5 Fail-Proof Ways to Cut the Dissertation Writing Time in Half

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Students often wonder how to make homework less complicated and complete the unavoidable writing part faster. The problem is that this process can turn into hours and hours of stress and headaches. 

Every thesis has a theoretical and practical foundation, which makes it harder to work on. In addition to the field knowledge and writing skills, you should be diligent enough to do thorough research and fact-checking. 

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Of course, more often than not, this activity becomes a pain for students. They even begin to search for reliable academic writing services to buy a thesis or at least help them do the job perfectly by proofreading or editing their writing. For many, delegation helps save up time and nerves. 

Speaking of time, it’s one of the most valuable resources in college. Sometimes, you just have to work smarter and not harder when it comes to challenging tasks. 

That’s why here are five effective reminders for how to cut down time on finishing a dissertation without sacrificing the quality.

Remove Distractions 

The modern world is filled with distractions more than ever, and it’s important to remove them all to write a good dissertation. Tell your family and friends not to bother you while you are working on your assignment. And if social media alerts continue to beckon you back, download an app that will temporarily block them. 

For desktop, you can use an extension that will prevent you from going to other pages rather than the ones you need for work. Put your cell phone as far away as you can and set it to Do Not Disturb. 

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Use Helpful Resources

When working on a dissertation, use the resources that are already out there, proven and working. Technology and professional services make things so much easier, but people still tend to do everything on their own, spending days on something that could be done in an hour. 

For instance, you can ask experts from a professional paper writing service to help you craft or edit the chapters you don’t understand or feel uncomfortable writing about. Sometimes, a second pair of eyes becomes a lifesaver when you feel stuck. To find such writing services, you can start by checking the reviews on the best essay writing service review platform NoCramming.

Of course, you can use grammar and readability checkers such as Grammarly or Hemingway for first-round proofreading. But entrusting your paper editing to an expert is a whole other story. 

Structure Your Project 

Make a plan before beginning to write the actual dissertation. Think about how your thesis is organized in light of your discipline’s criteria. It will be simpler to work on in the future if you write it down in more detail and create sort of a road map.

Even if you end up changing your original plan while writing the piece, it’s alright. A modified strategy is preferable to none at all.

When structuring your work, keep these aspects in mind:

  • defining the dissertation’s primary purpose and objectives; 
  • simply outlining the main points of your project; 
  • defining the concept being studied; 
  • jotting down reliable resources.

Try Focus Timer and Breaks 

Set a timer for however many minutes are necessary to finish each task at the outset. This will show you how to manage your time and use it effectively. 

Being glued to one task for hours on end without taking a break will not make things go faster. Every 25 minutes or so, give your body and mind a five-minute break to stretch, have a snack, move around, and get some fresh air.

The Pomodoro technique, one of the most important time management techniques today, is based on this idea. You do 25 minutes of heavy work and then follow it with a 5-minute break. 

Pro tip: allow regular days off when you’re not putting mental pressure on yourself, and take your mind off another dissertation chapter for a while. Remember, you’re not wasting time; you’re investing in your productivity.

Turn on a Classical Music Playlist

This tip is not for everyone, but it works in a magical way and is still worth trying. The right music can put you in the mood for brainstorming and logical thinking. 

Yet, not all classical music has the same benefits. Symphonic concertos are more prone to divert attention from the main objective due to their rich sound and dynamics. On the other hand, the piano compositions of Mozart, Poulenc, and Debussy are proven perfect for concentration. Bach suites for the lute and guitar and string quartets by Mozart can also become your sources of inspiration.

The Bottom Line

To significantly decrease the time of dissertation writing, clear your mind, make room for work during your most productive hours, and follow the plan. If you are consistent, there’s nothing you can’t do. 

Setting unrealistic tasks and draining yourself will cause you to lose interest in research and zero your motivation. But what if you already face writer’s block? In this case, seeking help from experts is one of the best things to do to cut down time on dissertation writing.

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