5 Best Family and Kid Movies in 2023

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Start planning memorable family movie nights to foster stronger bonds. Fortunately, streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount, Peacock, Disney+, and Apple TV are abundant. Here, parents and their young ones can watch interesting flicks that provide pure, unadulterated fun and entertainment. Now, people can watch from the comforts of home and enjoy the same thrilling experience as being in the movie house. 

However, for families who love a genuinely cinematic experience, the more relaxed social distancing rules post-pandemic also make it easy to watch the current movie releases in the theaters. The best family and kids movies of 2023 bring a lot of fantastic animation, thrilling plots, and vibrant songs that will make the viewers laugh and maybe even dance. Check out these incredible movies that deserve a spot in family movie marathons. 

Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania

  • Streaming via Amazon Prime
  • Released by Sony Pictures Animation 
  • Starring the voices of Brian Hull, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Steve Buscemi 

Those with pending assignments ought to finish their homework to catch the latest installment of the Hotel Transylvania series. Kids who’ve got assignments can request help from an adult by saying ‘write my an essay’ to a parent. This way they will get more time to chill on the couch, watching this animated flick that centers on Count Dracula and his family, who own the titular hotel. 

Strange things are afoot in this establishment. Van Helsing’s latest invention morphs Drach and his monster friends into humans. Que horror! Meanwhile, Johnny transforms into a creepy yet affable monster. Their challenge is to go to South America in their new personas to switch to their original forms before things become permanent. This is the first time this franchise doesn’t showcase Adam Sandler as Drac’s voice. But other popular voices will reprise their roles. 

Cheaper By the Dozen

  • Streaming via Disney+
  • Released by Walt Disney Studios
  • Starring Zach Braff, Gabrielle Union

The original Cheaper by the Dozen, released in 2003, was a massive hit. It even had a part two with Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, and Hillary Duff. This is probably the film that most generations remember. However, this was also a remake of the same movie with the same name, released in the ‘50s. That’s why it’s not surprising that Disney Walt Disney Studios made a new spin on this classic movie with a new cast today.

This latest spin-off follows the life of Paul and Zoe Baker, a bi-racial couple who got married and spawned ten biological children. Imagine a house packed to the rafters with kids of varying ages! It’s undoubtedly a chaotic home filled with tons of love. In this movie reprise, the family struggles to balance good home life with the family business called the Baker’s Breakfast. 

Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild

  • Streaming on Disney+
  • Produced by Dreamworks
  • Starring the voices of Utkarsh Ambudkar, Simon Pegg, Justina Machado, Vincent Tong, Aaron Harris

Another prehistoric adventure awaits in the latest Ice Age release. This franchise began two decades ago, so there’s something nostalgic about watching the series. In addition, kids who may have watched the first release could now be watching with their young children, making the film extra poignant and memorable. 

The plot revolves around the adventurous possums Crash and Eddie, who decide to have space from their big sis Ellie. However, things go awry when they fall into an underground cave and enter the Lost World, where dinosaurs are still alive. Together, they rescue Buck Wild, a wily yet weirdly wonderful weasel. Altogether, they must work hard against the world against domineering dinosaurs. 

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Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

  • Streaming on HBO Max
  • Produced by Warner Brothers
  • Starring Judd Law, Mads Mikkelsen, Eddie Red Mayne

This is the most updated installment of the iconic Harry Potter franchise. It’s the third in the series, so the producers have fine-tuned it to perfection. It’s a definite must-see, especially for kids who are always enamored and enraptured by the wizarding world. 

It’s set in the 1930s, with the wizards traversing vast lands like Bhutan, China, Germany, Britain, the USA, and more. Newt has a critical mission to make a stand against Grindelwalds impressive army. There’s no time like the present to stop it, as Grindelwald’s power is growing daily. On top of that, Dumbledore worries about World War II because it is slated to impact the wizarding world. 


  • Streaming via Disney+
  • Produced by Pixar Animations
  • Starring the voice of Chris Evans 

Who isn’t familiar with the Toy Story franchise? In this latest release, the story centers on Captain Lightyear, the iconic space ranger in the original series. He is now voiced by Chris Evans, more popularly known for his Avenger role as Captain America. He says it’s an amazing privilege to be part of this project because he deeply enjoys animated flicks. Watching the animators work is akin to magic. 

The plot centers on Buzz Lightyear and his comrades, who are trapped on a hostile planet. They all do a test launch in the hopes of finding an escape. However, they launched Buzz 60 years into the future. This was catastrophic for Buzz, who had to live in a world where most of his friends were gone. He could now only interact with their grandkids, who were left in their stead. 

Final Thoughts

This is not an exhaustive list, as many movies have been and will be released this 2023. But those mentioned above have high ratings and reviews. They are entertaining and engaging for the whole family. Both parents and young ones will find the selections captivating from start to finish.

Scheduling family movie nights should become a habit since they strengthen family relationships.

These simple nights allow family members to assign a dedicated time to bond with all the family members. Curling together to watch movies and share the experience of viewing what’s on the screen paves the way for better communication. Besides, even if the parents and kids laugh it off, it’s alright because these sweet bonding moments create childhood memories that last a lifetime.

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