alkaline water that is generally believed to be an ultimate curer. 

What Is Alkaline?

Fun Fact! Alkaline is just another word for basic. It refers to a substance’s pH level in terms of chemistry.

The pH level in water determines how acidic or basic the water composition is. The level of basic and acidic ranges between 0-14 in which lower scale means more acidic and higher scale means basic or alkaline. 

Normal drinking water can go up to a scale of 7. However, alkaline water is more basic with an 8 to 10 on the pH scale. Typical water cleaners in households tend to be more alkaline with a pH level of up to 13.

In the making of alkaline water, the water goes through an ionizing procedure. In this process, carbon gets dissolved in the water and creates a substance called bicarbonate. This is the typical process of alkaline water making in companies.

Other methods involve special filters and faucet attachments to increase pH levels in the water. Alkaline water is a pretty controversial topic because it has failed to provide the results that it claims.

You will see that every producer company of alkaline water will promote its product having notorious benefits. However, whether the benefits are for real or not is yet to be uncovered.

Let us first disclose all the claimed benefits of alkaline water before taking you towards reality.

Some Important Benefits 

Fact 1! Alkaline water is said to have a high hydrating property as compared to normal water.

It helps those in their diets that work out daily. Since they need a high amount of hydration, alkaline water makes it easier for their cells to absorb more water components.

Fact 2! Besides, alkaline water is also known to boost immunity.

It helps to neutralize the acidity of your body which is sometimes caused by poor diet stress and toxins that we accidentally take up from the environment. Using alkaline water can help manage these easily.

Fact 3! Alkaline water has amounts of magnesium and calcium.

These are used for maintaining healthy bones. Consuming a good amount of alkaline water can help minimize bone issues and help in giving a boost for exercising.

Fact 4! You can consume alkaline water to help minimize the growth of cell-damaging free radicals in the body.

These free radicals damage your cells while speeding up the aging process. Alkaline water has antioxidants that can be used to improve the immune system and protect cells from aging quickly. Its consumption can help boost your immunity as well as neutralizes the gastro-intestinal tract, which is done by lowering excessive acidic intakes.

Fact 5! It helps enhance the metabolism rate of the body.

Since its pH is less than the neutral value, it reduces acidity in the stomach. This helps improve the digestion of your body making it easier for you to digest food. With exercise, you can consume your carbs and proteins without having to worry about acidity.

Fact 6! he increase in digestion helps boosts the overall immunity of your body.

Since your cells are more likely to age slowly, your body is able to extract maximum energy. This helps improve your overall body work ability, which helps improve focus and coordination throughout daily activities.

Side Effects Of Alkaline Water

By looking at the details of alkaline water benefits, one cannot assume that this water is completely unsafe for consumption. However, there are some serious issues and concerns that cannot be negated.

These drawbacks or side effects can have a serious impact on your lifestyle if you are even at the tiniest bit of vulnerability. These significant and adverse side effects of drinking alkaline water regularly are detailed below:

Decreased Stomach Acidity

The acids in your stomach are helpful to keep your body functions stay in a regulated manner. However, the constant consumption of alkaline water can reduce your body’s essential acid.

It can really affect your body because not enough acid in your stomach might lead to adverse digestive issues and gastrointestinal diseases.

If you don’t reach to the root cause of this problem and keep on drinking alkaline water, you can face severe problems such as metabolic alkalosis.

In this disease, you will feel the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, tremors, muscle tension, numbness, and confusion. In most cases, the effects are neutralized by reducing alkaline water intake. 

Blood pH 

Just like alkaline increases the water pH levels, many think that it can also increase and balance the blood pH levels. Your body is able to regulate your blood pH level that has to be above 7.

Nonetheless, alkaline water has nothing to do with balancing your blood pH levels. If you start drinking alkaline water, just for this cause, you will only face disappointment with so many new health concerns that you never had before. 

Mineral Deficiencies 

The process through which alkaline water is passed through is so complex that it removes several essential minerals from the water. Many consumers have reported serious health concerns regarding the minerals that this water lacks.

No doubt that alkaline water is advertised to be a mineral-filled drink; its consumers have faced a different kind of mineral deficiencies. Other than that, alkaline water’s decontamination doesn’t take place when the minerals are removed because of which pathogenic contaminants are left behind. 

Effects On Immune System

Important Point! Alkaline water is highly dangerous for the immune system, especially if you are on medication.

The human body has an effective immune system that helps your body fight against diseases. However, when your acid levels are brought down by alkaline water, your immune system becomes weaker. Pathogens are present in alkaline water that works as a fuel to fire in weakening your immunity. 

Cardio Vascular Issues

The cardiovascular function of your heart refers to how your heart transports oxygen around the body through the blood.

Constant intake of alkaline water can permanently damage to your cardiovascular system. The number of enzymes increases in your cardiovascular system that poses a risk in the health of your heart. 

Kidney Function Impairment

Your kidney is an essential organ of your body that maintains and regulates the pH levels. While alkaline water continuously puts a strain on your kidneys, you will find your kidneys weakening in their function.

If the situation prevails, it will cause further damage to your kidneys leading to a permanent impairment of its functions


There are a lot of ions present in alkaline water. The presence of these ions forces your body to expel water for the neutralization of the influx. This means that you will think that you have drunk enough water, yet you will feel dehydrated and drained.

This process of neutralization is not beneficial for your body by any means, which is why tap water is best to quench your thirst and make you feel hydrated all day long. 

Bone health 

Important! Alkalosis is a major health condition that occurs because of too much alkaline substance in your body.

When the acid in your body is slowly decreasing, your body’s ability to make more calcium slows down. Resultantly, your bones become potentially weak. This condition also limits your body’s ability to repair any damage to your skeletal system. 

Other Side Effects

There are a lot of other side effects of drinking alkaline water that most people usually ignore. You don’t need to be facing these conditions due to alkaline water.

If you are facing issues such as vomiting, numbness, muscle twitching, headaches, and other sorts of pains, recheck your diet. If you are consuming alkaline water, you have your answer.

Tip! In case it doesn’t work, then consult your doctor.


Alkaline water is very expensive if you compare it to other drinking water.

If you buy bottled alkaline water, it costs you even more because of the extra processing needed in the packaging and preservation of this water.

If you buy home ionizers to get constant alkaline water, it is also expensive, but less than bottled water.

Regardless of the side effects of drinking alkaline water, the benefits it has for athletes do not stop them from investing in alkaline water.

Final Words

Alkaline water is no doubt a natural remedy for so many ailments and diseases, but it doesn’t provide a cure to every health problem. It has its side effects as well. What should be important for you is the surety that the water your drink is clean and pure. Whether the water is alkaline or from a simple water filter, if it is clean, it is worth drinking. 

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