What Is A Slicing Knife Used For? | All That You Need To Know

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Are you looking for a knife that will slice the most beautiful garnishing cuts to your salads? Well, a slicing knife is specially made for this purpose.

Whether you need to make equal meat cuts or need the thinnest slices of apple for your keto salads, this knife is going to be your best friend. Most of the people mix slicing knife with other knives, however, this is not the case.

Slicing knives are a separate version of perfection in the knife family. Today, you are going to know about the multiple uses of a slicing knife along with its difference with other knives.

Slicing knives are taking over the market with their simplicity.

They may look too plain to some, but the utility they provide you with is exemplary. If you want your dishes to look professionally sliced, garnished and presented.

Don’t let the slicing knife limited to chefs. Bring your own in your kitchen, and improve your skills. There are a lot of kitchen knife brands where you can find the best ones.

Uses Of A Slicing Knife

Slicing knives are quite similar to carving knives, but not to mix with it. Slicing knives have different uses that have a value of their own. Not only will we tell you about the uses of a slicing knife, but you will also know what this knife is not ideal for.

With a slicing knife by your side, you can easily make thin and neat meat cuts, meat slices, and carve meat pieces to perfection. You can also cut roast, fried fish, and chicken.

You can also slice brisket with a slicing knife.  Apart from meat usage, you can also make thin slices of fruits and vegetables for a nicer presentation. Your salads will look more appealing and exotic with the multi-purpose slicing knife for your kitchen.

On the other hand, you cannot do peeling or piercing with a slicing knife as its blade is a bit wide and plain for that. A slicing knife is not for cleaving meat bones as well.

What About The Design And Features?

The ideal length range of a slicing knife ranges between 8 to 14 inches. When it comes to the functioning of a slicing knife, it seems similar to a carving knife, but it is longer and a little narrower in terms of size and shape.

A slicing knife has generally a round or pointed tip. Its blade is flexible, which makes it easier to cut the meat without any friction. In shape, a slicing knife might look like a ham slicer, but a ham slicer has a narrower and rounder tip than a slicing knife.

Slicing knives are durable, and lightweight, but one must use an end-grain cutting board to save your hands from getting injured. Make sure you are aware of treating the cutting board right.

Slicing VS Carving Knife

If you are confused that carving knives and slicing knives are the same, then your confusion will be cleared with this article. All you need to do is focus on the design of both types of knives.

Slicing knives are manual whereas, you will see that manufacturers are making electric carving knives as well.

A slicing knife ranges between 15 to 20 cm in length while a carving knife is almost around 20cm.

the blade of a carving knife is thicker, with a curved pointed tip ideal for carving and cleaving meat. On the other hand, a slicing knife is long, narrow, and straight-edged.

Difference Between Slicing And Fileting Knives

Slicing knives are undoubtedly flexible, but no other knife can beat the flexibility level of a fillet knife. The best filleting knives cut the finest fish and meat fillets that a slicing knife isn’t made for.

A filleting knife is even longer than the slicing knife, which is why they are quite different. Its length ranges between 18 to 25cm. fillet knives can also be used to separate meat from the bones.

However, slicing knives are used just for cutting and slicing.

Sharpening Your Slicing Knife

There are a lot of ways to sharpen your slicing knife. If you are using a stainless-steel coated knife, then you will need sharpening rarely. However, slicing knives need sharpening like every other knife does.

You will find a lot of types of knife sharpeners in the market; both manual and electric. If you don’t know how to use a kitchen knife sharpener, a good whetstone can also sharpen your knife in a go or two.

Price Of A Slicing Knife

When it comes to the price range of a slicing knife, it may vary brand to brand and type to type. You can buy a slicing knife for less than $13 to over $130 depending on the blade type, material, and length.

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